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Thursday, February 23, 2017


My most favorite baby OF ALL TIME is celebrating his 10th birthday and we are all so excited!

Yep. I know that he's already too old to be called a "baby" but he's my bunsoy and will forever be my adorable little being whom I'll kiss and hug and bite till the end of eternity!!!!!!!!!!

Well...  Until he becomes a teenager anyway. He he he he he!

Or until he gets married. #hulingtawad

And like what we do every year, the birthday boy lists down all the things that he wants to do for his 10-day celebration. He also gets the ultimo VIP treatment from the family and gets his way in the car radio. He he he he he!

Yup! Birthdays are such a big deal to us!!!!

I remember when I was a kid, my parents did the same to me and my siblings that we can't contain our excitement at turning a year older. Would you believe that my Mom would even buy a live chicken from the market and cook it as "pamalit buhay?" Yuh-uh!!!! And that's just at the break of morning! He he he he he! Because of the special and loving birthday memories that I had with my family, we are also doing it now with the little lords. Don't worry. Our celebrations do not bank (well, sometimes it could but we make sure to save up for it) -- it ranges from hotel staycations to simple Jollibee dinners -- depending on THE boy of the day. One thing is for sure, we make a lot of effort to make our celebrant feel that he is KING for the duration of his birthday weeks.

And right now, it's ANDREI'S turn!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY our dearest Andrei! Awwww!!! This is him doing my favorite "cute-cute pose!

This took a lot of convincing because he felt old na daw. Ngek!
My bunsoy is now 10 years old and I'm so proud of him already!!!!

On the eve of his birthday, the Chinese Dimpol and our angels set up our dining room with balloons and signs. We want our birthday celebrant to be surprised with the colorful greeting when he goes down for school tomorrow.

But of course, the birthday greeting starts when the clock strikes 12am!!!!

We do this every year and EVERY YEAR, Andrei would be so sleepy (even if it was something he would wait up for).

This year, I told him we'll sing to him the next day na. He said "No Mommy please sing to me again at 12:00am. I will not sleep."

As expected, my boy slept. It was fine syempre because it's a school day.

HOWEVER, as usual, he gave us a hard time waking him up. And when he did, he was a bit cranky. He he he he he he he!

His crankiness went away when he realized what's going on.

Master Mati was asleep in the bed down below and it's a good thing that our noise did not wake him up. 

My bunsoy got in a happy mood but was still able to sleep peacefully afterwards.

I wonder if he thought that it was all a dream? He he he he he!

And the next morning for breakfast....

After taking a bath, my bunsoy went down to THIS!


Little Andrei just had a simple wish from his Daddy -- a pair of drumsticks. Yep! He wants to learn how to play drums. Will try to look for Kuya Jay's old drum set. He he he he he he!

Yep! Andrei had school that day and when I asked him if he wanted to be absent, he said he wanted to see his classmates on his birthday. (I learned from the teacher later on that the class sang to him. Yey!)

The Chinese Dimpol and I had work that day (sorry Andrei :( ) that my Mom and Dad took over. 

Grandparents are a blessing talaga for Mommies and Daddies!!! They bought my bunsoy a cake and sang to him when he got home from school!!!

For his birthday dinner, Andrei wanted to eat at his favorite HEALTHY SHABU SHABU. I already made reservations the night before and just hoped that I could follow (I was going to be working late).

As for the Chinese Dimpol, it was his company's Christmas party so he won't be able to make it. But he took a vacation leave the next day for our birthday boy.

My Mom said Andrei didn't look for us because he was busy eating his favorite noodles. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


Este... (birthday nga pala)...


After eating, he opened his birthday gifts!

This one is a Ping Pong Paddle from his Tito Jon!

From his Tita Jojit, he got a Ping Pong bag!

And finally I arrived!!! Yey!

But everybody left na. 


It's okay, I have Andrei with me. 

Also, Ate Jojit and Anthony to take me home. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After I finished my Shabu Shabu set (at record breaking time), we took out some special fudge brownies for Andrei's "insta-cake".

Yey! I love you Andrei! Sorry that Daddy can't join us tonight. And that Kuya... well he deserted me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

But you do have your long time Shabu Shabu friends to sing to you!


We have been eating here since Andrei was a baby that we're already friends with the servers!

Missing Manager Allan!

When we got home, I gave Andrei his birthday gift from my officemate Tita Josie!

Also from Tita Florie!

Andrei also requested for a birthday song from his 3 Ate's!

And of course, a birthday song should ALWAYS have candles!!!!

Thanks Ate Marie, Ate Gela, and Ate Cacai!

Look how happy you made the celebrant!

We love you Andrei!

The next day, the Chinese Dimpol and I took a leave of absence so that we could be with the birthday boy longer.

One of his wishes was to show his Daddy his Ping Pong talents and also be able to play with him. My husband was happy to fulfill Andrei's wish that day.

And Andrei was REALLY good!!!!

That weekend, Andrei's friend from school, Rowlan, is having a sleepover!

It was such a timely sleepover too because we gave Andrei a birthday dinner party!!!!

Happy 10th dearest Andrei!!!!

Blogpost coming soon!

After a lot of eating, playing, gaming, chatting, and MORE playing, the boys went to bed.

Master Mati, the very kind Kuya, let Rowlan sleep in his bed while he went on Andrei's bed!

And for that Saturday....

We had a NOBU staycation!!!


Blogpost coming soon!

For dinner that night, we planned on going to Andrei's favorite restaurant, GENKI SUSHI!

Andrei and Rowlan sat near the trains!

Happy 10th bunsoy Andrei!

Rowlan, Andrei, and the Chinese Dimpol!

Me and Master Mati!!! My NT (New Teenager) was very patient with the little ones and let them have their fun.

The two friends had a very sulit night that time!

They shared 2 orders of cheesy fries....(yep. Shared. 2 orders. He he he he he1)

They  rode the escalator with arms around each other.

And when they had to squeeze by a trash can, they went thru it horizontally so as not to remove their arms around each other.

Ha ha ha ha!

Andrei was a bit sad that we had to take Rowlan home that night. But he cheered up with this mini-surprise from NOBU HOTEL!


For breakfast the next day, he got another birthday treat too!!!

Check out our blogpsot soon!

After NOBU, we went to DREAMPLAY!!!

Since we were celebrating Andrei's birthday, they gave him a special celebrant hat. When DREAMPLAY staffmembers saw him, they greeted him.

In the baking activity, everyone sang to him a Happy Birthday too! YEY!

The following Friday, we went to our family's Japanese birthday staple....


Besides the Teppanyaki goodies, Andrei had his favorite Salmon Sashimi!

We also had YAKIUDON for long life!!!!

Plus Andrei's favorite Tempura!

Sukiyaki Steak... Yummmm...

Since it was his boithday, he got most of the sacarat (aka "tutong") from the Fried Rice!

Ate Jojit and Anthony joined us!

Me and the Yubhub!

Since it was his boithday, he got a song from the KIMPURA servers!

This never fails to make celebrants in the family happy!

I'm glad Andrei is still at the age where he wants to hear a LOT of birthday songs for him. 

He loved the KIMPURA dessert too!

Thanks KIMPURA!!!

After KIMPURA, we finally fulfilled Andrei's wish to watch the Greenhills CHRISTMAS ON DISPLAY show!!!

Last year, we started watching on the actual day of Andrei's birthday. But because of busy schedules, we only got to see it now. 


Sorry Andrei! Mommy and Daddy will make it up with another show soon!

There were shows every 30 minutes, here's the Chinese D after the 3rd show. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Just kidding! He and Mati were such troopers!


My very happy boy that night.

Awwww! He can't sleep daw.

The next day was the 24th of December. And like last year, we are rushing our last minute shopping again in Powerplant Mall!

Andrei didn't need to buy anything really but he said he'll go with us for some CIBO because he loved their "cheese pasta"!

Your wish is our command!!!!

Technically, we end Andrei's birthday celebrations on Christmas day. But since we weren't able to take him to the COD show for a part 2, we thought of extending his bday week!

(The hub and I also  realized that Mati gets 2 weeks for his birthday. With that, we'll start Andrei's birthday celebrations earlier to make it 2 weeks too! He he he he he!)

For that night, the Chinese Dimpol was in BGC. He drove to QC to fetch me then we went back to Mandaluyong to pick up Andrei. Afterwards, it's Greenhills for us. 

See what lengths you'd go to for true love???

Andrei chose to eat at Kenny Rogers since he loved the chicken there. The Chinese D thought of sitting by the window so that our birthday bunsoy could already have a preview of the COD show before we watch later.

After eating, we're back here again!

And after one show, we'll stay for another...

And another!

He he he he he he!

By this time, our very own bunsoy got tired and asked to go home already. The Yub and I, even if we've been working the whole day, will go on for more shows if our birthday boy wanted to watch some more. He he he he he he he!

I'll end this blogpost with my message for little Andrei that I posted in my FB account...

"To my dearest bunsoy... Though I wish you could still be my baby forever, I'm so thankful at how you're growing up to be an adorable, independent, loving, sweet, and funny little guy! Although you do have a temper, super sumbungero, over finicky eater, naughty to the max, and, like you said, a bastus boy, you make each day more memorable than the last. My journal is almost full of your anecdotes and drawings!! Of course, I wouldn't have you any other way because you're my perfect little guy!! I love you superkaduper forever! Words cannot really express how much I love you and how much you make me happy!!!! Mmmwaaaaah! Kiss kiss my littles!!"

And for that, I hope that even for just a bit, your Daddy and I were able to give you lasting and happy memories with your birthday celebrations. Believe it or not, we know that we had more fun than you these past few days because not only are we spending these precious moments with you but because we 're also honoring and showing our thanks to somebody who is so valuable to us. 

We love you so much dear bunsoy. Like I would always tell you, we love you 10 gazillion times more than how much you love us.



  1. Belated happy birthday Andrei!

    Medical City baby ka pala Andrei, kami din ng brothers ko pero sa old Medical City pa kami, mom used to work there sa nursery ^o^.

    Natouch ako sa letter mo Ms. Jaz kay Andrei kasi may Nathan din ako kaya feel na feel ko ang letter mo. Natouch ako sa "Believe it or not, we know that we had more fun than you these past few days because not only are we spending these precious moments with you but because we 're also honoring and showing our thanks to somebody who is so valuable to us."

    Hahaha um eemote na naman ako lol. Ganun talaga tayong mga mommies eh madrama hahaha...

    P.S Mati is growing up so gwapo ah :)

    1. Thanks dear Christine!!!!!

      Really? Si Mati dun siya sa original din na Medical City! So sad that they have something else there na. Pero I could still remember how it looks like. Cool! Your mom worked in the nursery? Parang ang fun kasi ang daming cute babies. Now di ba puro room in na? Hay naku when I give birth uli, gusto ko talaga sa nursery muna. Ha h ah ah aha ha ha!

      Thank you!!! :) I'm touched you liked it din. Hay naku tayo talagang Moms of boys we are really setting ourselves to be heartbroken soon. Ang hirap when they grow up na binata na and they'll like girls and be bastus when before ang inosente and cute nila. Huhuhu! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pero di ba, I'm sure ikaw din when you go out with Nathan, even if nakikita mo siya laughing and having fun you know na ikaw din talaga yung masaya. Iba yung feeling just watching your kids do their thing. Talagang unconditional love. Haaaaay!

      Don't get me started on emoting. Ha ha ha ha ha! The thought of my boys as binata, naiiyak ako. Promise!

      Yeyyy thanks! I'll tell him. Buti kay Eric nagmana ilong nya hindi sakin ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mmmmwaaaaaaah!

  2. Ahy talga po si Mati din sa old Medical City?! Yes po, sa nursery si mommy dati, she's one of the pioneers of the hospital. Opo, room in na lahat ng babies dun ngayon. Oo nga po e may nakatayo ng condo dun ngayon na hanggang ngayon ginagawa pa din hahaha... dito lang kasi ako sa Tycoon Center nagwowork so nakikita ko sya araw araw it brings back all the memories.

    Totoo Ms. Jaz pag si Nathan masaya masaya na kami ng daddy nya. Si Nathan madalang magsabi yun ng "happy ato". Pero pagnagsabi sya nun talagang ang saya saya, just like nun nagpunta kami sa Manila Ocean Park sa Ocean park sabi nya "I'm so happy" tapos nung pauwi na kami sabi nya "happy ato". Kayang bawing bawi kaming mag asawa.

    Ms. Jaz si Mati wala pa syang sinasabi sayo about mga girls? hahaha... Naku tinanong pa talaga kita hahaha... baka idisapprove mo na yung comment ko hahaha, pero si rhey (my husband) pag binibiro nya ako na si Nathan daw magkacrush na tapos mga ganun ganun hinahampas ko talaga sya hahaha...

    I'm sure madaming girls ang magkacrush kay Mati kasi matangkad, ang cute and ang neat, yeah, matangos ang ilong... hahaha sorry Ms. Jaz last na yan lol.

    1. Hiya dear Christine!!!! Yes si Mati was born in the old Medical City. Si Andrei, sa bago. He he he he he! Wow really? Ang galing!!! I miss the old Medical City. Mas Pinoy and homey ang dating. He he he he he! I'm sure it's the same for you because you grew up there.

      Awwwww! Di ba??? When they're happy iba ang saya sa atin. Sobrang nakakataba ng puso and you would like to stay in that place forever. Many times, I catch myself staring at Mati or Andrei playing or having fun and I'd always say to myself, I'll never forget this moment. Haaaay kung may time machine lang talaga for me to be able to go back to when they were kiddies! He he he he he he!

      Ha ha ha ha ha! It's okay ano ba!!! I'm cool with anything!!! As for girls, nagkacrush na siya AUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGH!!!! Tapos once time I told him "Mati, no girlfriends muna ha" And he said "How do you know I don't have one now??" AUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nangyari na ba kay Nathan that he wants to marry you? That happened with Andrei ha ha ha ha ha ha! Wait for it. It's nakakakilig and weird at the same time. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Buti na lang nakuha niya ilong at noo sa Daddy niya. Ha ha ha ha ha ah! Naku! Lahat sila, DADAAAN sakin! Ha ha ha ha ha!


  3. Belated Happy Birthday Andrei! It seems like only yesterday when I first stumbled upon your Mommy's blog and you were so little back then. Now anlaki laki mo na! I'm pretty sure you will grow up to be a handsome gentleman. :)

    Ngayon lang ako nagcomment dito Ms. Jaz pero I swear, I'm a big fan of your blog. Eto ata dahilan ng aking 30lb weight gain LOL. More power!

    1. Hiya Belle!!!!!! At first I wasn't able to read your "Happy Birthday" comment then I thought for me yung "you were so little back then now ang laki mo na" BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA AH AH AH AH AH AH!!!! Ayan! Hindi kasi ako nagrice this lunch, nagkakamali mali na basa ko!!!!!

      Yey thank you sooo much! I know! He's so tall na pero ampayat pa din. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pero yes, thank you! I agree that he'll grow up to be a handsome gentleman. He's so porma and mas vain siya with his hair than Kuya. Ngayon nga ilan na girlfriends niya. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Yey! Really??? I'm so happy!!!! Hope to hear from you more!!! Thank you sooo much nasakyan mo my weirdness and love for food! He he he he he! Naku! Pareho lang tayo pero I'm sure prettiness pa din tayo pareho. Bwa ha ha ha ha! Thank you again and mmmmwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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