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Thursday, April 2, 2015


For my brother's birthday last month, he invited us to have an early lunch at his favorite, MARUFUKU JAPANESE RESTAURANT. We were supposed to have dinner there the night before but they decided to just have it on Saturday, the day after, and exactly on Valentime's Day!


This Japanese hub is located in front of UAAP and a favorite of students and professors there alike!

From the crazy traffic and busy people outside, we were immediately transported to the very cozy and hushed MARUFUKU interiors.

Even if the place was packed later on, the diners were still eating quietly like little ninjas.

Maybe it has something to do with the drinks their serving?

Maybe that's why my brother requested for a private room for the family -- we could get a little bit noisy especially with the crying, whining, fighting.... 

... and that's just the adults!


MARUFUKU roll call!

My Kuya Jay, Karen, and a very happy Rocio.

She takes after the crazy part of the family in her "poses". He he he he...

My Mom and Cio!

My Dad, Kuya Jon, Mati, Cio, and Mommy!

Our very friendly and quick servers!

My family!

Minus the hag, Ate Jojit.

HA HA HA HA HA! Kidding.

Wow... SOMEBODY is so ready to eat.

Now that's rare.

I told Yub that it's my turn to have a picture with the family.

But only a few smiled for the camera. Boo hoo. Nobody loves me!

Oh well.

Time to eat!

MARUFUKU served complimentary appetizers of pickled vegetables.

Fat and buttery MARUFUKU Salmon Sashimi! YUM!

Andrei ate this with so much gusto!

Hey! That's my share!

MARUFUKU Tekkamaki! 

Fish was very fresh and the rice was sweet with the right amount of vinegar.

MARUFUKU Uni! Kuya Jay's favorite!

Uni may be my least favorite raw offering in Japanese restaurants. But I'll still eat it if it's there.

MARUFUKU's uni definitely tasted fresh off the sea and was so smooth going down my hungry throat.

Mommy's favorite MARUFUKU Sukiyaki!

Yub's favorite (it's the only thing he could eat in Japanese restaurants)... Tempura!

I think Yub ate most of my share here.

Ebi Tempura!


Chicken Kamameshi!

Sorry but I loved what I had in Kamameshi restaurant along Makati Avenue before more. Too bad they closed already. I seriously loved the food there. 

Seafood Kamameshi!


MARUFUKU Grilled Tuna!

My brother's favorite in MARUFUKU were the meat skewers and he ordered a lot of it for us.

Here's the chicken (mine for take out)...

Pork skewers (mine).

Beef skewers (DEFINITELY mine).

Delicious MARUFUKU meats on my plate!

My sister just closed her clinic and was FINALLY able to join us. 

Beside her is her piyanzeh, Atty. Anthony!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with little lords and my Gatdula family in MARUFUKU!!!

While we were eating, Mati got curious of the uni as he remembered the movie Mr. Bean!

Adventurous as he was with food, he didn't like it. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Our messy table!

It's okay. As long as the mess is with food!

I wanted to have a selfie with Andrei but he was not in the mood. Let's just say, he was whining too much that my Kuya Jay wouldn't have any of it. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Poor Andwei :(

My brother ordered this egg custard which was one of his favorites too.

It was nice and velvety but I'm not really a fan of bland eggs. He he he he!


Wait. I still have some beef on my plate.

TAKE HOME! Tee hee!

Happy Birthday Kuya Jay! Please treat us when we go to you know where!


Ground Floor, Crescent Building, 
29 San Miguel Avenue, 
Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila
(02) 570 3989

After lunch, Kuya Jay took us around UAAP. 

It was a quick tour because he didn't want to be embarrassed by us!


I told Mati and Andrei, they'll be studying here soon. We could get a discount pa. Ha ha ha!

While going around, Kuya Jay told us that the school had ghosts in the form of a white lady and a little kid with a knife. Creepy right?

Oh well. That's another unforgettable thing for us during the tour. He he he he he!

By the way, let me just share how memorable this Valentime's day is for me.

In the morning, Andrei was moping because I reprimanded him for something. While the two were at the back, Mati noticed that his little brother was moping.

He really tried his best to cheer up Andrei and make him smile. My very loving Kuya did not stop until his little brother was back to his normal happy self again.

Andrei is soooo blessed to have a thoughtful and dependable Kuya like Mati!



  1. Woah nice disclaimer haha! Try our favorite New Kamameshi House!

    1. Hiya Stacy! Sorry my computer just got repaired. YEY! I didn't know that KAMAMESHI still lives!!! I will definitely go here with my fambam! It's my favorite restaurant too every since I was a kid. SUPER LOVE their Kamameshi! Thanks again!

  2. wooot wooot whew !!!! buti na lang di tayo nag kitahahahaha kung di lagot ako.... hehehehe missed you guys by a few hours whew..., and definitely masarap na Japanese place ito hehehehe wooooooo more rice please

    1. Sayang hindi tayo nagkita Mr. Jeng!!! Magpapalibre sana ako sa yo ng second round!!! Tapos oorderin ko yung expensive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Hey take home some sushi for me from Japan!

  3. -sino ang troll? SINOOOO??? hehehe... akala ko pa naman ako ang kauna-unahang troll mo, hehehe...
    -uy! diyan din nag balentayms dinner si mr_jeng!
    -gustong-gusto namin ni TP diyan, peborit namin yung grilled oysters... saraaaaap!!!
    -masarap umupo dun sa bar seats near the counter kung nag-iisa ka lang (or kung dalawa kayo) so you can watch them grill and prepare your food
    -The Hag talaga! hahaha... lagot ka!!! hahaha...
    -katuwa naman... ganadong kumain si Andrei =)
    -Andrei likes the salmon sashimi? Huwaw! Buti hindi nagmana sa tatay, hehehe
    -UNI!!! I LOVE UNI!!! Why you no love uni??? WHAAAAAAYYYY??? hahaha... kidding, I know it's really an acquired taste
    -are you talking about "The New Kamameshi House?" If so, they still have a branch along Zobel Roxas, near south superhighway... malapit siya sa Aling Nene's BBQ... and, we agree with you, mas masarap nga ang kamameshi dun
    -their grilled items are definitely their specialty there
    -awwww... hindi nagustuhan ni Mati ang uni... hehehe...
    -I love chawanmushi! Pareho kayo ni TP na hindi gusto yan, hahaha...
    -pssst, sa atin lang ito ha... pero UAP ang acronym niyang iskwelahan ni Kuya Jay, ang UAAP kse yung sportsfest ng mga pamantasan, hehehe...
    -diyan mo sila pag-aaralin? THE MOST EXPENSIVE UNIVERSITY IN THE PHILIPPINES??? Uber sosi and shala talaga! hehehe...
    -awwwwww... Mati's THE BEST KUYA!!!

    Have a great Thursday, Jazzle Dazzle!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Che Mr. Snuff! You would never ever ever be a troll because you only have nice words for ERICJAZ FOODIES!!! Angel ka nga e. Angel condensada. Joke!

      1) I KNOW!!! Sayang hindi kami nagabot magpapalibre sana ako.

      2) Sayang we were not able to try it. Mati loves oysters. Next time siguro pag nanlibre ka.

      3) Hmmm... INteresting! Will try the bar seats next time!

      4) BWA HA HA HA HA! Di naman talaga binabasa ng ate ko blog ko e. So there! Buti nga!

      5) Yes! He loves Japanese (tempura and sushi) at least I don't have a hard time feeding him there.

      6) Siguro ganito with regards to Uni, I don't hate it but I won't order it. It's like slurping on snot kasi e. And I know how that feels... HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

      7) I DID NOT KNOW THAT!!!!!!!!!! Thank you! I LOOOOOOVE KAMAMESHI! As in I'll bring the boys there pronto!!!!

      8) It's weird the taste of egg flan... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      9) BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! nasobrahan ng A! Katamad baguhin... Next time na lang. Ha a ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h ah ah aha!!!!

      10) MAY DISCOUNT DAW E!!!

      11) I know! I was super touched when he was cheering up andrei!

      SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY! Of course because we went to Cavite AND no computer kami kasi nasira! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

      Thanks always dear Mr. Snuff! MMMMMMWAH!

  4. Been passing by this resto everytime I'm on my way to Mercury in Libis after having lunch at Megamall or Shangrila! Been very curious about it. Maybe I will give it a try one of these days! The egg custard is called Chawan Mushi and their tekkamaki has generous servings!

    1. Yes you should! It's a hidden gem in Ortigas and a lot swear by it's deliciousness!!!! Hope you'd like it Bap2!!!


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