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Monday, February 27, 2017


It's our bunsoy Andrei's birthday and we have booked a staycation at CITY OF DREAMS' NOBU HOTEL. Initially, we're just going to celebrate my little lord's birthday by going to his usual favorite restaurants or letting him be KING of our silly household for 10 days. But then I caught this special deal by this popular Japanese-themed hotel that we just GOT to try out.

And so, THE YAPPY BUNCH was able to conquer....


Dan... dan... DAAAAANNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!

After breakfast and playtime, THE YAPPY BUNCH drove out for NOBU HOTEL!!!!

The hotel's driveway was quite spacious and gave us the impression that we were the only guests that weekend. 


And we're now at NOBU HOTEL!

Andrei's friend Rowlan had a sleepover with us the previous night. We told him that before taking him home, he has to swim with us first in NOBU!!!

When we booked our staycation in NOBU, it was still BC. Before Christmas!

The NOBU lobby!

Honestly speaking for a hotel of this prestige, I was expecting a more grand and luxurious lobby. But I guess, like what the Japanese always do, simplicity is key and what they may lack in size they make up for cleanliness, coziness.... 

And cuteness!


It was so cozy in the NOBU HOTEL lobby that the boys instantly felt at home.


 Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We were in NOBU earlier than our check-in time and requested to have an early use of their facilities. The very kind (and pugi) Front Desk Officer said we could use the hotel pool and he will just contact me when the room is ready.

I also made other requests for my birthday boy and he was so kind to accommodate it all. Yey! Thank you sooo much for the kind customer service NOBU! Our staycation is already off to a great start!!!!

My little birthday boy, his Friend Rowlan, and Master Mati were SO excited!!!

The NOBU HOTEL pool!!!!

We haven't settled yet in our seats when the pool attendant gave us a cooler.

Woah!!! Complimentary mineral water bottles!!!! NOICE!!!

Since our bags were still with the concierge, I asked if the boys could also have some hotel slippers. No questions asked they gave us 3 pairs of these comfy and furry slippies!!!

Time to swim!!!!!!

The birthday boy was ecstatic that his friend had a sleepover with us. The two were inseparable and called each other "BEEEST FREYND!"

At first it was cute but trust me, after hearing it EVERY SECOND while we were together, it sorta got.... not so cute. Ha ha ha ha ha ha haa!

For example, they were playing in the restroom...

Andrei: Wow look at the bathroom!

Rowlan: It's nice because I'm with my BEEST FREYND.

Yes. Each sentence was ended with those words.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

My big guy master Mati was very patient and let his little brother enjoy his staycation with his BEEEST FREYND.

It's swimming time!!!!

The water WAS cold! But as long as you stay submerged until your body adapts to the temperature, then you're allll good.

In about 10 minutes, I received a call from Front Desk that our room was ready. Wow really? Even before check-in time? COOLNESS!!!

(Do the younger people still say that??)

I volunteered to go ahead since the boys were all swimming and I was the one who registered anyway.

My colorful keycard!


Ooooh!! Me likey!

Our study table...

Our twin beds...

Our tv...

Our zen inspired toilet...

MY water...

MY toiletries...

My coffee!!!!

Har de har har!

Even the phone is mine!

Uy! Ms. pa daw ako! Hi hi hi!

The perks of being the advance party.

I loved the room!!! It had that modern Japanese themed design that was warm and comforting to a tired traveler. 

I'm really feeling the dark yet soothing colors of the room. I find it great too that everything is very clean and well maintained. It's like a new constructed unit!!!! I'm excited when the boys get up because I'm sure they'll love it as much as I do!!!

Wifi signal was strong too that I checked on the boys before going down again.

Yes because that's just how excited I was. He he he he he he! #bano

When I got down, the Chinese Dimpol treated the boys to some munchies.

The little lords each got an order of French Fries and I found it so adorable how they served it.

Look at those itty bitty Heinz ketchup bottles!!!!!!!!!

Of course, if the boys have their fries, I always get my usual Mango Shake! I just HAVE to have it when I'm at the pool. He he he he he!

Little Andrei also requested for some Nachos!

We got a big mound of Tortilla chips with chili and melted cheese!!!

The nachos were served with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa on the side. YUM!

Master Mati finished swimming and went for some snackies as well.


If you're looking for dear Rowlan we kept on calling him to join us but he was enjoying the pool so much!

He swam and swam with all his might!

Great thing about the NOBU poolside is that they have lifeguards who are really watching the waters and helping out the guests.

Finally Rowlan got out of the pool and we ordered some more fries for him. I asked him if he wanted nachos but he would only have fries.

The BEEST FREYNDS chatted up a storm after that.

Awwww... I told Mati that he didn't need to worry because I'm his BEEST FREYND too!!!!

Aba aba!!!!

No sooner than we finished our pool munchies when the NOBU staff offered us some complimentary fruits on a stick. We cannot bring it to our rooms so we only got a few for the fam.

Guess who ate it???

We haven't been to our room yet and we were all having so much fun already for Andrei's 10th bday staycation!!!!!

Tingnan mo naman. When I said "Wacky! Wacky!" the BEEST FREYNDS did something else. They're in another dimension from us!!!!!! 

It's okay. As long as the boys are happy, we're all happy as well!

The BEEST FREYNS played non-stop!

Inside the room!

Too bad dear Rowlan can't stay with us for one more night. :(

The BEEST FREYNS loved the view because it was just beside the airport. The two dreamed of being pilots when they grow up so it was such a thrill for them to see planes landing and taking off.

THE YAPPY BUNCH with dear Rowlan in NOBU HOTEL!!!


We rested a bit by watching some Empire Strikes Back! YES!

After the movie, we got ourselves ready for dinner.

We were going to take Rowlan home so we understood why the two didn't want to be apart for just one minute. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Awww! So cute!

For dinner that night, Andrei wished to eat at his favorite GENKI SUSHI!

Besides loving the sushi there, he wanted to show Rowlan the trains!!!

After dinner...

The 2 were arm in arm until we took Rowlan home to his Mommy!

Hope you could join us again Rowlan!!!!

When we got back to NOBU HOTEL, we thought of doing a bit of explorins!!!!

We checked out their NOBU restaurant at night!!

The kind server took our pictures and pointed out how the CITY OF DREAMS dome was "dressed up" for Christmas!

Wanna have a drink Master Mati???

Unlike Andrei, he was a good sport all throughout the night and did not ask attention from his little brother. He let them have their fun.  My bunsoy gets so KSP when Mati's friends are staying with. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When we got back to the room....

Yey!!! Thanks NOBU HOTEL!!!

The birthday boy was surprised with his cake!!!!!!!!!!!!

He didn't want us to touch it. Instead, he wants to take it home to his Lola.


And it's time for jammies and milk for the little lord.

As for me and Master Mati, we had our traditional midnight snack of soda, coffee, and NOODLES!!!!!!!!!!

And it's time to snooze.

Check out the Chinese D sleeping with his mouth open. Hmmm... Where's a live butiki when you need one???

Andrei's birthday weekend was already a blast just on the first day. The Chinese Dimpol and I are so happy for our birthday boy that he finally got his wish to spend sometime with his friend and, have a family staycation at NOBU HOTEL!!!

We know that he was a bit sad taking home his dear Rowlan. But we saw that when we got back at NOBU, he suddenly remembered how he'll enjoy his room and have another set of fun the next day with more swimming and playing. 


So happy you're enjoying also with us dear Andrei!!!!

Or maybe it's just because of the hotel???


Har de har har!!!

Looking forward to another awesome time tomorrow NOBU HOTEL!!!

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, 
Entertainment City, Parañaque, 
Manila Bay, Manila, Philippines, 1701 
+632 800-8080.

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