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Have you guys seen the movie MIDNIGHT IN PARIS? I feel that I am like the character there of Owen Wilson who is obsessed with the people, places, and cultures of the past. I don't know why but I share the same love and yearning to live the simple life before where there more open spaces than malls, everybody was genuinely nice and courteous to each other (without fear of getting mugged), and everywhere is so clean with fresh, unpolluted air. Even if I appreciate the technology that we have now, it's just too bad that I was born many, many years afterwards in the 90's....

Tee to the Hee.

Anywho, that is probably why I love going to places where it is reminiscent of the olden days. I would regularly drag THE YAPPY BUNCH to Intramuros for family days and when we went to Italy, I just fell in love with the ancient structures.  That is why when I heard of the resort called LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR, I was really wishing we could save up enough funds to have a family staycation there.

And after limiting our shopping and eating times, we did!!!

This is already day two of our heritage trip in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR, and I was happy that it was as beautiful, romantic, and "ancient" as I hoped it would be. The great thing here is that even if my techie addicted boys were not able to play their usual games or go online, they were still having such a blast.

This is indeed another memorable family bonding for us. Although we actually have fun anywhere as long as we are together, LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR made us appreciate what we had in the past, right in the present.

And that is why what we have now is a gift.

Naks! Right back atya Kung Fu Panda! :)


We woke up to clear and sunny skies in our day 2 at this famous Bataan resort.

Breakfast was included in our booking and it was about many streets away from our room. We didn't really mind because the we fancied the walk and Andrei would have the chance to go on his bike again.

Our simple Filipino buffet breakfast was in LA BELLA TEODORA!

After our heavy breakfast, the boys once again dressed up into wet suites for a swim in LAS CASAS pool!

The Chinese Adonis and I agreed to take them BUT they should not make a fuss when we ask for pictures!

Family picture... done!

Isn't it great what a little "blackmailing" could do? Tee hee!

The LAS CASAS FILIPINAS pool is right in front of the beach. But there is no access to the shores unless you cross the bridge at the other side. Yup. So near yet so far.

Something tells me it's time to stop taking pictures and let the kiddies go in the water already.

Andrei loved the beach more but he asked to swim in the "batis" inspired pool for a few minutes. I'm not sure if we had enough time for the pool AND the beach since we will be checking out at 12:00pm.

But then...

How could you resist this face?

Coochy choochy coo!

Yes. I know. I shouldn't baby my little lords but I just can't help it. After a few years they'll be hairy and smelly. Huhuhu....

As for Master Mati, he's happy to just stay and swim in the pool.

We are the same here! I love swimming and I feel that it's more safe in the pool.

Plus, if you get a view like THIS while swimming, it'll make the dip more breath taking (pun sort of intended).

When the little lords laugh and joke around with each other, it's really music to my ears.

After about 30 minutes in the pool, Andrei asked if he could go to the beach. At first I didn't want to because the sun seemed determined on burning all earthlings. But then I thought it'll be awhile before we have another beach trip, so I agreed.

With that, Andrei hopped on his little bike and pedaled away.

The Chinese Adonis stayed with Mati. He also did not feel like going on the beach because of the heat. He he he he he!

Oh well. He'll be the one driving home anyway.

I walked while Andrei rode on his bike going to the beach.

Fast forward picture
In order to go to the beach, you have to cross this bridge!

A jeep would pass by every now and then so it's safer to stay at the sides (like in a real street).

 It was actually a very relaxing and nice stroll for me because I felt like I was in the streets of old Manila.

The great thing too is that it's just so clean everywhere. There may be stray cats walking but I do not detect any sort of animal poop or garbage. Makes me think that I suddenly walked in a time space warp to the early 1900s!

Beach rules and regulations!

As predicted, there was nobody in the beach area save for another Daddy-daughter tandem. 

Andrei parked his ride and dove right in the cold and refreshing waters of LAS CASAS FILIPINAS beach.

And since I got an opportunity for a photo op, I asked for a picture from the "Daddy-Daughter" tandem! He he he he!

My little beach boy loved the beach because he loved playing in the sand and make castles for his Monster Truck.

It's a good thing that the waters were not so deep in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS beach. But to be sure if your child will be swimming with you, it's best to have him stay in the shallow area. 

Andrei having the best time!

The "Daddy-Daughter" tandem left already so we had the beach all to ourselves!

It's so relaxing to be in a place where you don't have to squeeze in to get a seat or yell amongst the crowds. 

Andrei and I were able to enjoy the sand and waves in peace!

I guess Andrei was grateful already for the chance to go to the beach because when I said "time's up", he dutifully hopped on his bike, ready to go.

It was quite pleasant to walk on their stone bridge and see THIS on your left. It's not yet finished but I'm sure there would be a lot of booked weddings here when that time comes. 

In no time, we are back.

Master Mati was waiting for us and helped in the packing. I'm glad that the boys are in the age where I could rely on them to share in some of the work and do some heavy lifting (tee hee!).

I could also count on him to take steady pictures of us!

Mati was such in a good mood that morning that he let ME take his picture as well!

The "kariton" cometh for our bags!

Our Yellow Hamper was sad to go. He he he he he!

And it's time to go!


At least you'll see what our room looks like!

By the bed...

By the bathroom door...

By the television!

By the desk!!

By the doorway!

By our room number!

We were supposed to do a hallway shot but we just went down the stairs instead. He he he he he he!

Andrei and Daddy down there!

Me and Mati up here!

While waiting for us to sort our bags with the attendant, Andrei went on his bike and went around the plaza.

It may be hot but he didn't care. He just put on sunscreen and biked away.

His Kuya joined him later on to guard him.

As for the Chinese Adonis, he knocked on some doors because he felt like going to the restroom again...

Tee hee! Kidding!

All our bags are packed and we're ready to go.

Mati and Andrei saying goodbye to our building.

I apologize if I'm posting a lot of pictures but everywhere you look, it's just beautiful in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS that I never want to forget it.

Mati even asked to have a picture with this sculpture that he fancied.

THE YAPPY BUNCH in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS! I hope we could go back with my Gatdula family next time!

Going to the reception house to check out.

We loaded our bags in the car and this bulky "katipunero" assisted us.

After checking out, we decided to stroll around LAS CASAS FILIPINAS some more.

The boys cooled off by having some Taro Ice cream that was very sweet and tasty!


We went to CASA LUBAO once more and this wooden horse caught Andrei's eye.

There was no tour ongoing but we felt like going to the CASA LUBAO terrace and hang out.

This was indeed perfect to spend our lazy Sundays in. The weather may be hot but the cool breeze really made us just want to sit in silence and enjoy everything.

That is, until DONYA FAMILIA LA YAPINA kicked us out!

"Paalisin ang mga hampaslupa!"

He he he he he he!!!!!

Thank you so much to these very friendly LAS CASAS FILIPINAS tour guides who let us stay in the veranda for a while and even offered to take our pictures. They were the ones who were so "game" and laughing along with us. I love it when resort attendants do what they can to make guests have fun.

Enjoying this moment with master Mati!

LAS CASAS FILIPINAS is still constructing more sites for their guests. I also heard that they will be building a tram for easy transport from one place to another.

The church is something to watch out for too. 

Mati went ahead and waited for us down below.

I found it cute how Andrei called out to his brother and asked him to wait so they could go exploring together.

After CASA LUBAO we went over to the stoned walkway to go to the riverside.

This was near the bridge going to the beach.

Isn't it beautiful?

I joined the boys who by this time we're already doing a naughty dance.

The water was still and very clean. They will be having gondolas here for the guests soon. Hopefully they will still be able to maintain it's beauty and peacefulness.

The little lords then threw some stones to make it skip on the calm waters.

The Chinese Adonis joined in.

As usual Andrei "spoiled" it by throwing big rocks instead.


Going back to "civilization".

Before going home, we decided to have a quick bite in LA PANADERIA!

Andrei asked to have a picture here because he found the chef in the painting so "panget".

Those are his words.

The breads here were just AWESOME! So freshly baked, warm, chewy, and just delicious! Don't miss on filling up on your favorite Filipino buns here!

And I meant the bread, not something naughty.

Even if I was the only one who was fascinated with old Manila, ancient houses, history, and the simple country life, I was glad that the whole YAPPY BUNCH all had a great time in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR. The beauty was just overwhelming and this is truly a perfect getaway for every Filipino (even foreigner) who wants to get into the heart our culture.

We are SO looking forward to going back soon!

So sad to leave.

Of course when I said "Do the sad face" Andrei wouldn't have any of it and still smiled.

We saw him do it in the reflection on the rear view mirror.

And so we just burst out laughing.

Trust wacky Andrei to make us laugh during a "sad" time. 

He he he he he!

Going home, we passed by the Filipino Japanese Friendship Tower!

And the Philippine Arena! We didn't encounter any traffic that Sunday afternoon and we got all home safe and sound.

Till our next family trip!!!!



89 Brgy. Pag-asa, Bagac, 2107 
Bagac, Bataan 
(63-2) 3325338 or (63-2) 3325286

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