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Monday, April 20, 2015


The Chinese Adonis and I have gotten sooooo superbly lazy lately that it would take a LOT of forcing or bribing for us to get out of our "comfort date zone", aka Powerplant Mall. However, one Saturday night we traveled far and wide just to see some special ladies that caused a lot of guffaws, craziness, and over-all pandemonium in my life. My AC friends!

We met up with some of my College barkada in MEGA BUFFET RESTAURANT for dinner where we pigged out on fatty meats and Korean banchan. Now what to do for dessert? We cannot just end the night all greasy, all smelling like barbecue, AND without finishing up on the gossip (he he he he he). There SHOULD be somewhere else to go to. The night is far too young.

My friend suggested that we go to LARCY'S CUPCAKERY CAFE since it was making waves in the dessert scene of the South. ALSO, my friend added, it was recently featured in KRIS TV.

EW. As if THAT would make me go for it. Ha ha ha! Anway, even if I was sooooo irritated with Kris and wouldn't go near her high pitched recommendations, I went for LARCY'S because I trusted my College friends MORE.

PLUS, our gossip was much juicier and probably news worthy anyway. HA!


LARCY'S was bright and cheerful inside. It's as if a Hallmark card for Valentine's day exploded and splattered it's colors everywhere.

LARCY'S counter. I love looking at bubblegum pink. It just seems so sweet already even without tasting it.

Egad! It seems like I already gained 10lbs just by entering LARCY'S!

LARCY'S merchandise for sale!

Their small logo actually reminds me of the cupcakes from MAGNOLIA CAFE in New York but that one had a boring spot compared to this more fun heart!

Now THIS table and chair set up would certainly block away any unnecessary noise from the other tables!

That is, if you sit back. He he he he!

LARCY'S cupcakes galore!

Plus MORE cupcakes!

A humongous cupcake with little chocolate ones on the side.

Come to think of it, that big red one is ACTUALLY a cake. He he he he he!

Ordering up with Mich, BGP Marian, and Marie!

Yep! That's how we do it in College. Picture first then decide what to get. 

Oh we must be SO lovable then. (Take note of the sarcasm).

Oops mareng Perlie catches up! I'll keep both pictures because I believe I look cute in 'em. 


Somebody got ahead of us to order at the cashier. 


I could NEVER have dinner or outing without having coffee in the end. So I just faked reading the menu when I already had cappuccino in mind. 

LARCY'S menu 2!!!

Looks good but we just had dinner.

FINALLY! I get to order!

The cashier was smiling shyly while computing my bill because it was her first time to be... BASKED BY GLORIOUS BEAUTY COURTESY OF ME.

Tee hee...

Oh yes. Still a Mandaluyong girl(aka crazy) even if I'm already in the South.


After ordering, we all sat down for our sweet nightcap!


BGP Marian and her irritating driver Manong Fred!

Us AC ladies (minus a busy Fred!)

And ERICJAZ FOODIES with Master Mati!

LARCY'S yellow cupcake!

(Sorry this was their order and I forgot to take down what it is.)

My very pretty BGP!

By the way, she loved the cupcakes so much that she ordered some more to take home to her visiting aunt!

Instant pasalubong!

LARCY'S Chocolate Salted Caramel (P80.00).

Massacred on sight!

Fred's thumb just photobombed!

My favorite that night would have to be the LARCY'S Chocolate Obsession (P125.00)!

This was insanely fudgy, gooey, and just mind blowingly luscious!

At first I thought I would be grossed out by the thin cream the lone cake was sitting on. But it actually goes very "super-megaton-extremely-well" with the rich spoonful of moist cake!

We all loved it especially Mati!

AND it was GONE in 50 seconds!

Two thumbs up and a big JACKPOT!

Mati had a tall glass of LARCY'S Frozen Hot Chocolate Velvet. Of course, we got curious with the words Frozen and Hot together as it reminded us of the famous SERENDIPITY. But like the other popular drink, this was good but nothing to do the dance of joy for.

My LARCY'S cappuccino!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with master Mati and the AC ladies in LARCY'S!

Now on with the chika!

While they were exchanging funny tales about the group, I sneaked in ANOTHER order of LARCY'S Chocolate Obsession!

I thought they were so engrossed with the girl-tales that I could enjoy my LARCY'S cake by my lonesome. Too bad that it looked so fudgy that dear Marie had a taste too!

I'm kidding of course it's for everyone! In fact I'm glad to share the calories!

OH yes. Come to mama!

After Mati was done with his cupcake and cold drink, he went back to his favorite DIARY OF A WIMPY KID book.

AND we're done... with feelings!

Our first LARCY'S bill!

And just because we were done with dessert doesn't mean that we're getting up already. We really capped the night away with more blast from the past stories and funny updates. 

Let's just say from all that sugar we took in, we need some sort of exercise to burn it all off. I'm sure constant mouth movement is counted and approved by gyms everywhere.

TEE to the HEE!

So. There!

178 Aguirre Street, Agu Aguirre Ave, 
Parañaque, Metro Manila
(02) 478 2849

 Basement 1, Estancia Mall, 
Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City


  1. -eeeeekkk!!! An endorsement by krizzy is like the kiss of death for me... I avoid everything she endorses like the plague!
    -uu nga, para ngang tumaba ka diyan sa pic mo na yan, when you just entered Larcy's
    -"BASKED BY GLORIOUS BEAUTY COURTESY OF ME" <<<=== we should all be so blessed =)
    -ang cute naman ni Mati while drinking the frozen hot choco velvet
    -at nakakatuwa din si Mati, na mahilig siyang magbasa
    -OMG!!! ANG BILL! HINDI KO KINAYA! PANG EJF LEVELZ LANG TALAGA! Paano na ang mga pobreng katulad ko? huhuhu... (hehehe...)
    -ma-try nga yan, pero dun sa Estancia branch na lang nila... kailangan ko pa magpa-renew ng passport bago makapunta sa BF, hahaha...


    1. I know right??? It's like ay if she covers it I find it baduy na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      1) I KNOW HUHUHU!

      2) Thanks! I found him so cute in the picture too kaya I included it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      3) He loves reading Minecraft books.


      5) Yes they have a branch open in capitol commons. SO GOOD! Try the one that I had. YUM!



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