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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


THE YAPPY BUNCH were having a fun-filled weekend with friends in DISCOVERY PRIMEA and we know we're going to have a more awesome second day!

Why you ask????

Because we're going to wake up to some delicious DISCOVERY PRIMEA breakfast!!!!

We slept very last late night but we still got up at a decent time in the morning for some breakfast!

We were sharing a King 2-bedroom suite with Team Virrey and dear Aning arranged to have breakfast to be served in our room! Wow! Room service!!!!! It's not something we usually have because honestly, it could be quite expensive! Good thing that my College friend set it up as part of her son Jelo's birthday, kaya yey!

At the same time, we're too cute din kasi.


In a few minutes, a lady bearing a trolley of hot and mouth-watering aroma of breakfast food came by!

Oooh yes! We likey!!!!

Fresh off the oven pastries!

A simple cheese plate!

Coco Crunch and Corn Flakes for the kiddies!

Fruit Plate!

Salad and Juices!

For our mains, we ordered the DISCOVERY PRIMEA Angus Tapsilog!

So tender and flavorful! Perfect with the garlic rice!

The Yub had the Lucban Longganisa!

Now this is not your usual lucban longganisa but it deserved an extra rice for me nonetheless! He he he he!

Let.... eat....

Little Andrei can't decide what to eat!

So as usual my finicky eater had his favorite Coco Crunch! Ha ha ha ha ha!

The kiddie area!!!!

The tanders and takaw table! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Like last time, the Chinese D and I were so overwhelmed and happy with all the sumptuous food! Now THIS is something so worth waking up for even after a late night chatting session from the night before. He he he he he!

Thanks so muchos dear Team Virrey for arranging this! We felt so "sosy" and uber full with the room service. It's like we're in the movies! He he he he he!

Now we have LOADS of energy needed to be burned off with MORE swimming in DISCOVERY PRIMEA! He he he he he he!!!



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