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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


One Saturday, THE YAPPY BUNCH went all the way to the Southern part of Manila as per the request of my Mareng Gail to have a mini-celebration for my beautiful god daughter, Sasha. And if you are the one or two people who have been following my silly little foodie blog, you would know that I am too darn LAZY. Oh yeah. Just in case a female sloth and Juan Tamad hooked up (if ever that is possible), I would be the beautiful mutant lazy product (tee hee!). So case in point, my love for my dear friend got me dragging off my fat arse to drive somewhere far from my comfort zone. Grrr! I should've charged Mareng Gail for my gas!

Kidding! Tee Hee!

After dinner at NEST in VIVERE HOTEL (blogpost coming soon), I thought of contacting dear Jane of SUGAR AND SPICE since it is pretty rare that I am in her side of the globe. Of course, what better way to cap of this long journey (sorry ah, nalayuan talaga ako!!) than meeting up with the Queen of the South herself? Nothing right???

We actually met up for brunch at IL PONTICELLO earlier but we were not able to chat up as much as we wanted to and I miss the jolliness of everyone's dear old Jane. I was actually just inviting them for coffee at VIVERE HOTEL and planned to treat them since they might already be tired from the day's events or with their usual sexy time (tee hee).

But lo and behold, my dear SUGAR AND SPICE didn't just meet with us. She arranged a post dinner gluttony at TUS' CLAY POTS AND SKILLETS. Woah! We were already too full from dinner but the thought of chatting up with the Queen of the South PLUS having some of the delicious food that is lording search engines when you key in Westgate, is too much to handle! Now what have ERICJAZ FOODIES done to deserve such overindulgence?

LAZINESS I presume!

Oh I'm kidding. Duh!


It was actually pretty late but TUS' was still filled with diners enjoying their hot and delicious food!

What I like about TUS' is that even if there was limited space, they still thought of the comfort of the diners and did not jam up all the tables in one floor.

There is actually a second floor to TUS' and it is as spacious and homey as the first floor. 

You would definitely not feel cramped nor confined in TUS. Like I would always say, you could still do the tango or the rhumba with all the extra space in the super cozy restaurant.

ERICJAZ FOODIES finally met best friends Chef Krsna Algenio and Maricar Sason, who are the dashing duo behind the greatness of TUS' CLAY POTS AND SKILLETS. They are the living proof that business and friendship could go VERY well together and it shows in the warmth of the restaurant. Stepping inside TUS is like being invited to a high school getogether where your old friends just let you sit back and spoil you with delicious food! Of course, let me point out that these two best friends are mighty cute too! 


Dear Jane and her "hunkband" Kap were already there waiting for us. She was as sweet, warm, and accommodating as always! I was so excited for my Mareng Gail to meet her.

Mareng Gail, Pareng Jun, and a snoozing Sky.

And we're ready for TUS! 

I told dear Jane that we'll just be having coffee and light dessert since we're trying to watch our diets. Now let's see if we'll be able to stick to that!

As for my husband, he seems to be hungry again as his hand were shaking while taking this picture. 


First on the table was a colorful clay pot of  TUS' Wet Burrito (P370.00)!

Just the name itself is enough to make a full lady (that's me) drool at the thought of getting sloppy forkfuls of this Mexican favorite! Is it an appetizer or a main course? It could be whatever you crave it to be. One thing's for sure though, the refreshing mix of firm tomatoes, crunchy onions and lettuce, and spicy jalapenos, with a hefty serving of sour cream and cheese, will give you an Ole of a fiesta inside your mouth! 


Up next is an eye catching plate of  TUS Chicken Pot Pie (P370.00) You may regard this as an ordinary cheese pizza but please I implore you, THIS is so much more than that!

Think of your favorite Chicago deep dish pizza and have it layers upon layers of bubbling gooey cheese and savory ranch!! Of course, add to that the perfectly seasoned chicken and the crust that's oven-baked to a perfect crunch!


When you're in TUS, do try their ginormous Calzones (P460.00) that's enough to feed a hungry party of 4!!!

Of course, if that party includes the Chinese Adonis who would rather smile for the camera than take a bite from this Tex Mex specialty, then you should just ignore him and eat his share! He he he he he he!

How big is this TUS Calzone? Well it's bigger than my round puffy face! So that will give you an idea!

If you're fond of carbo loading like me then have a clay pot serving of Poutine (P170.00)!

Poutine is a favorite appetizer in Canada and it's great that it has already invaded the shores of Manila. I'm sure you'd know why those Canadians are crazy about this savory dish when you eat up TUS' crispy french fries swimming in rich gravy and gooey cheese. 

I bet you'll be scraping (or licking) clean the clay pot in no time!

Wash down all those rich and delicious food with a pitcher of ice cold Pineapple Float (P390.00)! Now who would've thought of adding scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream to this fruit juice? Genius huh? I'm sure it wouldn't take you too long before you chug this all down till the last drop!


For dessert we were served with many plates of TUS Tiramisu!!!

To be honest, I'm not really fond of Tiramisu as I'm more of a chocolate addict. But the other people around the table (who were supposed to be full) said this was MIGHTY delishes (yes that's how I will say it, he he he he!).

But of course if there is one dessert that you have to try at TUS, it should be their Half Baked Cookie (P160.00)!!!!

Don't be grossed out thinking it's half-baked and raw. Please. Being too literal is so last season! Imagine a clay pot of very warm chocolate cookie that's almost as big as a small cake that's a bit crusty on the outside but yummily chewy on the inside.

If you're like me who loves the yin and yang of food, you'll be ultra pleased with the hot and cold play of the rich ice cream that's going to battle it out with the warm morsels of cookie.


Even if you've been paying thousands for Cohen or fasting for a swimsuit competition for next year, you CANNOT resist the force on this one!

I loved it so much that I offered little Sky a generous bite of this addicting dessert. 

Check out my ultra motherly face. I'm sure I'll win another Mommy of the Year Award for this! 


Yaya, okay lang yan. Iaadd ka din niyan sa Facebook!
ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, SUGAR and SPICE, Kap, and Camp Campo!

Burp! Too much food, too little tummy space!!!!

Dear Jane and TUS prepared so much that mareng Gail and I have a lot for take home! So embarrassing but even if we told them to keep everything light, they spoiled us with all this delicious food!!!! 


Thank you so much Chef Krsna and Ms. Maricar for having ERICJAZ FOODIES at such short notice!!!!!

I love your swag Kap my dear Kap!
And of course, thank you so much for arranging this dear SUGAR AND SPICE!!!! Na-BULAGA tuloy si Kap but I'm touched that you guys set this up for us even if you're already resting or doing something kinky (he he he he he he! ). Sorry that we kidnapped you from a quiet night! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

You know what? Even if we meet up somewhere dingy or cheap, I know the Yubsker and I would still have a lot of fun (and even learn a lot) with you guys. I'm not kidding when I say that I really look up to you two in raising your beautiful and loving kids. Hopefully THE YAPPY BUNCH will still be as in love and tight as THE GOPPETS when we reach the same number of married years as you. Don't be weirded out when I ask a lot of questions or stalk your blog... You guys are truly blessings to each other and everyone around you. That's why you're all so well loved in KTG!!!

There is nothing more fulfilling than being rewarded for going out of your comfort zone. In our case, I temporarily set aside all "slothiness" away for a friend and was rewarded ten fold in mah tummy!

Delicious food and awesome company in the South!!! I think I need to get out of  my comfort zone (aka laziness) more!!!!!

We will be back TUS' CLAY POTS AND SKILLETS and this time with an empty tummy! That herb steak with butter is something that we will definitely return for... with a vengeance!!!!


D1 WestGate Center, Filinvest Corp. 
Alabang Muntinlupa City
Muntinlupa City
(02) 828 3178

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  1. -hay naku, buti pa si Jane naaalala mo... sabagay, sino ba naman ako...huhuhu... (bwahaha...#charaught)
    -sobrang sosyal talaga! puro hotel at expensive restos ang pinupuntahan... jelly ako!!!
    -The Partner and I love TUS! Swerte nga namin nung nagpunta kami diyan anniversary pala nila, so we got discounts on several items
    -marunong kang mag tango at rhumba? bongga!
    -I've met the two owners, and they really are soooo sweet and caring towards their customers
    -ang ganda-ganda talaga ni Mareng Gail! Oh huwag ka na ma-jelly Pauleen, may bossing ka na naman e, according to Andrei, bwahahahaha...
    -I love the Calzone! I love the Poutine! I love the pineapple float (although when I first got that, yellow pa siya, second time, brown na siya... do you think they used brown sugar? hmmm....), and the tiramisu really is delishes (dapat makibagay sa mga alta! hehehe...); and we love the half baked cookie! yum!
    -kawawa naman ang bata, bakit mo tinatakot? hahaha...
    -sa Pasig punta ka din, para naman mailibre mo na kami, hahahaha...

    Malapit na ba trip niyo? Inggit ako! Pramis! Mwah!

  2. Bigla naman kitang na-miss mare! See you soon when you get back from your vacay. Can't wait to have more chika & kabag with the Yapsters. Love you & thank you for this!! :-*


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