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Thursday, February 16, 2017


My very handsome godchild, Paolo, recently celebrated his birthday and since we were in Lucena for the Undas Weekend, we were not able to attend. I promised little PaoPao though that Ninang will treat him to a Paolo and Andrei day of fun and there was only place I could think of for that....


KIDZANIA is fast becoming one of our favorite places to treat the kids to. We love how it inspires them to decide on what they want to be when they grow up.

Not only that, KIDZANIA is clean, well-maintained, and their staff members really know what they're doing. They are like pre-school teachers who are so game in the activities!

We already booked our tickets online so it was easy breezy to get our boarding passes in KIDZANIA.

As usual, the ticketing officer was very kind and helpful!

ZANK U!!! That's Thank you in KIDZANIA lingo!

We got the 3:00pm to 8:00pm schedule and arrived early. We stayed at the waiting area until we could enter. 

I tread my inaanak Paolo for some fun play time in KIDZANIA. BGP Marian and Manong Fred joined us to get in on the fun!

The Chinese Dimpol said he would just be with us for dinner so that we could save extra cash. Okay lang yon at least it would just be us pretty BGPS for the night!

Ay kasama din pala si Manong Fred! He he he he he he!

As always, the first stop for any KIDZANIA guest is to drop by BPI to get the 500 kidzos to use for the activities!

Yohooo! We got our cash!

Up next, the boys went for Andrei's favorite pilot training. Unlike before, I was not able to take pictures of the kiddies in uniform.

This was an activity where the parents could join the activity. However, Andrei said I might crash the plane and preferred to do it with somebody else.


Then, the boys went for the KIDZANIA Fire Department!

I'm glad the wait in this popular activity was not as long as before. At least they are already the next batch.

Waiting is fun with the BGP!

Yun lang may asungot!

The kiddies dressed up into their fireman uniform.

And learned about fire safety.

The sirens later on rang up signalling that there's a fire!

The hotel is burning!!!!!


In our trips before in KIDZANIA, Andrei would usually just be subjected to do a fire safety inspection. It's his first time to put out the hotel that is forever burning!




PaoPao got hungry and had a snack at Mcdonalds so we went ahead. As for Andrei, he suddenly wanted to be a doctor!!!!

There's a medical emergency!!!

Time to suit up!

Andrei: "Nurse, I'm a doctor, not a Mr. Universe contender!!!!"

Up next, Andrei went for his favorite KIDZANIA Driving Streets!

Go Androse!!!!

Up next, it was the Magnolia Ice Cream Making station!

Before making their ice cream, the kiddies were taught first about flavors and scents!

Andrei would always participate in giving answers.

And finally!

Andrei got his ice cream!!!!!

While Andrei was enjoying his ice cream, PaoPao was first in line for the next batch!

Andrei saw this new activity in KIDZANIA which he was so eager to try out...

The Basketball Clinic!!!

Parents were not allowed to watch the lessons.

But being the great stalker that I am, I was able to take pictures from the small window. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Go Andrei!

Basketball is really his first love!

FINALLY, they let me in!

There were no other students besides Andrei so he had the court to himself to practice.

It's good too because I continuously bugged him by shouting BOO!!!!!!!!!! Or our favorite word, TWERP!!!!

When I shout, he'd laugh and miss the shot. HA HA HA HA HA HA!

For the next activity, Andrei and PaoPao wanted to do something musical!

Waiting for their turn at the recording studio.

Woah! Andrei's going to sing!

Andrei said he sang "PINEAPPLE PEN" here.


Now THAT'S a duo I'll pay to watch!

Later on they changed band positions!

Andrei immediately fell in love with drums.

Awwwww... That lovable smile!

While we were walking to our next activity, BGP saw this funny lonely patient in a dentist clinic.

Wawa patient! Ha ha ha ha ha!

While Paolo was learning how to work in the KIDZANIA Gas Station, Andrei wanted to sell some cars.

Yeaaaaah!!!! Baby you could sell my car!

Later on, he proudly showed us his certificate. I thought it was just an ordinary flyer. Later on, I noticed that his picture was on the side. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

For their last activity, I was suggesting they go for the Mcdonald's Burger Making Station. However, the two kiddies had something else in mind.

They wanted to sell fish!!!

Even if it was all plastic, little PaoPao was so grossed out. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Part of the activity is to deliver the fish at the other side of KIDZANIA. 

Hmmm... Where is it?

Good job boys!

And we're done! Wohoo!!!! We were all tired from all the walking, standing, and running around after the kiddies, but we were all good!

As long as the boys were having fun, my sweaty kili kili was all worth it.

Yes I'm gross. You should know that by now.


After KIDZANIA, the boys checked out some toys in the LEGO store nearby.

The little Best Guy Pals!

Happiest of Birthdays dear PaoPao!!! I hope you enjoyed Ninang's make-up gift for you!!!! Let's do this again very soon!!!



Park Triangle Mall, North 11th Avenue,
 Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Philippines
632 711-KIDZ (5439)

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