Thursday, April 23, 2015


When my friend Gem celebrated her birthday recently, she invited the whole BP Group to treat for dinner. Of course, anytime is always a fun time with these pretty ladies and handsome guys (love your own) but to have it in celebration of somebody's birthday is doubly fun! 

She invited us all to GUEVARRA'S by CHEF LAUDICO in San Juan and even if I live near by, I haven't been to this restaurant before. 

GUEVARRA'S is owned by celebrity rockstar chef Roland Laudico. He shares the cooking love with his own wife, Chef Jaqueline!

GUEVARRA'S was an old house renovated to maintain its classic beauty. I could actually see myself running around in my Maria Clara dress waiting for some suitors to make harana.

Of course, I needn't tell you how quiet that day/night would probably be!


I have this urge to stand atop the stairs with my hands crossed and yell "Facundo! Palabasin ang mga aso para paalisin ang mga hampaslupa!"

Tee Hee! Sorry! Too much Sampaguita movies!

We were received by this lovely Maitre D' in a classic "baro at saya". I wonder how much I would have to bribe her to lend it to me for the night. Wouldn't that be awesome for pictures! Tee Hee!

GUEVARRA'S prices!

We arrived pretty late at GUEVARRA'S since we came from work but surprisingly, the restaurant was still filled with people who were also celebrating their birthdays.

Too bad for them they won't get to celebrate their special day with the Jazzle Dazzle! I'm partying with my girl Gem!!!!

Hmmm... Maybe my fans could just settle for a signed plate that I'll post on the GUEVARRA walls?

He he he he!

Oh please. Gimme a break. I did say LOVE YOUR OWN right? He he he he!

BP GROUP roll call!!!

Jonahs and Aning!

Chel and Abel!

Jun and Gail!

Gem and Jojie!





Guess what TV show I'm crazy about right now? Try to guess without checking Google! OMAYGAD! It's so funny!

GUEVARRA'S had many function areas and Gem reserved the Recto room for us.


GUEVARRA'S has a separate room for the buffet.

You could start off with some cheese and appetizers.

Veggies and pickled stuff!

How did you like it John Lloyd?

And warm pandesal!

Won't the warm pandesal be awesome with these spicy sardines?

Yup! I'm a woMAN with a plan!

Mati loves starting everything with soup so everytime I see a pot like this, I remember him.  

GUEVARRA'S Hot and Grilled Station!

Hmmmm... What should I get?

Seafood Pizza!


May I have some dear Chel?

Want meats? Check out the GUEVARRA'S carving station!

Different kinds of lechon and beef!

Ooh! Fatty!

GUEVARRA'S Chicken Inasal!

GUEVARRA'S main courses!

Spaghetti Bolognese!

Pork Kare Kare!

Seafood Ala Pobre!

Fish fillet in clear broth!



Bistek Fried Chicken!

Aligue Rice!


Tindig pa lang, ULAM NA!

Even the chef agrees!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Believe me that this picture is not photoshopped or animated in ANY WAY! Those hearts were REALLY THERE! :P

Oh I'm kidding. I'm sure he was in love with Drew Barrymore! He he he he....

For GUEVARRA'S desserts, they had ice cream in Ube flavor that you dispense by yourself.

Dessert bites!

Fruits and Filipino delicacies!

In GUEVARRA'S, drinks come with! So for the price, I think everything is pretty worth it. Eat and Drink all you can is always welcome in my book.

Ambience is look all you can too!

Of course, GUEVARRA'S may have an eat all you can buffet but please be responsible too and not get what you can't finish.

If you do, THAT is the punishment.

Dan... Dan... DAAAAAAAAN!

Back in Recto (that sounds like a song), eating and gabbing were in full swing!

Birthday girl Gem and Jojie!

Team Quitoriano's!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Virrey!

My plate! My what-happened-with-my-diet plate!!!!!

I really love dipping sauces and the spicier for me is ALWAYS the better. Normally I would pass on fish and soy sauce since it would usually make me eat more than I should.

But heck, it's Gem's birthday. IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE!

I tried out some kinilaw and macaroni salad too!

Yub's first (or second) serving!


Hmmm... Another helping is in order!

Later on Jojie surprised his lovely Gem with flowers and a song number from the waiters. Something my friend really hates! Ha ha ha ha ha! She doesn't like to be the center of attention.

It's okay. There's only 2..3...4.. 5 waiters singing! Tee Hee!



You may rather pass on some of his surprises dear Gem but you got to admit that he is super loving, sweet, and thoughtful!



FFELFIE (Fabulous Fridays Freaks Selfie! That's what Ann, Jonas, and I called ourselves during College... He he he he he!)

Now back to my eating!

(You thought I was finished na no?)

Loved the corn!


Me with the gals!

My Yub with the boys!

Ha ha ha ha!

He's doing a Herobrine in honor of Andrei!


For privacy reasons (naks!) I'll only show my gift to dear Gem. 

Besides, I don't want my gift to be pitiful next to their Ipads, diamond earrings, Hermes bag, and tickets for a Trip to Paris!

GRABE! I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!

Tee Hee!

I got Gem something from Zara and I guess the saleslady did not like me so much that she fastened the box EXTRA hard.

The poor birthday girl used a spoon pa to get it open.


Happy birthday dearie! Did you like it? I could totally see you and your long dress with THAT! :)

I really wanted to share the gift giving part because of my dearest Mati.

I asked permission from him last night that we will be going to Tita Gem's dinner and it was only for adults. He was so sweet! He said "Mommy I have to give something to Tita Gem! Please get it from me tomorrow!!!!"

My very thoughtful son got his hands on this keychain somebody gave him from Hong Kong. He wrapped it himself and gave it to me. 

The gift may be very simple, in fact, it was even "recycled". But his sweetness and effort to give a gift to my friend (yup, my friend and not his pa!) is something I will never forget. My dearest Kuya Mati! Always so loving and generous!! I love him so much!

Thanks so muchos for dinner dear Gem! We all had fun! 

As we were about to step out, I saw this funny looking thing.

I wonder what it is? I'm sure I haven't been born yet when this was used. Is it a small generator or a radio? I really wonder what monstrosity this is?


Me and my "Facundo"! 


We were about to leave but we all thought of giving our mini-birthday messages to Gem and express how special she is to us.

This brought a lot of laughs and some tears. You should really try this when somebody from your group is celebrating his/her birthday!

While we were talking in the garden, I noticed somebody was watching us from the inside....

What the...???

Dan... Dan... Dan!

KIDDING! They're just cardboard standees. He he he he!

Thanks again for the treat dear Gem! The overused word for that night was generosity since you would always share your blessings to everyone around you. Like I would always say, happy people would always want to spread the love and joy to everyone. So no doubt, you are truly happy and have every right to be! We love you mareng Gem!

Time to say good night! It's always a fun outing with the BP ladies.

Of course, the night is MORE fun because I celebrated it with the people, and Facundo, that I love!


387 P.Guevarra St, San Juan, 1500 Metro Manila
(02) 705 1811

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  1. Mr. SnuffleupagusApril 24, 2015 at 2:52 AM

    -Guevarra's! I've heard so much about it, but, like you, I haven't been there yet. Well, umiiwas na din kasi kami ni TP sa mga buffet, plus medyo out of the way din ang location... pero baka one day may mag-birthday din sa mga friends namin diyan at imbitahin kami
    -parang ang daming pwedeng pag-pilian na pagkain! How was the food? Okay ba?
    -Eeeeeeeee.... si Sir Jonahs!!!!
    -grabe, ang ganda talaga ni Mareng Gail! I esp. like her look dun sa post niya about the Pope sa blog niya, yung naka maong lang siya with her hair pulled back... absolutely breathtaking!
    -bwahahahaha... nakakatawa ang pic nung waiter with the hearts sa window!
    -bakit Fabulous Friday Freaks? Paki explain. Lab yu! hehehe...
    -huwaw! Ang sarap naman magbigay ng mga regalo ng prends mo... pwede ba prends ko na din sila, para may ganyang klaseng regalo din ako, hehehe
    -parang ang hirap ngang buksan ng regalo mo!
    -I love that rotary phone! Gumagana pa ba? hehehe... Uu nga, mukhang di ka pa pinapanganak nung meron niyan, hahaha...
    -bagay talaga sa iyo ang Donya ng Hacienda role, hehehe...

    Have a great weekend idol!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S FRIDAY ONCE AGAIN! YOHOOOOOOOOOOO!

      1) Yes like you, diet na din kami. He he he he he! Maganda yung place and romantic naman. You could try it one time just for the heck of it.

      2) It's okay naman. I was hungry and it satisfied me!

      3) HUMINAHON KA!!!!!!!

      4) At first look (after a period of time of just seeing the pic) nagtaka ako kung san galing yung hearts. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      5) ha ha ha ha! I think I explained it sa isa kong blog. When we were in College kasi, Jonas was already going out with Ann, we would always eat in TGIFRIDAYS! We then coined the term FABULOUS FRIDAYS FREAKS kasi we loved Fridays especially the Fridays Outrageous (an ice cream with brownie dessert dati na wala na ngayon). Nakakatuwa lang. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      6) BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA GO LANG MY FRIENDS ARE YOUR FRIENDS! Baka mas mahal ka pa magbigay. Baka jet plane pa!

      7) Oo nga ginamitan na ng kutsara tuloy ni Gem!

      8) SUPER RIGHT??? I was so touched din!!!!!

      9) Hindi display lang siya. What's a rotary phone??? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      10) Sarap maging trying hard.

      HAVE A GREATER WEEKEND IDOLER! ha ha ha ha ha ha! MWAH!

  2. Been to Guevarra's a few months after it opened years ago. Glad to find out from the pictures they maintained consistency. You guys were lucky there were only a few people at the time you visited - the better to make lamon! ;-)

    1. Hiya Karen! We had fun because the ambiyenz was very old Manila and service was good. Yes! Buti na lang! I think it's also because we were there near closing time? Wow! GUEVARRA'S is a great place for gatherings nga and yey we were able to make lamon! Ha ha ha ha ha!


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