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Monday, January 25, 2016


The YAPPY BUNCH went back in time for our family weekend staycation!


We actually arrived early morning but since the room was not yet ready, we went on a HERITAGE TOUR first to check out the ancient Filipino houses that were transferred to the resort. Afterwards, we had lunch at CAFE DEL RIO, which provided delicious food and such a picturesque view (see what we have up there?)

Everyone was in very good spirits even if the sun was at its peak in the afternoon. The little lords were even in a surprisingly good mood to take pictures here at the garden by the beachfront villas. 

Oh. So that's why.

Would you believe that the houses behind me are indeed beachfront Villas that would have back openings to a mini-river? This is very much like what they have in Venice and I read somewhere that they also plan to have Gondola rides.

It would indeed be a romantic boat ride amidst  the calm waters and in the middle of clean old Manila!

We had a nice walk back going to reception house to get our keys and check in our room.

We loved the idea of using a "kariton" to carry our bags. It also provided an instant ride for Mati. He he he he he!

Wow! Our place is a cross between what they have in Binondo and New Orleans!

Don't worry Mr. Attendant, we'll give you a fat tip afterwards. He he he he he he he!

But I may have to make a deduction after you jokingly asked "Ilang linggo kayo dito mam?"


Andrei brought his bike in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS because he knew there would be a lot of open spaces for him to go around. He didn't mind that the roads were mostly made of cobblestones and still had fun.

And now it's time to enter our abode!

The Chinese Adonis: "Where are you going to park that Andrei?"

Andrei: "Let's leave it out here Daddy."

Naaaah. We'll still take it upstairs. He he he he he!

Going in room 206!

Our room was cozy and lovely. It was dominated with wooden interiors that had the native Filipino look to it.

Usually when we have staycations, we would have twin beds for the little lords but it was not offered for the room that we booked.

Though they only have a queen size bed in LAS CASAS FILIPINAS for us, it seemed to suit Andrei just fine.

I was surprised that the bathroom was huge! It was almost an extra room! I think this could be the biggest bathroom that I've ever encountered in all of my staycations!

The Chinese Adonis, who is in the bathroom most of the time, would love all of the space. He he he he he!

Complimentary toiletries!

My traditional bathroom selfie!

The wooden cabinet with intricate carvings housed the television set and kept the refrigerator.

The boys were raring to go swimming but they agreed to rest first when they saw what's on the telly. He he he he he!

After we have refreshed ourselves we went to the pool area that looked like a stream or "batis" with the surrounding rocks and colored flooring. 

Hopefully, nobody is washing clothes or shampooing here. He he he he he!

Personally, having HOTEL DE ORIENTE as backdrop while we swim made the experience more unforgettable!

The water was just right that the little lords can't wait to do their cannon ball exhibitions.

The pool flooring did not have tiles but it had smooth colored cement to get that illusion of a deep "batis".

You would think that the waters are deep when really the pool was only about 5 feet deep.

The boys loved hamming around in the water.

Of course, everytime we have a swim by the pool, I always order a glass of mango shake. It's just disappointing that they served it in a plastic cup and not on a tall glass.

After swimming in the pool, we went to the beach as we promised Andrei. 

Yohoo! Would you believe that this is the first time we saw a sunset together as a family?

Too bad that the sun went down so fast before we could take a family picture.

ERICJAZ FOODIES by the beach!

Andrei was so happy. He wanted to go to the beach not really to swim but he wanted to play in the sand.

Mati hated the beach but since we already went to the pool, he agreed for Andrei's turn to have some water fun.

Of course, Mati will fret at first. But in the end, he'll have fun. He always does!

Mati was laughing while he was building this. I wonder what he was trying to form?

My favorite bunsoy playing with his favorite Monster Truck!

Andrei's still shot at dusk.

Another dusk shot of the little lords but not so "artsy-fartsy" this time.

Because we cannot get enough of swimming and I think it's unsafe to be at the beach very late, we went back to the pool. 

Yes. We're a family of bunny ears.

For dinner we had a romantic Italian meal at La Bella Teodora

Little Andrei clung to his Daddy and said how very sleepy he was. We believed him at first but when we mentioned about going to the game room, he perked up!

This was the view outside of the restaurant.

It was eeriie but still romantic among the stone structures that were dimply lit by lamp posts.


We told the little lords that we will do some exploring on the second floor of the building. They said that they didn't feel like it and asked if they could just stay behind.

 When we got back, we saw them sparring. He he he he he! Go Mati! Go Andrei!

Check out Mati fighting while holding our take home pack.

After dinner, we went to the gaming room.

They really close by 9:00pm but the kindly attendant said we could stay up to 9:30pm!

I loved it at the gaming room because besides the free use of playing equipment, they were also playing Filipino classical songs. 

The cool night with fresh air and Filipino "kundiman" music while we were in an ancient stonehouse made it all a beautiful night.

Would you believe that the Chinese Adonis is a darts expert? I didn't know that!

Seriously! He was able to get bulls-eyes many times!

Andrei wanted to learn how to play billiards.

When it comes to sports, I leave the Chinese Adonis with the boys. He he he he he he!

While the boys played downstairs, we went to the terrace of Casa Lubao and had our very own "ligawan sa azotea". He he he he he!

The view was just spectacular and romantic. I felt we were transported in the quiet and simple life in the Philippines during the days of yore.

I wonder if life in the 1900s is as beautiful, quiet, and as romantic as this?

As we were going back to the room, I had a craving of Coke Zero. When we went to the cafe, we found out that a 1.5litre of it cost about P300!!!! I was about to buy one when Andrei said he wanted Royal instead. Now, as much as I want to have soda for everybody, P600 for 2 bottles of softdrinks is just too much right?

So we played Jack en Poy to see who'll get to bring home a big bottle! He he he he he he!

It was a close call but I won! Yipee! I know that I should let the kiddies win, but I feel that they should experience losing sometimes.

Yes. And I chose this night to be THAT time!

He he he he he he!

Going back to our crib!

Uh oh... something tells me I should've let Andrei win his Royal bottle! He he he he he!

I guess he's just sleepy because he immediately changed into his jammies and drank his fresh milk.

While Andrei was nodding off to dreamland, Mati, the Chinese Adonis, and I were feasting on our traditional goodnight snack -- cup noodles!!!!

Such a beautiful and enchanting night at LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR!

With that, THE YAPPY BUNCH bids you all goodnight!

Part Three coming soon!

Here are LAS CASAS FILIPINAS room rates!

89 Brgy. Pag-asa, Bagac, 2107 
Bagac, Bataan 
(63-2) 3325338 or (63-2) 3325286


  1. Hello, I enjoyed reading your blog! Me and my husband are visiting next week... So thank you for the tips hehe 😸

    1. Yey!!! I'm glad you liked it dear Katzilla!!!!! It's really my personal account of my family's fun time there. I'm glad you got some ideas on how to do your trip. Uy ingat ha? I'm not sure how it is this season but when we went last November, it was sooo hot! So don't forget to bring sunscreen!!! I'm not sure if you feel like it, pero wearing long sleeves worked for me then because at least hindi nasunog ang balat ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! Do enjoy and do stroll around at dusk!!! Mmmwaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!

  2. Hi! Nice blog! I came across this while searching for info about Las Casas. Planning to go this March. My son will be happy to know that we could bring his bike there pala.

    Thanks! :)

    1. Yey thanks!!! I'm glad you liked it! My family really had a good time. You would enjoy it more if, like me, you enjoy the golden age of the Philippines with the likes of Maria Clara and Ginoong Pinoys going around. Ang saya!!! I heard that they have finally completed the place so your family will have more to go to.

      Enjoy!!!!!!! Mmmwaaaah!!!!!!!

  3. Love reading your blog..esp looking at how happy ur family was. Btw. Can we bring food inside d room since pricy ang food sa las casas..something we can put in our bags when we get hungry.

    1. Hiya Vicky!!!! How are you? Thanks!!!! Sometimes nagkakapikunan din kami. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pero yeah, most of the time we're happy anywhere basta we're together.

      With regards to food, go lang! We packed some noodles (for our usual midnight snack) and chips. Sa chips they're very lenient sa pool area (at that time. I hope it didn't change). I'm sure you could bring some snacks and just put it in bags. I think they're strict sa mga talagang ulam ulam and mega fiesta na food. He he he he he!!!!

      Have fun!!!!!!! mwah!


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