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Friday, November 24, 2017


I'm sure that if you've been reading our blog (ay nakakaawa ka naman hija... :P ) you would notice how we love going back to our favorite restaurants again and again. Yes. That's how we are. We are afraid of change even when it comes to food! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! For us, nothing spoils a wonderful day than a kadiri to death dinner. That's why when the boys or the family ask, "Where are we eating tonight?" Trust that the answer would be one of our usuals.

And a "usual" choice for us is always CHILI'S!!!!!

I know I have blogged about CHILI'S many times now but I just can't help it. Each delicious meal there is shared with the special people in our lives that it is a special memory worth posting.

May I just point out that it is in CHILI'S where the Yub and I first met via a blind date??? (inangkuposhness)

And may I point out again that it was my Daddy who first brought us to CHILI'S because he loved their Asian Chicken Salad???




It was a Sunday and the place the packed!!!

Good thing we were able to get a table pronto just because... I'm cute! He he he he he!

Tito George, Ninang Saling, and Ate Jojit!

Ate Jojit and hub Anthony!

My Mommy and Master Mati!

The Chinese Dimpols, Andrei, and MEEEEEH!

In case you're wondering, we just came from Cavite to visit Daddy in the cemetery. When my Mommy asked where do we want to treat her sister for dinner, we immediately thought of CHILI'S!!!

Because who wouldn't love CHILI'S right???

Mommy tasked me to do the ordering.

We were tired from Cavite because there were traffic jams in many streets. I just refreshed myself with some ice cold lemonade. YUMMERS.

First on the table was Master Mati's order of CHILI'S Calamares (P385.00)!

Everyone loved this that we ordered another serving.

CHILI'S Classic Nachos (P450.00)!

Crunchy and hot with the gooey cheese toppings. 

For veggies, we're already very satisfied with their House Salad (P195.00)! 

It's always our way of eating healthy and light but with extra servings of the creamy dressing, I doubt if that is so.

CHILI'S Chicken Tenders (P350.00)!

This never fails to get our groove going especially with the fat pieces of tender, juicy chicken to be dipped into the Honey Mustard dressing. For sides, we always get the creamy mashed potatoes with corn!

For our second plate, we had the fries!

My bunsoy Andrei loved the Calamares but he would always ask for an extra order of the CHILI'S Grilled Cheese Sandwich (P195.00) from the kids menu.

Again, this is super sulit because it also comes with refillable drink!

CHILI'S Signature Buffalo Wings (P485.00)!

This was actually more like fried wings because we asked to have the buffalo sauce on the side (guess who didn't liked it mixed together).

Our favorite CHILI'S Alfredo Chicken Pasta (P460.00)!

I'm not a food expert but this is what I feel is the perfect alfredo pasta. The sauce was cheesy and creamy with something I can't figure out that makes it extra good.

For our other plate, we requested it the pasta to be in spaghetti. Just trying something out.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the fam after visiting my Daddyowzers!!!!!

Let's eat!!!!

I started off with my usual carbs of course.

My bunsoy loved his gooey cheese sandwich!

Since he was able to finish his Cheese sandwich, he was able to order his Root beer float!

Aaaah... and we're done.

Even if we're already super mega full, we still had room for dessert. The automatic order of course would be the CHILI'S Molten Chocolate Cake (P395.00).

Warm chocolate cake filled with hot fudge and topped with ice cream drizzled with caramel.

That's definitely going to be a luscious and chocolatey mouthful!


Le bill!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the treat Mommy!!!

I swear that we will NEVER get tired of CHILI'S! We make it a point to go there whenever we can...

And that is, AGAIN AND AGAIN! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

With Manong Fred!

Yes! He's shy kuno.

With the family again during payday and I felt like treating them!

With some of my college friends!

Of course, the Yub won't be far behind....

There's loads of food kasi!

Also with the KTG.... 

One doesn't have A LOT of meals in CHILI's without having it (at least) one time with THE KTG!

And also with  Team Virrey!

So would you believe that all of THAT happened in a span of 1 month?


He he he he he he! Yep! After we had our first taste of CHILI'S with my Dad, it really became a part of us. Like our other favorite "Hall of Food Famers" for the family, we would always go back to it AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!!








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