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Friday, January 15, 2016


BGP Marian is a member at Metro Club Rockwell and she invited THE YAPPY BUNCH for some Sunday swimming with other friends. 

We were there up and early because we wanted to cool off in sparkling waters!

While the boys were swimming, I just stayed behind. Even if it was a bit hot, I told you I WAS lazy. 

So I ain't gettin' up to change into some swimsuit, you know what I'm sayin'???

Yup! When I try to defend myself, I do it like how they say so in the hood! Imagine me saying that with my left hand waving around.

Best pals Pao Pao and Andrei!

After swimming the whole morning away, we went to our favorite pasta hub in Power plant Mall... CIBO!!!!

As expected, the popular restaurant of Asia's Best Female Chef for 2016 Ms. Margarita Fores was jampacked! But good thing her efficient servers were able to fix something up for us, pronto!



Pao Pao, Andrei, and Mati...




WHAT THE...???

I forgot to take pictures of the other people with us for lunch! Ha ha ha ha h ah aha!

But trust me, we have BGP Marian, Manong Fred, Mike, Donna, Angelo, and Che with us that afternoon!

But I did take pictures of the clean utensils! He he he he he he!

While waiting for the food, Pao Pao and Andrei played with their cars. 


CIBO crunchy Melba Toasts with Creamy Spinach Dip (P255.00).

CIBO Gamberetti Pasta (P570.00 - Family Size).

There's BGP Marian's thumb right there!

Plump shrimps with anchovy, capers, in a simple garlic and olive oil sauce.

CIBO Smoked Salmon Pasta (P545.00).

Creamy with the slight saltiness from the capers and smoked salmon.

Mati had his favorite Classic Lasagna (P350.00).

Piping hot and loaded with cheese! Yum!

All breads that came with the pastas were served on the side.

CIBO 5 cheese Pizza (P375.00)!

Loaded with Mozarella, Gorgonzola, Parmesan, Gruyere, and Bel Paese cheese.

CIBO Prosciutto Pizza (P390.00) with Parma Ham and arugula leaves.

I also ordered my favorite Pomodoro Bruschetta (with toppings on the side) to go with my Truffle Spaghetti (not in picture... grrrr....).

Amidst all that food, the Chinese Adonis craved for some Jamaican Patty!

There's Angelo and wife beside Yub!

The kiddies happily ate their creamy pasta!

Same goes for Master Mati!

There's Manong Fred's hand!

Told you he's there.

I had a taste of that Smoked Salmon Pasta and it was GO-OD!!!

Andrei seems to agree.

This may be the only pasta that my picky bunsoy loves!

Besides CIBO's truffle spaghetti.


Le bill!

When we got home, our Sunday became more awesome when we saw this letter for the Chinese Adonis written by Andrei.


So. There.

4th Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 8982426

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