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Thursday, April 9, 2015


One of our family's favorite hotels has something new cooking up and the great thing is that YOU are invited to take a part in it. Yep! You!

Chef Eugene San Juan is now at the helm of F1 HOTEL MANILA as their new Executive Chef and he wants F CAFE diners to have a different kind of gastronomic experience that is definitely not offered in other buffets. YEP. You don't just EAT. You do something. Of course, you'll still get the delicious spread that F CAFE offers and eat to your heart's content. But with F1 HOTEL MANILA's new interactive dining experience, you'll get to learn and savor the delectable dishes that YOU prepared.

F1 HOTEL MANILA with Chef Eugene plus your hungry touch for food? Now THAT would definitely make for an unforgettable and delicious time!  

We were having another fun staycation at F1 HOTEL MANILA (blogpost coming soon) and THE YAPPY BUNCH was all excited to taste (and do) what's new at F CAFE!

Little lords! Tie up those aprons!


We were welcomed by Chef Eugene and he gave a small introduction of what was in store for us. He was energetic, friendly and very humble. The chef was famous among foodies but he seemed like a very simple guy who was so passionate about food.

I thought that we would just be doing simple sandwich or pasta dishes but we were actually going to whip up hotel worthy entrees that would definitely impress even the most discriminating critic.

Oh and we were going to plate it too.


Chef Eugene didn't waste any time and showed us the first dish that we will be preparing for that day.

Soft tofu with Century Egg drizzled with oyster sesame sauce!

Egad. That is too beautiful to recreate!

For sanitary purposes we were all made to wear rubber gloves. 

I had a hard time putting these tight things on. 

The boys however, slipped it on with the greatest of ease! Hmmm... I wonder why they're all so good at it???

Ingredients were all provided by F1 HOTEL MANILA and you have the challenge to recreate the plating of this eye-pleasing appetizer.

My little lords were so supportive and really watched their fat mommy go at it.

They just laughed a bit when I was sort of shaking while placing the century egg on the plate. Sorry I'm so pasmado bakit ba?!

Of course, I got some loving support and "encouragement" from dear Spanky.

After 20 years, I'm almost done....

Yeyyy! Andrei was so happy for me!

Finally finished!

My version looks pretty good right?

My bunsoy Andrei did a great job too!

Hey may have put more sauce that what is needed but my little bunsoy loves gravy and all things saucy. That's probably why he helped his plate to a lot of it.

Mati had a lot of fun trying his hand at it too!

Our plates! It all looks very "Top Chef worthy" don't you think?

WAIT one plate is incomplete!

The culprit!!!

Awww Andrei! Just when I thought I'll be finishing the little lords' artworks, they ate their creations with mucho gusto! My boys loved the tofu with the century egg and sauce! 

They said it was all "delishes" (that's how they pronounce it).

Everybody later joined in on the fun and agreed that their "labors of love" tasted really great! Who knew that soft tofu and century eggs would make a great combination?

For the next "course" we will be whipping up some Yee Sang Salad!

Dear Chef Eugene arranged the colorful ingredients for this famous salad which I normally see at Chinese New Year celebrations. 

The Ye Sang Salad is usually composed of shredded fruits and vegetables (carrots, jicama, radishes, mango) and topped with grapefruit, crunchy wontons, and a semi-sweet vinaigrette dressing. 

And here we go!

It is believed that the higher you toss the salad, the more good luck you will receive for the whole year. 

We shouldn't be afraid to make a mess as food that is scattered outside the plate may also signify the abundance of blessings!

I wonder if it will be fine with them if I bury my face onto this colorful salad and make my blessing of a mess with THAT?


(Kidding! I got that from my boys. I hate that expression! Ha ha ha ha ha!)

Now that salad tasted MIGHTY good by the way. 

Luck and taste. Now THAT'S my kind of plate.

If you could add "non-fattening" then that would be pure bliss!

Another interactive session for the diners that proved to be extra challenging BUT fun for everyone was the Eggless Chinese Noodle making.

The table waiting for us!

Andrei was mighty interested with cooking and was really concentrated on the directions for the task.

Kuya Mati really wanted to learn as well and shared with the noodle making.

He was able to make a ball of dough in a jiffy.

While Mati was fine tuning his dough, I was suddenly in deep reverie! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Kidding! I was looking at Andrei working at his dough at the other station. Dear Spanky generously let Andrei finish the job and my bunsoy was really serious in taking over.

Chef Eugene helped him cut up his dough after Andrei was able to successfully flatten it up!

Success! GO Andrei!

Chef Eugene was very helpful, funny, and awesome with kids. The little lords definitely learned a lot for the day's interactive buffet experience!

Of course, the best part of it all was eating our finished noodles with this crazy delicious beef broth and fried wantons!

Of course, the spicy lovers added a dollop of the bright red chili for that extra heat of excitement!

Wow! This was my first time to eat in a hotel buffet that would also let me in on the fun. Believe me, everyone in THE YAPPY BUNCH had a great time learning how the top chefs do these very popular dishes and eating it afterwards as well. We don't need to pay for simple summer cooking classes! You are sure to have a happy experience with this wonderful twist in hotel dining.

Of course, the best thing about F1 HOTEL MANILA's interactive cooking experience?

We had a sumptuous buffet spread that's waiting for us to gorge on afterwards!

Now THAT'S gluttony at it's finest!

The buffet at F1 HOTEL MANILA has all the important grub for a happy bulging tummy!

I always eat more than I should at F1 HOTEL MANILA's appetizer table. I'm sure you'd understand why when you see the "primers that matters"!

Of course, I helped myself with my usuals.....

Mati was more of a soup guy and he was happy with F1 HOTEL MANILA's sinigang broth and clam chowder.

Don't worry. I won't forget to load up on my veggies.

Same goes for the crackers and what have yous that will go well with my cheeses!

For my main courses, I mentally scheduled to have a bowl of mongolian barbecue first.

(Yep! I schedule my food too!)

These fatty roasted ducks were too hard to resist so we're getting some of them too!

OH BUT WOW.... What about THIS?!

I helped myself to a bite or two to these popular items in the buffet. 

Andrei loved that roasted rosemary garlic chicken!

F1 HOTEL MANILA'S tempuras were all fresh from the fryer and were always replenished. This was one of Andrei's top choices that day too!

Agggh! I was trying to control my rice intake but this F1 HOTEL MANILA binagoongan did not help me one bit!

Oh no... Et tu Kare Kare?

Steamed Lapu Lapu with soy sauce.

Remember my weakness for rice? This F1 HOTEL MANILA Nasi Goreng just got me out of sobriety!

This mother effer was so friggin good with EVERYTHING!

Sorry. I swear when I'm so excited.

That Nasi Goreng was so tasty and flavorful that I forgot my resolution to just have buttered vegetables and lyonaise potatoes!

There was also dimsum and then some!

For dessert, the candy buffet at F1 HOTEL MANILA made the kids and adults (daw) happy!

Of course, when dining in F1 HOTEL MANILA, always leave room for their luscious desserts! I know I did and all the fat went to my "biceps". He he he he he!

It's okay. It was all worth it!

If you wish to go on their interactive offerings once more try out F1 HOTEL MANILA's crepe stations!

This Sugar Cone Crepe with Tropical Fruit Stuffing may be the last from the "DIY" selection but it was certainly not the least!!! I think this really deserves a special place (or plate) in our hearts!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in F CAFE at F1 HOTEL MANILA!

I think my salad plate looks utterly awesome don't you think?

I tried my best at food styling again but it just doesn't feel right without Chef Eugene! Ha ha ha ha!


Another dish from the noodles that we made a while ago.

Another Yowza.

One more Yowza.


Oh I'm kidding. Give me a break. He he he he he!

The little lords "nom-nom-ing".

Our very full table.

I wonder what would happen if I set up a noodle toss right here on this table?

Oh the chaos! He he he he!

That was surely a one of a kind hotel dining experience for us. We certainly had fun not just with all the delicious food that we pigged out on but we also had a different kind of thrill at being able to fix something up that is "hotel-worthy".

Now instead of just fattening yourselves up at other buffets, why not try this unique offering that is as first as this all Filipino hotel in Fort area?

You'll get THAT plus more in F1 HOTEL MANILA! The home of happy experiences!


Check out their summer dining promos!!!!

(For the whole month of May)
P1,399 nett per person

(A celebration of Filipino food for June 12 to 22, 2015)
P1,399 nett per person

P350 nett per person
Daily 3:00pm to 5:00pm

April (Churros Express)
May (Bowls and Chopsticks)
June (Going Local)

Available daily at Canary Lounge
P850.00 nett per glass

Check it out!

 32nd St, Taguig City 1634
(02) 928 9888

Thank you so much F1 HOTEL MANILA General Manager Mr. Tony Co, and Marketing Manager Ms. Twinkle Lacsamana for having ERICJAZ FOODIES and family!!!!

Of course, super kaduper thanks to dear Spanky Enriquez and our other "interactive eaters" for a totally unforgettable day!



  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusApril 9, 2015 at 3:47 AM

    THIS BLOG... IT'S ALIIIIIIIVE! hahahaha... Naki-sabay sa pagkabuhay ng Panginoon, hahaha...
    -grabe ha! kasisimula pa lang ng summer, sandamakmak na staycation na agad! Iba talaga ang uber sosi and shala =)
    -kayang-kaya mo yan! ikaw pa! di ba Chef ka nga dati nung nakatira pa kayo sa Lucena?
    -ganda naman niyang tofu dish na yan! Madalas kong order yan pag nasa mann hann at Mu noodle house kme...
    -maliit pa kse ang little lords kaya madali nilang naisuot ang gloves =)
    -uy may masahe pa from the bossman! YOU NA!!!
    -ang cute ng little lords nung pinag-tatawanan ka nila, hehehe...
    -ang galing naman ng mga bata! they made the dish din pala
    -they like tofu? nice! sabagay mahilig din ako sa taho nung bata ako
    -"delishes" --- emeriken eksent talaga!!! hehehe
    -nakakatuwa talaga mga anak mo, very invested sila when making those noodles... I'm sure they'll woo their future wives with their cooking skills when the time comes
    -parang ang sarap naman niyang beef mami niyo, esp. when you put the chili on top
    -pareho pala tayo! ObC pagdating sa schedules! hahaha...
    -"OH BUT WOW" --- parang iningles mo lang yung "eh di wow" hahaha...
    -kalaban ang rice! rice is eviiiiil!!! no rice forever! hehehe... (nagta-try kaming mag diet kasi, hahaha)
    -kamukha mo talaga si ate mo dun sa "super kaduper yowza" pic mo
    -that buffet spread looks really good! sarap!
    -EEEEEKKKK!!! Ang presyo!!! Pang EJF levelz lang talaga! hahaha...

    Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary USASI! hehehe...

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!! I know na after this hindi ka na magcocomment masyado because I was not able to reply agad. Huhuhu..... I really am irritated with what happened. Ang dami ko tuloy naging back blog huhuhu!!!!!

      1) Ha ha ha ha! Che! We are just super blessed this summer na we got a lot of opportunities and savings for staycations with the kids. Kaya wala munang summer lessons ekek... Puro bakasyon!

      2) Parang nalimutan ko na magluto e! Kidding! Ang gusto ko na ngayon is kumain! bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      3) I know right? It looks so good! And yes the combination between century egg and tofu was a surprise . Masarap pala!

      4) I need to rephrase that joke. It's THE GUYS who had so much ease wearing the rubber gloves... BAKIT KAYA???? BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      5) NAKU NO! Hindi niya ako minamasahe! Sinasakal niya ako promise!

      6) They always laugh at me :(

      7) Yes they were able to arrange the dish properly and flatten the noodles. I was impressed with my little lords.

      8) YES! The noodles were VERY good! Tamang tama pa pagkaluto ni Chef because it was all chewy. The broth pa sooooo sarap! YUM!

      9) Pati food nakasked no? Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      10) Hindi ko kaya walang rice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      11) YAK! Ayoko siyang kamukha! Joke! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


      Thanks! Belated happy easter to you and have a great week! Mmmmwaaaaaaaaah!

    2. TAMA KA! HINDI NA TALAGA AKO MAGKO-COMMENT DITO EVER AGAIN! NEVEEEEERRRR!!!! BWAHAHAHAHA... wait, did I just make a comment here? Curses! Foiled again! (hahahaha...)

      "It's THE GUYS who had so much ease wearing the rubber gloves... BAKIT KAYA????" ====>>> EEEEEKKK! Vhashtush! hahahaha...

    3. Hala! Hindi ka na magcocomment??? Oh noooooooo please para mo nang awa!!!!

      Ay wait lang...

      TEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Dear Spanky was joking about it that time.

  2. Sana tinuruan din kayo gumawa ng sushi...hehehe! I can't imagine how you guys burn off all the calories you eat!

    1. He he he he! Naaaah! I'd rather just eat the sushi! YEAAAAAAAAAAH!


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