Monday, February 1, 2016


It's day 2 of our LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR staycation and even if we slept happy and full last night, we woke up excited AND ravenous this morning.

We're going to work for our breakfast this morning!

And when I say "work", I meant we're going to do some walking. He he he he he he he he he he!

People who hate exercise know what I mean.

Breakfast was still going to be at LA BELLA TEODORA. The same place we had our dinner last night. But I'm sure it's going to be different from last night's romantic dinner.

Andrei got ahead of us since he brought his very own bike to the resort.


We were directed to go to the second floor of the restaurant and I saw there some of their antiques stacked on the side.

Something to check out after breakfast!

Going up!

Breakfast for 2 adults was included in our overnight stay and I was getting ready to squeeze in a room packed with hunger diners.  You know how it is with hotels where in the last hour the breakfast place will just be so crowded from the late risers? Well! Well! Well! (Magaling magaling!) We were all so pleased to see how there were still a lot of tables available.


Anselmo and Nidora!

Don Mateo and Don Ricardo!

Something tells me Andrei's holding a big sneeze here and it just came out of his nose.


Coffee and tea station!!

Hot porridge station!

This didn't look much but you could put add some of the basic toppings that were available at the side he he he he he!

Bread station!

Cutie pie Andrei deciding what to get.

I'm very curious of that home made guava jam. Will definitely check that out later.

There were limited choices in the buffet breakfast but believe me, we were still oh so satisfied because it had our morning basics!

Saucy and very flavorful adobo!

Scrambled Eggs!

Crispy Danggit! (My new favorite!)

Pancit Bihon!

The Chinese Adonis! Oops! He he he he he hee!

Ay he's supposed to be for dinner pala.

Kidding! Yuckers.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords having breakfast at LA BELLA TEODORA (Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar)!

My plate!!! My Filipino breakfast plate!

Great thing the Crispy Danggit and the fluffy scrambled eggs followed in a bit.

Oh yum! This is the kind of breakfast that would match a lovely weekend with my family.

Now we would truly get all happy and energized for the great day ahead!

That is, after Andrei finishes. My cutie pie bunsoy is always the last on the table because he loves talking more than eating.

He he he he he! But of course, it's still a great morning for THE YAPPY BUNCH here at LAS CASAS FILIPINAS DE ACUZAR!

So. There.

89 Brgy. Pag-asa, Bagac, 2107 
Bagac, Bataan 
(63-2) 3325338 or (63-2) 3325286

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