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Saturday, January 9, 2016


One of the Gatdula family traditions that I am so happy to be doing with THE YAPPY BUNCH is our yearly hotel hopping to welcome the New Year. My Dad started this (as a way to escape chores for Media Noche???) with us kids and we'll come home in time to enjoy a hot and sumptuous spread prepared by my Mommy for New Year's Eve. He started the tradition with us while I was still in grade school and continued until we were all working. We only stopped when my Dad did not feel like going out anymore due to the firecrackers which has doubled in decibel percentage. Plus, streets and hotels have become more crowded with New Year's Eve parties that it would be impossible to have our usual fun bonding night.

Still, I felt like continuing my Daddy's tradition with THE YAPPY BUNCH. And though it would be more of a riot if we do it on New Year's Eve, we found that it is more convenient and doable if we have it on an earlier night.

This year, we were getting ready and I invited my Mommy to come with us for our hotel hopping. She begged off as she had something to do but added that she will join us next year.

I said before going that the reason we were doing this was because I'm letting the little lords experience the fun we had with my Daddy when we we're younger. My Mom smiled and answered she was so happy that I'm passing on this tradition to the boys.

Of course, that made the night more memorable for me.

Hopefully the little lords will have many magical nights with our yearly hotel hopping that the time will come when they will say the same thing to me.  That would truly make my New Year and many more years to come for sure!!!



We didn't really mean to but we are doing the same agenda with our HOTEL HOPPING 2010.


We have always loved the display in MAKATI SHANGRILA HOTEL because it was always grand, colorful, and totally awesome!

The lobby suddenly becomes magical with displays that will get your kiddies wowing!

And giggling!

Loved their chandelier!

The MAKATI SHANGRILA Christmas Tree was almost as high as the ceiling!


We decided to have our main meal in the Chinese Restaurant that we had before. With that, we went to the second floor using their grand staircase.

We loved the noodles in SHANG PALACE and it was perfect to satisfy our hungry tummies.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with THE YAPPY BUNCH at our first dinner stop!

On the table we had the SHANG PALACE Fujian Prawn Noodles (P488.00). One order is enough for 3 people!

If you want something more special, they also have the Stir Fried Shanghai with Seafood and Premium XO sauce (P888.00).

We also had the SHANG PALACE Braised Efu Noodles with Crab Meat (P668.00).

This is what it looked like when mixed!

The Campos joined us this year.

Noodles galore for long life!

A toast for 2016!!!!

Our SHANG PALACE bill!!!

When we go hotel hopping, we would usually have valet for the car. Since we would always eat in a restaurant, valet parking becomes complimentary. Sweet!

And we're done!

Ooh fancy shmancy!


When we went outside, the little lords wanted to play in the play carriage a little while longer.

And we're done with our first stop!

Where to next???

We originally wanted to go to Ortigas City to do our HOTEL HOPPING. But we heard that the famous INTERCON HOTEL will be closing its doors at the end of this year that we thought we should visit it one last time.

I think INTERCONTINENTAL MANILA is already an institution here in Makati City. It's too bad that it is saying goodbye to us now.  

The little lords still goofing around.

The Kingsmen!

In 2010, we also went to the JEEPNEY CAFE for our HOTEL HOPPING. But we only had ice cream then. 

Well whaddyaknow? There's a jeepney in THE JEEPNEY cafe!

They were really not serving ala carte meals that time because they had a buffet spread.

It was just like yesterday when we went here and the little lord were wearing superhero costumes!

Lovely colorful jeepneys!!!

I don't see that much decoration on Jeepneys now. They don't bother to paint it anymore and just leave it bare.

We were really there to try out THE JEEPNEY CAFE'S classic Crepe Samurai. However, the famous dessert was already out of stock.


Would've really loved to bring home this legacy... VIA MY TUMMY!!!!!!

Originally, when you order the Crepe Samurai, they will be giving you a card of the recipe. The waiters at THE JEEPNEY CAFE were kind enough to let us take a picture of this favorite dessert instead.

I just ordered a plate of their Turon Ala Mode instead (P380.00). This was mighty good and one of the best I've had. 

Too bad I was not able to have a taste of their Crepe Samurai. I'll just buy a lot of eggs for the 90 yolks then. 

To match the sweet and scrumptious spring roll dessert, I ordered a cup of coffee (P220.00).

As for Mati, he had the hot chocolate (P220.00)!!! So perfect for the cold night!


Mareng Gail made sure to finish the hot chocolate till the last drop! Sayang e! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

After our quick dessert, we stayed in the lobby for more pictures.

I remember these stairs!!!


The little lords loved messing around!

They also had pictures on these same stools before. 

Good bye INTERCON lobby!

Goodbye INTERCON elevators!

THE YAPPY BUNCH leaves with wonderful memories of INTERCONTINENTAL HOTEL!

And many wacky ones too!!!!!


And here's the last stop for tonight!

Know what place this is?


This will always be our last stop in HOTEL HOPPING in Makati because of their delectable ice cream!

Our server for the night was a jolly young boy who could already be my son.

EGAD I feel old!


Plus Andrei and Sky!

Wait a minute...


What a lovely and festive table ornament!

Orders for the night were tubs of ice cream!

What a sweet ending to a wonderful night!

And we're done!

Our bill!!!

After all that delicious ice cream, we went around THE PENINSULA MANILA to explore and take pictures. Too bad that they already took down their Christmas decorations. Before, they would remove it a day before New Year's Eve!

It's okay. The hotel was still oh so pretty anyway!

Plus, if you look for something hard enough, you will find it! He he he he he!

Good thing they forgot to take down these small Christmas trees! Tee hee!

Who are you calling Mati?

THE YAPPY BUNCH staircase shot!

Join us again next year Camp Campo!!!

For our hotel hopping, I would usually take pictures of their guard dogs. Too bad that I was only able to see one from PENINSULA MANILA. 

And that marks the end of our traditional hotel hopping to end the year. As usual we all had a fun and wonderful time bonding as a family and living on our unique traditions!

Till next year!!!!!!!

Corner Ayala Avenue and Makati Avenue, 
Makati City
(02) 887 2888

Ayala Avenue corner,Makati Avenue,
Makati City 1200,Metro Manila
(02) 813 8888

1 Ayala Ave., Ayala Center, 
Station Dr, Lungsod ng Makati 1226
(02) 793 7000

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