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Tuesday, February 21, 2017


It's day 2 of our fun family staycation at DISCOVERY PRIMEA to celebrate my godson Jelo's birthday, and if day 1 was a basis of how our day would go, then we're assured of ANOTHER helluva good time!


We all slept at about 2:00 in the morning that's why the Chinese Dimpol was still snoozing at this early hour.

But my baby is already awake!!!!

When we stepped out, my college bud Anne was already up too along with the birthday boy Jelo. After some chitchat, she arranged room service for breakfast for us!

WOW!!! That's a HELLUVA a lot of FOOD!!!!

Blogpost coming soon!!!!!!!!

When we finished and went to our rooms, we saw that the DISCOVERY PRIMEA pool was there ready for us. I guess it's time for a morning swim!

Pareng Jun was already there to guard with little girls. Awwww!

Anne and I were about to go down in our robes when we saw one of our favorite sights in DISCOVERY PRIMEA.... 

Free fruits for all!!!!

Yes! We loved these. And they always had sweet and fresh small apples for us. My husband is such a fan of fruits that he would always eat about 2 or 3 of these!!!!

And THE YAPPY BUNCH are here ready to swim again!!!!

The pool at DISCOVERY PRIMEA was slightly heated so it was just right for us even during the December weather!

And the rest of the gang are here na!!!

Most of the peeps would hang out in the hot tub because the heat with the water jacuzzi action make for a soothing stay in it.

Yun lang, when you go back to the pool, it's like the Titanic hitting an iceberg! HANGLAMEEEEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My bunsoy and his favorite parent...

CHE! Don't EVER ask me to massage your back again. 

Good thing I'm not selosa.... DAW.

Me and dear Master Mati with photobomber Jelo at the back.

My super YAPPY (aka Happy) family!

When one of us is not undergoing menopause. I wonder who????

Uuuuy! Somebody sensed I was being jelly welly and asked to have a picture with me.

Sorry dear Andrei because your Mommy is so senti. I want you always to be by my side and be my baby!!!!!!!!

And then I smothered him with kisses which he lets me do. Baby pa kasi! He he he he he!

My 2 favorite boys in the whole wide universe!!!! 

These 2 little lords are something talaga. They learned na the art of soothing Mommy when I'm having a temper. Both know now how to make "suyo" and would always shower me with kisses or call me endlessly on the phone (at work). Of course, ALWAYS, my anger vanishes when I hear "Mommy kiss kiss (tsup tsup)" or "Mommy I love you so much don't be angry na" or "Mommy! Love love!"

Haaaaaaay. I really pray you'll end up with ladies who will love you at least half as much as I do!!!! E I love you boys A LOT!! No mathematician could measure it! So proud of you guys... even if you're kulits! He he he he he he! 

And for that, DISCOVERY PRIMEA French Fries are in order. He he he he! We always have it when we're swimming!

I would always order Mango Shake too when we're at the poolside so when we ordered the fries, I planned on having it as well.

Me: How much for the Mango Shake?
Waiter: P350.00 mam.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Usually I try to be composed and take it in stride but I didn't want to accidentally order something that's already an entree in a decent restaurant. Kaya no-poise na ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

The boys are always in the mood for hot and crunchy fries with loads of ketchup and mayo after swimming!



We requested for late check out that's why we're just swimming the whole day away!

Until it was time to go... Huhuhu!

And as our usual custom when it's time to check-out, we'll do picture sessions around the room!!!!

In the bed...

By the corridor....

Doing the wacky...

By the kitchen.... 

Doing another wacky...

By the balloons...

By our room number...


So now it's really time to go...


Bye room!

Bye unit!!!!

And of course, bye Team Virrey! Thanks dear Aning for arranging this fun family getaway!!!


Happy Birthday dear Jelo!

It was actually a very easy peasy check-out!!!

The Duty Managers that time gave us a bit of a hard time though. GRRRR!

The Christmas tree at DISCOVERY PRIMEA was ginormous and beautiful! We can't resist taking pictures with it again and again.

THE YAPPY BUNCH had another super fun time at DISCOVERY PRIMEA. 

Even if it was already our second staycation there with the same people, we were overjoyed with the comfort, warmth, and homey feeling that the hotel gave us. It was great too that my little family are also with people whom we consider as family as well!

Yoo to the HOO!

6749 Ayala Ave,
 Makati, 1226 Metro Manila
(02) 955 8888

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