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Monday, February 13, 2017


I love weddings.

Yup! There's something about dressing up, going to a nice venue, chatting with  friends who put on the ritz, eating an elegant dinner, and drinking goblets of wine or champagne.

It's like having date night but ten times more special!

Of course, what we also love about weddings is basking in the glory of two people so in love that they are shouting up to the high heavens in declaring it. Even if I have attended quite a number of weddings already, I still find myself choking up with tears when the couple profess their vows, and when the Dad gives a special message to his daughter. Yes. Really good times.

When the Yub and I received an invite from dear Dabarkads Colleen, the lady in charge of the wardrobe in EAT BULAGA, I got immediately excited! I know that it was going to be a fun event because that's just how she and fiance PV are: so fun, so alive, and so very in love! So without really thinking about what I'm going to wear or what we're going to give the couple who seem to have everything already, we confirmed our attendance for that Sunday.

Like I said, I love weddings!

The great thing about it is that this time, I don't have to join the bouquet toss for singles, or, answer irritating questions such as "why are you still single?" At least now, I am more confident in dressing up, chatting with friends, eating elegant food, and drinking goblets of wine.

Yup! Because for me, the best part of a wedding (or in any event for that matter) is being with a partner who is as still in love with you like the day you got married.


Yes. Even if he snores like a truck.



We picked up Tita Josie, my TAPE INC officemate/friend, and drove out for Palazzo Verde!



Before going inside, picture, picture muna! He he he he he!

Don't worry, we made it on time!!! He he he he!

Bible Bearer Baste!

Principal Sponsors Tito Sen, and my boss, Mam Malou Fagar!

Direk Poochie!!!!

Principal Sponsors, Tito Joey and Ms. Jenny!!!

And here comes the bride!

Colleen was so pretty!!!!!!! Everybody was saying so!

Ako feeling pretty din. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The Yub saw Baste and called him. He really found the little boy soooo cute!

See Yub??? I told you, ONE MORE BOY PA TAYO!

We were so noisy that Baste told us to keep quiet.

Pano ba naman, he asked "Baste, sino mas pogi, ako or si Kuya Alden??"


ERICJAZ FOODIES with some of our EAT BULAGA family!!!!

After they were officially announced as husband and wife, we were all waiting for the EAT BULAGA group for the picture taking. When the host announced that the rest of the picture taking will be in the reception, we didn't agree.

LOOK UP!!!!!!!!!

Sorry! That's how families are! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! We all just HAVE to HAVE church pictures with Colleen and PV!!!!

After the ceremony, it was time to go to the reception hall. The Chinese Dimpol, Tita Josie, and I saw this beautiful carriage outside. Even if our feets were hurting, we just have to have a picture there!

Bakit ba e sa maganda e???

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It was just embarrassing because the people at PALAZZO VERDE knew that we had a picture there because when we were going back to the venue, the trumpets blared off at our entry. Hanubayeeennn... Ha ha ha ha ha ha! So royal BUT nakakahiya at the same time.

YES! They do that everytime somebody enters! Even if you just had a picture by the carriage parked by the road.

The PALAZZO VERDE reception hall!!!!

We initially thought that this was going to be a grand wedding with like 500 guests because we knew how popular Colleen and PV are. But to our surprise, they only invited 150 people! Woah!!!!

Now I feel special!!! Thanks sooo much for inviting us dear Colleen!!!! 

We were at table number 8!

It may be too early to say so but I think table number 8 is the most good looking table of all.



Wohoo!!! Personalized fondant cookies!

As soon as we were seated, servers came by to offer cocktail grub.

Yummm!!!! Pritchon!!!!

Grilled Chicken on Fried Wantons Wrappers!

This was yum!!!

Chorizo and Aligue rice balls!

Later on, EAT BULAGA stylist Telay and her husband Benjo joined us....


Later on, we were served with rolls and slices of herbed bread with whipped butter and balsamic vinegar with olive oil!

Later on, host Sam YG took the stage.

The bride and groom are here!! WOHOOO!!!!


And with that, you know what's next....


There was a simple yet lovely set up outside the PALAZZO VERDE reception hall.

The wedding was catered by K. by CUNANAN!

Time to get our grub on!

K. BY CUNANAN Creamy Pumpkin Soup!

K. BY CUNANAN Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad!

This was light yet still appetizing with the citrus dressing!

K. BY CUNANAN Pork Belly with Red Chimichuri and Creamed Corn!

Crispy, fatty, and still over all delicious! I loved how the richness of the pork was cut by the zestiness of the red chimichuri!

K. BY CUNANAN  Slow Cooked Beef in Ponzu, Truffle Butter, and Fried Onion Rings!

The beef here was ridiculously fork tender and so flavorful!!! It was so delicious especially with the crunchy fried onion rings!

K. BY CUNANAN Mixed Seafood with Chicken and Chorizo Paella!

Seriously, I almost mistook this for a seafood stir-fry and not a paella because of the jampacked toppings! 

K. BY CUNANAN Roast Chicken!!!

My mind instantly "drooled" for my tummy!! I'm excited to try this chicken in Fennel Spice Rub with Creamed Spinach, and Corn Bread!

Of course, what's a celebration without lechon right???

Crispy Lechon Skin with Tender Meat!

I was supposed to take a picture of the Lydia's Lechon while it was still whole. But the Yub said I could do it later na so that everything is complete.

Come eating time...



Oh well..... I'm sure you could imagine how big this lechon was!

For our carbs, there were Carrot Fried Rice and Steamed Rice!

Yup! Because you could never have enough piping hot rice to eat with the rich and saucy meats!!!!

For dessert, there's Keso de Bola Cheesecake.... 


And for those who want to get sloshed....

My plate!!! My very-messy-and-full plate!!!!

Yihiii!!! Happy to eat!

In a few minutes...


Yup! I ate it all....

Now I'm having meat sweats.

While having dessert, I ordered a cup of brewed coffee.

In the wedding, we also did some mingling and MORE picture-taking!

It was great bumping into our favorite wedding host, Sam YG!!!!

Another angle of that selfie! He he he he he!

It's always great seeing Sam YG because he's so nice!

We also saw Takako Saito, EAT BULAGA's newest talent!

Taki is also in TROPS, the teen show before EAT BULAGA!

This is us with her very nice mom!!!

US with the very beautiful and happy bride!!!!

AND of course, US with the newlyweds and some of our EAT BULAGA family!!!

PALAZZO VERDE certainly has a LOT of kodak perfect areas!

It was lovely in the daytime and more romantic at night!

Doing that hacienda pose by the stairs. I missed my other TAPE INC friend Tita Flory here because she could do a perfect mataray face. Ha ha ha ha ha! Tita Josie still looked nice in the pic!

This is us by the stairs...

And by the red carpet!

Me and the Hubsker naman!

Me : Yub, takpan mo braso ko.

The Chinese Dimpol : Pano? (Went in front of me).

Me : HELLOOO! Hindi mo ako pwedeng akbayan???


He he he he he he!

Congratulations again dear Colleen and PV!!!! It was so romantic watching you so happy and very much in love throughout the night. You two both have very kind souls that's why God brought you together. You're a beautiful couple and I just know you're going to have a great life ahead! 

Congratulations again and we love you both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

103 Green Meadows Ave.
Quezon City, Philippines
(02) 952 5129

Daang Reyna, Vista City
Las Piñas, Philippines
(02) 710 8545


  1. I love your outfit, Ms. Jaz :) Huhu that lechon.....

    K. by Cunanan talaga is one of the best caterers. Medyo tenbits lang yung serving size. Hahaha.

    1. Hullo dear Yanna!!! Uy thanks!!! he he he he he!!! It's a simple pantsuit from Dorothy Perkins pero I received nga a lot of compliments for it. Naks!!! Goes on to show na clothes don't have to be expensive to be noticed. Kuripots rule!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Oo nga. That lechon. Hmp! Next time talaga I'll take pictures agad.

      Yes we loved the food!!!! He he he he he he!!! Yummm!!!! :)

      Happy Valentimes dear Yanna!!!!

  2. Hi! Do you have an idea how much they spent in total?
    Thank you!

    1. Hi dear Terpischore! Dear Colleen said it was around P1.5m :) Have a good day! Take care.

  3. Ang ganda ng venue tapos ang sarap pa ng mga foods! :)


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