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Wednesday, January 6, 2016


There may be other work parties but I bet you'd agree when I say that there is nothing like my OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY. The excitement we have for it is like the suspense and adrenalin that Bruce Willis got from DIE HARD 1 (yu-uh). But with us, there's no drama (oh puhleez), murder (of course), and hostages (I think I chose the wrong movie). But yes, there ARE a lot of explosions (of prizes), joy (from all the jokes), and gratitude (like how Bruce Willis felt towards the friendly cop... tee hee!).

So let me share with you TAPE INC's 2015 CHRISTMAS PARTY! Hope you enjoy this holiday ride of being with our Dabarkads!



Our CHRISTMAS PARTY would usually start after the live show of EAT BULAGA and we would have it in our home office at TAPE INC. However, on the day of the party there were heavy rains which forced Management to move the party to Broadway Centrum 

It was actually our first time to have our CHRISTMAS PARTY in studio! In our other parties, we would just have the mass onstage then move to another venue for the reception. But as it is fully booked in almost all events places during that weekend, we had no choice to also have our dinner where we have the live show. Good thing that Broadway management allowed us just this time. 

The ceremony was officiated by Fr. Mario who also holds service in the chapel in Powerplant Mall. I love him because of his commanding voice that gives out these touching and sincere sermons. I appreciate too that he doesn't take advantage of my office and act all "showbiz". The only picture he requested in the many years that we had him was with Ryzza because he loved kids. He he he he he he!

We would usually have rows of benches for the service but in order to save time (because this was an impromptu move), the caterer set up all their chairs and tables onstage for mass and dinner. 

My friends and I sat on one of the round tables.

Could you see where I am?

The younger ones decided to hear mass from the audience area. He he he he he!

First reading...

Second reading...

Plus the gospel and sermon that made me cry!

The blessing of the host....

The body of Christ...

Holding hands for the Our Father.

See me praying so solemnly there?

And it's time for some "Peace Be With Yous".

Too bad my arch enemy (also known as Tita Flory) is seated far away. I would have loved to give her a fake "Peace Be With You".

Ha h aha ha! Kidding.

Ate Ruby gushes at Direk Poochie!

While bossing gets a blessing from Fr. Mario. 

This is the part where everyone goes around and give his/her kind of "peaceful" wishes. 

Afterwards it's time to receive communion.


This is a nice shot of Tita Josie and Tita Helen.

When the mass ended, it's singing time!

After the mass, most of the hosts came over to chat with Fr. Mario. He would always give meaningful sermons that get majority of the attendees sniffing. 

And now we wait for the party to start! There was a bit of delay though because our caterer LA COMIDA had to move everything from TAPE INC in QC to Broadway Centrum. 

See what I mean? He he he he he!

We didn't mind because we just took pictures. He he he he he!

Us with Direk Poochie!

Here are the EB BABES with Ryzza and Mom!

The EB writers!

EB staffmembers from TAPE Inc!

The VTR department!

Some JUAN FOR ALL peeps!

TAPE Traffic and Accounting staff!

EB make up artists!

EB Production Staff with Ms. Helen!

EB lovers and a cutie pie photobomber!

TAPE staff who will be in charge of recording/distributing prizes for the night. 

And yaya Dub arrives!!

(JUAN FOR ALL people are usually late since they would be coming from a remote location).

Too bad that we have absentees for today's Christmas party: Alden had a schedule with GMA network while Paolo was hospitalized due to food poisoning. :( It would've been more fun with them around. 

Is it time to eat already?

Gutom na si Donya Antonio at Donya Esperanza...

He he he he he he he!

Now let's get this party started!!!!

Usually we would have our Christmas parties in TAPE Inc., Oasis, or in Sampaguita Gardens. But even if we were all cramped here in the Broadway studio, I appreciated that everyone is so close to each other and it still felt like home. 

YOHOOO! And finally it's time to eat!

We always start our meals with a prayer. That's my boss leading it, the SVP and COO of TAPE Inc., Ms. Malou Choa Fagar.

This view just brings tears to my eyes.

We had 3 stations set up by our caterer LA COMIDA. My friends and I went at the one near the host area.

LA COMIDA fresh lumpia (Yummmm)!

LA COMIDA Fish with Pesto!

LA COMIDA Chicken Asado!

Our favorite, LA COMIDA Kare Kare!

Pancit Station with tokwa't baboy!

Fruit Station!

We also had 3 legs of ham from THE PLAZA!

4 Cebu Lechon from CEBUANO!

We also had Roasted Calf at the back!

Of course, there would always be LA COMIDA'S Bibingka and Puto Bumbong!

We also had Filipino ice cream outside!

In the buffet line, everybody gets their own food. 

Usually the hosts go first, then the ladies (as in females... he he he he), then the boys go last. 

My seatmate for the night was Tita Grace. I also used her camera for pictures. Of course, she doesn't know about it. 

Here's my "accidental" selfie....

And here's my "intentional" selfie!

If you leave your phones lying around in my presence, you're most likely to find a picture of me in there. He he he he he he he!

The PLAZA HAM with pandesal!

The waiter from LA COMIDA got this for me and at first I was dismayed that he mixed all of the sauces. Good thing that THE PLAZA meats are so tasty and went well with everything that we still finished this all. 

My plate! My very full plate!

My small pancit luglog.

Yum! Yum!

When I finished eating, I was called to go at the back.

Yahoo! It's that time when each EB staff would receive a Christmas gift from our President, Mr. Tuviera!

Since we're alphabetically arranged, here's T then Y!

"He's inside. Enter!"

By now, Tita Grace knows that I zoinked her phone. She cannot stay mad at me for long because I took some pictures of her. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Thanks Tita Grace! Love you! My camera phone kasi is with the Chinese Adonis. 

Yep it's with him because he own it. 

After the staff, the Dabarkads will be the ones next to line up.

The lady in black (not Pauleen) is the MS. JENNY FERRE! She's the genius behind the popular segments in EAT BULAGA like PINOY HENYO, YOU'RE MY FOREIGNOY, JUAN FOR ALL, and that not so popular KALYESERYE!

I love Kuya Jose's "Mr. Pogi" look.

The last ones to line up will always be Tito, Vic, and Joey. 


And now, our CHRISTMAS PARTY program will start!

The first part of the party is the raffle for minor prizes. Everybody wins here, even the absentees. It's just a matter of being called late because that's where the great prizes are.

All of our names are in the magic roleta....

... that's been used for many years already. Ha ha ha ha ha!

In all of the raffles, each host would go onstage to announce winners of particular prizes.

Kuya Allan is always a riot!

Tito Jimmy Saints!

Ate Ruby and Hopia!

The latter was the star of the night! He he he he!

Ate Pia!

Ryan A!

My boss called me onstage to help her unfold the names from the ballots.

Of course, when somebody took my picture, I was conveniently scratching my butt.

Har de har har! Of course I'm kidding.

When your name is called you go to the back and get your prize stubs for claiming at the office.

For the minor prizes I got the kitchen set: Breakfast Maker, Toaster Oven, Steamer, AND a mosquito or bangaw killer.

He he he he he!

Check out Kuya Jose trying to charm one of the Admin girls hoping to get a great prize.

Uh... Kuya Jose, they draw winners on stage?

The last winners for the Minor Prizes were called out by HBD girl Patricia!

With that, Tito Sen complained that he didn't hear his name called in the raffle!

In our Christmas raffle, EVERYBODY wins and our President doesn't allow waiving the prizes. In that way, our hosts get in on the fun too!

After double checking, his name was already announced. Tito Sen was just stirring things up. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Something tells me Kuya Jose didn't like the prize that he received. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Later on it's time for everyone's favorite, THE RAFFLING OF MAJOR PRIZES!

When Kuya Wally was called to announce winners, everybody asked him to dance "DESSERT"!

Which he gamely did!

He really murdered that dance up!

He also had a showdown with Baste!


Finally Tito Sen's name was called and he won something in the major prize!

The same goes for bossing! The Sotto brothers never win in the Major raffle so this is a lucky party for them!

I got something too!!! Wohooo!!!!!

When Kuya Jose took the stage, he made everyone roar with laughter.

He also called the winners to his side and messed with them.

Yaya Dub announced some names too!

Same goes for Tito Joey!

He requested for Hopia to be his co-host again and she really hit the home run in hilariousness! 

Later on it was bossing!

While bossing was announcing winners, we drank some wine!

Tsk tsk... So pogi pa din.


Guess whose name he called in the raffle?

She taught him some dance steps pa to the song "Telephone" (he did it as "Dodong" for the show that day.)

Yep! He called the name of his fiancee Pauleen Luna! 


When Tito Sen took the stage, he called Hopia to be his assistant again. 

Later on, Kuya Jose and Wally were called to introduce our President, Mr. Antonio P. Tuviera.

Of course, before he called everyone's beloved boss, he made such a spot-on impersonation of him!

Everybody was howling with laughter!

Kuya Jose even included Mr. Tuviera's way of confirming the funds for the raffle with our SVP in Finance. Ha ha ha ha ha! 

And finally.... lagoooot!


He gave Kuya Jose P20 as cash prize. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We love our President because not only is he very generous but he inspires everyone to do the best they could in EAT BULAGA.

The great thing about him is that he really wants to help people. It's not just for the ratings or making money with him. Mr. Tuviera really wants to make a difference and give back what he can to the Filipino people. 

Maybe that's why EAT BULAGA is still going strong  even after 36 years: We always share our blessings and help out our other Dabarkads!

We really love you Mr. T!

It's time to announce the MAJOR MAJOR Grand Prizes!

Guess what? For the major major prize, I won again!

How great is THIS year????

Somebody is sad that she hasn't been called yet for the major prize!

Now it's time for the ultra Grand Prize....

Who will be the winners????

Could you see my face? Ha ha ha ha!

And the name was called!

Congratulations Direk Bert!!! He wins a new car!



The ultra ultra grand prize goes to Tita Helen -- a 1 bedroom condominium unit!

She has been with EAT BULAGA for more than 30 years so she truly deserves this! We're so happy her name was picked!

Not everybody was happy though.

Ha ha ha ha ha! Kuya Jose was joking again!

Almost everyone went to Tita Helen to give congratulations!

And our OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY ends with a loud congratulatory and thankful WOHOO from Kuya Jose!


Me with arch enemy Tita Flory!

Kidding! I love her! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Me with Tito Joey!

Me with Ate Pia!

Me with Kuya Jose!

Me with seatmate Kuya Anjo!!!!

Me with Ate Ruby!

Us with Baste!

Me with Mr. Tuviera!

Me with my boss!

And me with photographer, Kuya Rene!!! Thank you for the pictures tonight! He h ehe he he he!


I'm sure other OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTIES are fun but personally I love how we all get over-the-top enjoyment with the one we have at TAPE INC. The great thing here is that everybody is VERY game and we all have a grand time whether or not we win major prizes.

I CANNOT wait till next year!!!!! 

Hope I become seatmates with my lucky charms again. Ha ha h ha ha ha ha!

So. There.

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  1. wow!!! you won 2x!! and OMG ang papremyo! Cars and a condo!! ang sarap mag party dyan! Bakit walang pic with Maine? ehehe Congrats sa prizes!

    1. Hiya Erika!!!! Yes I know!!!!! This is the first time for me! Usually I don't win anything at all!!! Kaya wohoo!!! Such a great party!

      I have picture with Yaya Dub na before so I didn't have one now. Ha ha ha ha ha h aha!

  2. grabe Ms Jaz minor major at major major.. meron ka.. hihihi. Every year talagang pasabog ang Christmas Party nyo. hindi mawala ung ngiti ko while reading your posts. More blessings to come this 2016 po. :)

    1. Hiya Istin! Yes super major major happy din ako! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Awwww I'm glad you enjoyed reading this post. Promise, the EB Christmas parties talaga are for the books. Grabe sa pagkain and saya! Everyone has a great time! Thanks and more blessings to you and family too! Mwah!


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