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Sunday, February 12, 2017


To have a great VALENTINE'S celebration, it's not always about the roses, the pink hearts, or the empty promises you declare to make the night go somewhere. Nope. Personally, I believe that to have a memorable VALENTINE'S day, you should have something special, scrumptious, and utterly delicious to make your way to your date's heart via his/her stomach.

And if you agree with me, then you should check out how they'll serve up your VALENTINE'S and MORE at BROTZEIT. 

It's time to TASTE THE LOVE!!!

BROTZEIT German Bier Bar and Restaurant!

It was a busy Friday night in the famous German restaurant with diners celebrating the start of the weekend.

The Chinese Dimpol and I preferred to have dinner inside where it was more homey and comfortable.

Waited for my Chinese Stalker date.

While looking at the BROTZEIT Valentine's menu, something tells me that he has arrived.

Yes. Creepy I know.

BROTZEIT'S TASTE THE LOVE Valentine's special is a unique dinner with choices for their 3-course menu plus drinks that are good for two hungry diners (like us).

They introduced the special menu last February 9 for the day of hearts. But for those who want to avoid the Valentine's rush (but still enjoy the food), this special deal is for you. Yup! BROTZEIT's TASTE THE LOVE will run until the end of February so that you don't have to squeeze in with other couples doing the lovey dovey.

Either that, or you'll be happy to realize that you could enjoy it again and again until then and not just on Valentines!

And guess what? Because BROTZEIT knows the serving might be too much for some, you could request to portion the meal in half and pay only P1,300.00!

Coool right?


Me and the Chinese Dimpol!

When you're in BROTZEIT Shangrila Mall branch, be sure to look for dear Irish! She's fast, friendly, and knows their menu to a T! And, I appreciated that even if they were a full house that night, she was still so helpful and prompt with our orders. Yey Irish!!!!

Ordering up!

Our BROTZEIT appetizers are here!

The Chinese Dimpol requested for the BROTZEIT Onion and Cheese Tart!

The Chinese D enjoyed the flaky crust housing the sweet Caramelized onions and mildly salty Gouda cheese!

Yep! This is not something that the Chinese Dimpol would order, but he liked the sweet salty play of flavors and was able to finish....



Now that's what TRUE LOVE does to you. Che!


As for me, I got the BROTZEIT Salmon Cakes with Sour Cream dressing and tossed Green Salad.

The tossed salad was a nice light starter and refreshing to munch on while waiting for the food.

However when I tried the Salmon Cakes with the rich dressing, I was in love.

I won't heed Irish's warning that the appetizer might already fill us up. Oh it WILL and I don't care!!!!!

Our main courses are here!

I love meat so when there's steak in the selection, I'll go for it ALWAYS. And I'm sure you'll do the same once you see BROTZEIT'S Filet Mignon!

The steak was THICK and I doubt if I could finish it myself!

And that's when my date flashed this totally pa-cute smile. A look that other people may find more adorable than John Wick's puppy in the first movie.

Okay. Those "people" might only be me but I fell for it.

FINE. You could have some of my steak too!

The tenderloin was wrapped with crispy bacon the way that Filet Mignon should be!

I know that good steak doesn't need anything as the meaty flavors are more than enough. But I'm a sucker for thick sauces so I got a generous pouring of their Red Wine gravy.

Auuuughhhh! I'm also drooling!

Steaks should always be paired with Red Wine but I'm not really planning on getting drunk and heavy tonight (sorry Yub) so I just got something light.

My light and fruity white Wine was recommended by Irish!

The husband enjoyed his tall glass of chilled beer!!!

In BROTZEIT, you should NEVER miss the opportunity to have one of their beers!


Here's a toast to a longer life together, to good health, to happy times, to memorable moments....

And to uh... never mind.


The Chinese Dimpol chose the BROTZEIT Beer Braised Pork Chops!

We got a thick slab of pork chop with sliced granny smith apples and their special glaze. The dish was also served with this Red Pepper Jam which the Chinese Dimpol was not looking forward to trying.

But let's see. We might be surprised!


Now let's dig in!!!!

My Filet Mignon was perfectly grilled to medium doneness and was still pink in the middle. 

To make up for the Onion Cheese Tart snafu, the Chinese Dimpol shared his Pork Chop!

Oh my very happy plate!

Oh the Filet Mignon was so yum!!!! The meat was tender and had the light flavor of the salty bacon. It was already delicious on it's own but the Red Wine sauce reduction gave it more full-bodied sumptuousness that you'll find yourself scraping your meat on it to get more.

As for the Pork Chop? The juicy entree was mind-blowing. Seriously. 

I was hell bent on concentrating on my Filet Mignon but the Beer Braised Pork Chop was something else. It was fork tender and so flavorful already from the marinade. But when I dipped this chunk of meat in the glaze and Red Pepper Gravy, I was astounded with how the spicy, sweet, and savory mixed up to complement the tender pork. So delicious!!!!!!

And when I find something that I love, you know what that means...

EXTRA RICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! H ahaha ha ha ha ha!

The potato croquet and veggies were good but for special dishes, rice will ALWAYS be in order.

That's just the way life goes.

My plate!!! My "trying hard to diet but ultimately giving in later" plate!

Even the bacon was OH SO PERFECT with my rice!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the pork chop!


See what good food does to me? I can't think well and become jejemon!!!!!!!


Our BROTZEIT dessert was the Chocolate Bombshell.

It seemed ordinary at first but when chocolate hot fudge was poured on it...

YEHESSSSS!!!! Somebody got happy and crazy!!!

TUGS!!! TUGS!!!!

Oh wow.... Look at that chocolate dome crumble and melt from the hot fudge!

When all was done...

We were faced with Raspberry Ice Cream on top of Dark Chocolate Cake and Fudge.

No need to get a go signal from the server, we both immediately dug in.

There was no need for words. The hot and cold combination with the decadence and sweetness of the dessert was just deserving of all the OOHS and AAHS!!!

That dessert made me so happy and hyper!!!!

Burp! And we were done!!!!

For the price of P3,600.00, BROTZEIT definitely served up a meal that will surely be enjoyed by not just the lovey dovey people but also by couples like us.

We, who find the food more important, than the plating.
We, who seek comfort and good times, rather than the "in" thing.
We, who would rather joke and clown around, instead of acting cool or being mushy like the Jollibee ads!
We, who could TASTE and FIND our own kind of love in the delicious food at BROTZEIT!

Yep! Go for it! You have till the end of February to experience this special deal for 2 from BROTZEIT!!!!


Unit 112, Edsa Shangrila plaza, 
Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, 
Metro Manila
(02) 631 1489

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