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Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Just so you know, every Thursday has become "BGP Marian and Manong Fred day". It used to be Friday but the little lords are with us most of the time on the last day of the work week and we don't want to be stuck in the usual traffic when they pick me up from work and then go back to Makati (the middle point between us and BGP Marian).

So for our usual "BGP Thursdate", it was my turn to choose what restaurant to have dinner in, and for that night, I was deeply craving for American food. With that, the obvious choice would have to be dinner at our favorite CHILI'S BAR AND GRILL! We love it there not only because we find the food superkaduperfragalistic delicious, but the place also has a sentimental value for us since it is was where the Chinese Adonis and I first met.



Anywho, the meeting place then became CHILI'S BAR AND GRILL in Greenbelt, and once again we were assured of a very fun Thursdate even if it WAS in the middle of the work week.

Well if you combine superkaduperfragalistic delicious food and awesome company, you could never ever go wrong right?


Yuck again. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


It may be a work week but still, CHILI'S was full with hungry (and crazy) diners like us!


BGP Marian and Manong Fred (i think).

A very dimpled Matthew Crawley and Mary Crawley!

First on the table was a warm plate of CHILI'S Bacon Ranch Quesadilla (P575.00)!

Delightfully crunchy with a very flavorful meat and cheese filling! I smeared a generous helping of the sour cream with the pico de gallo and it was indeed a heavenly bite!

We also ordered CHILI'S Bacon Burger (P455.00).

It doesn't have catsup then all veggies are on the side. Guess who ordered this?

We also got the CHILI'S triple decker (P525.00). Even if this was supposed to be an appetizer, it got most of our favorites so we ate it as a main dish!

Spicy buffalo wings...

Crunchy chicken crispers...

And potato croquettes!

I got meself an order of CHILI'S Homestyle Mashed Potato with creamy gravy! I tell you, this is my favorite mashed potatoes besides the one they have in KFC. So buttery... so rich... so smooth... so YUM!!! I could finish two of this and lick the plate clean if my hips aren't big already!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with BGP Marian and Manong Fred at CHILI'S for our weekly Thursdate!!!

Oh yowzers!

Now where to start???

My plate! My messy-but-I-don't-care-because-I'll-be-having-seconds-and-finishing-it-all-later PLATE!

I won't be leaving ANYTHING for you Manong Fred! He he he he he!

Manong Fred: "Wha...?"

But as it turned out, I did! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I guess we're all getting old because we got so full easily.

Somebody felt like having a nap after eating.

Uuuy sweet.....

For dessert we ordered CHILI'S Molten Chocolate Cake (P395.00).

Manong Fred and the Chinese Adonis made sure that they both got an equal share.

They ARE after all besties....

... or something more? 

Well personally, besties, boyfies, or not, I don't think I would like to share my CHILI'S Molten Chocolate Cake because it was just soooo fudgy and chocolaty everywhere! A perfect dessert if I may say so!

Hey whatdya know? We finished it!!!!

Our CHILI'S bill!!!!

The Chinese Adonis and I always have the "bestest" of time with my Best Gal Pal Marian and (not so with) Manong Fred! That's why if we don't get to meet on our usual Thursdates, we will book another meet up PRONTO!

So. There.

 Paseo De Roxas Ayala Center, Makati, 
Greenbelt Dr, Makati, Metro Manila
(02) 812 0225

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