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Monday, January 18, 2016


My Mom recently celebrated her birthday and my sister thought of having a mini-party for her with the family. This was all fine with me of course, until I learned that we're going to be footing the bill with my brothers.

Ha? Ah... Eh... I think I have to be somewhere for a "meeting"! Yes! A "meeting"!

Duh. I'm kidding of course. Anything for my lovely mom!

When my sister was thinking of the venue, she considered that our group had a lot of (ahem) seniors who didn't want to go far. Besides that, most of our family members do not eat as much as before so we may have to veto those famous buffet restaurants that have mile long spreads (of course, we still want to get our money's worth).

So we came upon LOLA MARIA restaurant in THE LEGEND VILLAS in Mandaluyong City. This was very convenient for us since it was very near our home AND, it had a buffet spread that was just right for the birthday celebrant and the "young ones".


A great choice indeed!

Overall, it was a simple yet very fun birthday lunch for the special lady of the family.  Based on the smiles, laughs, and burps heard that afternoon, we're happy that we decided to gather and celebrate the special day at LOLA MARIAS of THE LEGEND VILLAS


The Chinese Adonis enters!

Buffet prices are very reasonable in LOLA MARIA!

The family long table! 

Stepping into LOLA MARIA, the restaurant was very homey that you would think you are in your Grandmother's dining room.

My lovely mother... the celebrant. 

The LOLA MARIA buffet!

LOLA MARIA soup station with "Nilagang Baka".

Hot and so tasty! This could also be a main entree for me! He he he he he...

Salad station!

Fresh Lumpia Station!

Yummmm.... Crispy Kang Kong and Kinilaw!

Nacho Station!

Main food station!

Fried Rice and plain rice!

LOLA MARIA Chopsuey and Pansit!

Creamed Fish and Tilapia in Coconut Milk!

Fried Lumpia and Adobo!

Beef Mechado and Sinuglao!

For desserts, LOLA MARIA has a halo halo station.


And a chocolate cake.

I find that the food selection at LOLA MARIA is very simple and choices were limited compared to other popular buffet restaurants. But for only P480.00 per person, I think that's a really good deal. 

Plus, we were in a lovely and cozy venue with really warm service!

The manager would always check on us and see if everything is okay.

And now it's time to eat!

Andrei loved getting his own food in buffets. Probably because my finicky eater wants small portions only since he wants to play more.

He also wanted to get some dessert first. He he he he he!

Rocio getting her grub on!

My ninang Carmie (Daddy's sister).

Mommy with Lea (Dad's secretary), and her sisters Ninang Saling and Tita Fer!

My mom's best friend Tita Flor and Tita Meldy (Dad's other sister).

My very busy Mati! He he he he he he!

There's Karen!

Tito George!

My Kuya Jon (who's single and ready to mingle always... he he he he he!)

Wacky Rocio with Anthony and Ate Jojit (who are late as always).

And my wacky/crabby Dad!

Ha ha ha ha!


My salad plate...

My main plate!

Selfie with my ninang Carmie! She's my Ninang for my baptism and wedding!

As usual little Andrei gave me the bunny ears!

Later on, we sang to my Mommy!

LOLA MARIA gave my Mom a slice of their mocha cake!

Of course, we also brought our own.

With feelings!

Yihiii! Happy Birthday Mommy!

I think I have one year's supply of sparklers. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

We love you so much Mommy!

The cake from LOLA MARIA!

Afterwards, everyone gave their special birthday wishes to Mommy!

Mati: : "I love you so much lola! Thank you for always buying me Mang Inasal for merienda".

Yep! He really said that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Yub : "To my favorite mother in law..."

Dapat lang. H aha ha ha ha ha ha!

But seriously, I"m thankful that Yub and my Mom are very close and really treat each other as Mother-son.



Mati : "Kiss! Kiss!"

What the...????

Tita Flor and husband gave their birthday wishes.

Tita Meldy's turn!

Count on her to cry. ALWAYS.

Anthony stands up!

While Rocio comes over to give her lola a kissy wissy!

Karen comes next. 

Then Lea!

Ninang Carmi forgot what she wanted to say... Ha ha ha ha ha!

I gave a very heartfelt message (naks) while Andrei clings to me.

Kuya Jon gave out a loving message as well.

Tita Fer followed.

And my Ninang Saling said her wishes in pure and deep tagalog.

Angel Analyn stated her appreciation to Mommy.

When it was Daddy's turn, he was already sleeping.

Kidding! Of course, he's faking it!

When it was his turn to deliver his message, my Dad professed his strong love, devotion, and loyalty to my Mom.

Check out my Mom's appreciation.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Still, everything ended with a kiss. Yihiiiiiiiiiiii!


Dear Karen and Rocio had to leave early and fetch my eldest brother in a seminar somewhere.

Mati and his 3rd small plate of dessert.

As usual after dinner, the boys went to their Daddy for some lovey dovey.

Go Mati! Check out his scalp for.... hi hi hi hi!

After hours of eating and chatting, it was time to end Mommy's birthday lunch.

Loved the twinkly lights in LOLA MARIA!

Guess where the Chinese Adonis was when this picture was taken? We cannot wait for him already. Ha ha ha ha ha!

When the others left, we saw that in the cozy lobby of THE LEGEND VILLAS, they had games with a Filipino flare all around.

Here's the sungka.


We played this a bit.

Tic Tac Toe!

The Chinese Adonis and Mati went for this game.

We didn't expect to have such a great time at LOLA MARIA (THE LEGEND VILLAS). Even if it was not as grand as other hotels, we loved the simplicity, the coziness, and the Filipino warmth that we experienced all throughout Mommy's birthday lunch.

So. There.

60 Pioneer cor Madison Streets, 
1550 Metro Manila
(02) 633 1501

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