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Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I remember that we have long been planning to go to KIDZANIA (pronounced as KIDZAHNIA and not KIDZEYNYAH... tee hee) but something would always come up that we won't always push through. Besides that, we were also hesitant squeezing in with the crowds of parents and kiddies that we thought the little lords may be lining up more rather than having fun.

However, when we did go during the APEC holiday, we had a very fun and pleasant experience there. If you read PART ONE of our KIDZANIA blogpost you'll catch these following tips to make your time there more enjoyable:

1) Buy your tickets online because walk-in tickets are limited.
2) Bring jackets because it could get very cold inside KIDZANIA!
3) Be there early! There may be a LOT of people going at the same time!  You could queue as early as 1:30pm though.
4) When you get your map, plot the activities and the location of where your kiddies want to go.
5) If it's your first time in KIDZANIA, head straight to the bank to get your kidzos. If you already have money from your previous trips, go to your chosen one or two activities first, THEN get your money. The bank lines won't be as long!
5) If you plan to get Pazzports (which I recommend if you see yourselves returning to KIDZANIA) have somebody line up there while your kid is at the bank.

Now here's part two of our KIDZANIA trip!

THE YAPPY BUNCH in KIDZANIA -- let's volt in!

After Mati finished with his Holiday Inn activity in KIDZANIA, we found Team Daddy lining up for the construction.

The Construction activity is very near the hospital area and is interesting for the kiddies. 

Whenever you go to an activity, check out the information plaque which is usually posted at the doorway of the establishment.

Here, you would know how many kids are required per group, how long the activity is, the appropriate age of the kiddie, AND how many Kidzos you'll be paying OR receiving.

Do remember that parents are NOT allowed inside the activity since in KIDZANIA they promote independence. So you may have to wait outside to take pictures or go to the adult waiting room (will show below).

As for us, we chose to wait outside, watch, take pictures, and have selfies!


I'm thankful that Mati found the Construction Activity interesting. At least the little lords will be doing something together again. 

When they were led inside, the little lords were given hairnets and jackets for the construction site.

Uh... I know that hairnets may not be too "construction-y" but it is for sanitary purposes when they were head gears. He he he he!

And the boys are ready to work!

The little lords were given the task to build a house!

Mati was assigned to build this brick wall.

Later on, his little brother Andrei came by to help (or bug) him. 

The tally for KIDZANIA activities for the little lords were Mati: 3  / Andrei: 2. 

The Chinese Adonis and I thought of having a little snack with the kiddies.

If you're concerned that your children will be hungry in KIDZANIA, you'll be pleased to know that MCDONALD'S is there to save the day!

There's also a Goldilocks stall in front of it.

Plus VIA MARE at the main area and Yellow Cab pizza in the mezzanine level.

For that day though we were craving for some hotdogs.

Purefoods' Tender Juicy Hotdog certainly hit the spot that time and we were again energized to do more KIDZANIA activities!

Ooops. The little lords will be the ones to do the activities. The Chinese Adonis and I will just be cute spectators. He he he he he he!

For the parents who want to take a breather, there is an adult lounge on the Mezzanine level.

It is here where you could recharge and have silence while you drink hot coffee. He he he he he he he!

But really, why would you want to miss the thrill of seeing your children in action?

Come to think of it, when you've been to KIDZANIA many times, you might need this as rehab. Ha ha ha ha!

Besides the Adult Lounge, you will find Andrei's favorite in KIDZANIA, the Cebu Pacific training facility!

Here, your child will experience being a pilot or a flight crew in a simulated plane ride. 

We were not able to go inside so the Chinese Adonis just stretched his long arms to take pics of Andrei.

My little pilot!

"Uh... I've got a bad feeling about this!"

Now which pilot originally said that? He he he he!

While Andrei was flying around the world, Mati wanted his hand in saving mankind...

via the hospital emergency room!

First in line!!!

In the emergency room, your participation will earn you KIDZOS!

They'll teach also the basics in health and safety!

They'll also show a first-aid instructional video...

... and somebody will pretend to be the patient.

Afterwards, they'll take a ride in the ambulance to answer a medical emergency!


Tee hee!

The pilot ride took longer than expected so Andrei was not able to join his Kuya Mati in the hospital. 

My Androse lined up in the Fire Department instead!

The KIDZANIA Firestation Activity needed 8 kiddies and I asked if they could wait for my master Mati.

The staff kindly reminded me that they do not "save" in KIDZANIA and that the child really had to be there. But they agreed to let Mati catch up just in case they are still short of one kiddie in the activity. That's great because normally they don't let anyone join once they have started even if the number of children is not complete!

And heeeere's Mati!

My little firefighter ready to take in today's lessons!

They were given a crash course on how to be real firefighters!

In KIDZANIA, they have official photographers to take pictures of your kiddies in action.

You could still take photos of your children in full activity garb. 

Just call them for a short pic!

Don't these firefighter outfits make them look officially cuter? He he he he he!

Later on, the KIDZANIA fire truck calls!

Mati gets to sit in front! Wohoo!

And they're off!

Before, they would always have a fire emergency to rush out to. These days, they're simulating that fires could happen anytime but not all the time. That means there may be activity sessions where your kids will be doing something else.

Mati and the others just had a safety drill.

Like safety inspections.



Though it would have been nice to put out a KIDZANIA fire, little Andrei still had fun riding the firetruck.

Hopefully the next time we're back, the little lords will be able to do this adrenaline rush of an activity!

Firetruck, DONE!

Next up for the boys is to try their hand in burger making at the MCDONALD'S Activity!

Payment for participation in the Burger making is 15 kidzos. But if you have a passport, you only have to pay 13!!


The KIDZANIA burger making activity is besides a real MCDONALD'S restaurant. So you're assured that the ingredients they're using are hot off the fryer!

While the KIDZANIA staff was getting the room ready, some of the kiddies cannot wait and would play around. My little lords were behaved (that's rare! Ha ha ha ha ha!) and just chatted on their seats.

I caught the little lords chatting and laughing..

 I love seeing them like this since most of the time they're arch enemies

The two had fun  in the burger assembly by Mcdonald's.

The Mcdonald's attendants were very helpful to the younger kids and assisted them in the tricky part of the task.

The good thing about the Mcdonald's activity is that you get the burger you assembled afterwards!

Free snacks! Wohoo!

The burger was still nice and warm too that Andrei cannot help but take huge bites of it.

After the Mcdonald's activity, little Andrei wanted to go on the plane again. I thought that since it was only 7:30pm, we still have a lot of time for one more thing in KIDZANIA.

Turns out, the "last call" for activities is usually at 7:30pm and guests are expected to be out by 8:00pm. What gives KIDZANIA? I know that is the schedule but usually in other theme parks the kiddies could go on rides right on the dot of closing time. 

Oh well. Hope they change this soon! That is my only beef really with KIDZANIA. But in the other aspects, they're so perfect! So when you go here, don't forget to go to your kids' desired activity before 7:30pm. You don't want to see your kids' puppy dog faces upon seeing the "closed" sign. 

Before heading out, we passed by the Immigration Office of KIDZANIA to have our bracelets removed. This is how they keep track of the guests inside the place and those who already made their exit.

This is also their way to check the child's companion. At least you'll be assured that your kid will be safe and won't go out with strangers. 

The little lords really won't let go of their burgers. 

THE YAPPY BUNCH really had fun in KIDZANIA and we see ourselves going back very soon. Though the entrance fee is a bit on the pricey side, I feel that it's worth it especially with the well-educated staff, the activities that were really prepared for, and the cleanliness of the place.

So happy that we have something new here to bring the little lords to! 

KIDZANIA ticket prices!

Mondays to Thursdays = Children (4-14 years old -- P900.00)
Children (1-3 years old -- P500.00)
Guardians ( 15 years old and above -- P630.00)

Fridays to Sundays and Holidays = Children (4-14 years old -- P1,100.00)
Children (1-3 years old -- P600.00)
Guardians (15 years old and above -- P770.00)

Park Triangle Mall, North 11th Avenue,
 Bonifacio Global City
Taguig, Philippines
632 711-KIDZ (5439)

Check these out:

After KIDZANIA, we ate in our new favorite, GENKI SUSHI!

Yummmm... Spicy salmon!

Mati was finally able to try the GENKI SUSHI Ramen and he liked it even if the serving was not enough. 

Afterwards, we went to Serenitea, Andrei's favorite, for dessert!

The little lords wanted to sit on a separate table so that we won't bug them for pictures and to give us "extra privacy".

EXTRA PRIVACY? WE'LL show what we do with EXTRA PRIVACY!

Hence the picture! He he he he he h!

So. There.

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