Sunday, April 26, 2015


One weekend, ERICJAZ FOODIES was invited to try out the new Brunch specials from IL PONTICELLO in Makati City. When we got there, I ignorantly thought "here we are at a newly opened restaurant to sample their newest grub on the pub, ladeedah!"

Imagine my surprise upon learning that IL PONTICELLO was already there even before the conception and union of ERICJAZ FOODIES!! I suddenly felt so naive and yes, stupid, upon learning that my blogger friends each had their own special growing up memories with IL PONTICELLO. EGAD! How did we miss this????

I studied in Makati for College and though I've been granted the Cinderella time by my Mom (wohoo!), my friends and I would go around and try out different places for Saturday night. Of course, being the sheltered ladies that we are, our scope of "gimikations" is limited to Glorietta, Mars, El Circulo, oh and Greenbelt. Yes boring to some I know. But we all certainly had the time of our lives then.... before 12:00am! He he he he!

It's sad to discover that IL PONTICELLO opened just after we graduated College otherwise we would've included a birthday dinner or a meet up there. I wasn't able to eat anymore in this "institution" because I got work somewhere very far from the area. To think that when I talk to other foodies, they reminisce at how IL PONTICELLO still gave them loving kilig memories.

Oh wow! Just what did I miss???

That's why when my favorite KTG invited THE YAPPY BUNCH for Saturday morning in IL PONTICELLO, I made RSVP faster than Quicksilver would go from point A to point B. I figured, IL PONTICELLO has already been ruling the roost in Italian dining in Makati City then it certainly deserves our full attention during the weekend.

PLUS, if I missed my chance to include IL PONTICELLO as part of my foodie memory growing up, at least my little lords could still catch on. He he he he he he!


THE YAPPY BUNCH loves Italian food and we are so excited to start off the weekend with one of our favorite cuisines!

IL PONTICELLO had a very cozy yet romantic set up.

If you want to watch the world go by while sharing a big platter of pasta with your lovey, try reserving a table by the tall glass windows!

Hmmmm... For some reason this reminds me of ERICJAZ FOODIES -- the lady yakking away while the lad's mind is fake listening. He he he he he he!

Everything just felt so warm and, in a way, nostalgic. Our noisy group immediately settled ourselves in one of the couch chairs and just eagerly waited for the brunch ahead!

If me and the boys were already drinkers, we would take a seat by IL PONTICELLO'S counter and order something straight up.

But we're more of "bruncher's" this morning (tee hee) and our tummies were grumbling for something GOOD!


Thor's hidden girlfriend, AND Captain America!

The Chinese Hawk Eye, and THE HULK!

TEE HEE! Guess what movie we just watched?

If you guessed Furious 7, you're right!


Mr. Steve Magdaraog, one of the owners of IL PONTICELLO welcomed us and is so nice with the kids! He said that they recently offered the brunch specials at IL PONTICELLO last December and it was only available during weekends. They've been getting good feedback on the brunch specials that they are also considering offering it during weekdays as well. 

Time to order!

IL PONTICELLO brunch menu 1!

IL PONTICELLO specials!!!!!

Yub and I both got the Tuscan Brunch feast since it seemed very "sulit" and satisfying.

PLUS, the all you can eat porchetta caught my eye. H ehe he he he!

Mati and Andrei were so excited to try out IL PONTICELLO'S create your own pizza! There may be other artisan pizzas offered out there but in my opinion, IL PONTICELLO definitely has quality and authentic ingredients compared to the commercial ones!

To start off our brunch we were served with warm home made bread bites and spread.

The bread was great to munch on while waiting for our food!

The spread that time was similar to apple sauce. It was a nice change but I'm more partial to butter. He he he he he!

Ahhhhh... The IL PONTICELLO Pancetta ready to get massacred! He he he he he he!

In the Tuscan Brunch Feast you could select from one of their specials. The Chinese Adonis got the Porchetta Plate (P390.00) -- IL PONTICELLO'S Best Seller!

This is a 6 hour whole roasted pork belly with mouth watering garlic and fennel flavors. So perfect with the buttered rice pilaf!

If you think that's already heaven on a plate for you, don't forget the all you can eat sliced pancetta! We had ours fried extra crispy! OH DEAR YUMMY QUICKSILVER, this was SOOOOOOOOOO GOOD!!!!!

As for me, I ordered IL PONTICELLO'S Truffled Cheese Mushroom Fritata (P390.00).

Now I'm not really overly fond of Fritatas, but I'm crazy about cheese and truffle now so why not give it a try?

This IL PONTICELLO brunch creation may not be as mind blowing as the roasted pork but it was light and ultra satisfying. The truffle and the 3 cheese were definitely not cloying to the taste and was very perfect with coffee and some more of the hot crusty bread!

As for the little lords, they donned their chefs hats and were so excited to get the wooden board for their make your own pizza!

This fun interactive special from IL PONTICELLO definitely made the kids happy that morning. They got their pizza dough and a selection of authentic ingredients that even the most discriminating kiddie will appreciate!

And yes. I'm referring to YOU Andrei! He he he he he he!

Mati was very careful with his pizza and just used his usual favorites.


Certainly a fun and learning experience for the little kiddies!!!!!

Mr. Magdaraog is very nice to the little lords and answered their questions regarding all things pizza!

He he he he! He teased Mati that he'll get him as their new pizza maker!!!!!

As for Andrei, he thought outside the box and mixed the red and white sauce for his pizza! He he he he he!

While the kiddies were making their own pizzas, us grown ups were getting a bit jealous because it seemed like so much fun!!!

DUDE FOR FOOD decided to be a kid at heart and went for it too.

According to Mr. Magdaraog, they are considering having a create your own pizza for adults. That would certainly be something! If commercial brands could do it, I'm sure the experience and taste would be better in IL PONTICELLO! 

When they were finished making pizza art (he he he he) their creations were brought to the ovens!



While waiting for their pizzas, Mati had some iced tea.

While Andrei sucked hard on that mango juice. He he he he he!

As for us, Mr. Magdaraog gave us complimentary champagne!!!

Champagne in the morning with brunch??? WOHOO!!!!

I really don't drink but that champagne certainly agreed with my palate, tummy, and sanity that morning! He he he he he he!

And here it comes!


Andrei's pizza followed in a jiffy!

Chefs for a day!!!!!

Excited to dig in!

I love gooey pizzas! And the kids share this same sentiment with me!

It's so OMG-worthy to bite into a very cheesy and gooey pizza with a crust that gives out a big crunch!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in IL PONTICELLO for brunch!

It's not yet available in the IL PONTICELLO menu but this awesome Porchetta Sandwich with Aioli dressing in home made bread will be in the Salcedo Market soon on weekends!


Please! I used all caps so you better check it out!

The Tuscan Brunch Feast included a trio of desserts which you get to mix and match from their menu. 

The IL PONTICELLO Tiramisu was mighty creamy and addicting!

Of course, the panna cotta was welcome to ruin my diet also!

The dessert trio WAS good but WOAH! The MOMMIST strongly recommended that I try out IL PONTICELLO'S OMG dessert...

Budino Ala Cioccolato!!!!

The molten chocolate cake was baked and served straight from the cute ceramic pot and dusted with powdered sugar.

Give that creamy chocolate cake a poke and a generous slobber of the rich sauce!

Believe me, you'll discover a new feeling of ecstasy after one bite!

I seriously didn't want to share but law states that Moms should be generous to their kids, blah blah blah, so yeah, I gave a small bit to Master Mati!


Oh wow.... I could have 2 or these!

... Or 4. 

I swear. I could have 4. If only it won't go straight to my hips and biceps. He he he he he he!

While I'm enjoying THAT, the Yubsker could while the time with some manly whiskey! He he he he he!

Such a great Saturday brunch with fellow bloggers!

I'm so kilig! He he he he he he he!
It was also so fun catching up with these lovely Mommy bloggers!

It's way too cool too that the little lords found new founds with the handsome boys of MOMMY PRACTICALITY!

Thank you so much Mr. Magdaraog for having ERICJAZ FOODIES and the little lords for brunch in IL PONTICELLO!  We finally got a taste of what we were missing!!! 

I guess we will have a lot of catching up to do! He he he he he he!


Second Floor, Antel Corporate Center, 
121 Valero Street, Near V.A. Rufino Street,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
02 2469069 ext:135

Check this out!


  1. Eaaaaaat BULAGA! Yayyyy nandito uli ako! <3 Was great seeing you Jaz! Have fun on your vacay & see you again when you get back mwah! :-* Safe travels!

    1. Yey thanks so muchos my idol!!!! Looking SO forward to our next getogether!!! WOHOOOO!!!

  2. Mr. SnuffleupagusApril 27, 2015 at 7:06 AM

    Wow! May post ka on a Sunday!!! Nasanay na akong wala ka pag linggo, tuloy di na ako nagche-check ng blog mo pag sundays, hahaha
    -di pa din ako nakakapunta sa Il Ponticello, even though I worked in Makati for a long time. Namamahalan kasi ako dati.
    -"the lady yakking away while the lad's mind is fake listening: <<<=== bwahahahaha
    -fresh na fresh ka sa mga pics mo a!
    -Furious 7 nga hula ko, hahaha... #charaught
    -seriously, though, the P250 for the kids' pizza is very reasonable, considering that other places like Project Pie charges a bit more than that
    -the porchetta and pancetta look awesome!
    -parang gusto ko din mag-make-your-own-pizza!
    -ang cute talaga ng Little Lords mo! Madami bang nakain si Andrei?
    -that chocolate cake looks soooo good! natakam ako, pramis
    -whiskey! my kind of alcohol!

    Have a great week ahead Jazzle Dazzle! Mwah!

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha! Yeeeeyyyyy may comment si dear Mr. Snuff!!! Nung Saturday morning pa actually to! I checked nung Saturday and I saw wala ka comment huhuhu! This was supposedly my Friday entry kaso nasira na naman internet sa house. May construction kasi sa may samin pati internet apektado! BWICHET!

      1) I seriously didn't know about it tapos it's very sikat pala!!! Buti I was able to enjoy brunch with the kids!

      2) STORY OF OUR LIFE YAN! Pag si Yub, nakakatulog pa! Che!

      3) UY thanks! Bagong ligo kasi. Ha ha ha ha ha! I was not able to dry my hair yet.

      4) Di ba??? Obvious na obvious ba sa mga characters namin?

      5) PWEH!

      6) Korek!!! PLUS, the kids had so much fun assembling it themselves! Andrei wants to go again.

      7) IT WAS SOOOO GOOOD! Crispy yung pancetta na bacon na bacon ang dating!

      8) GO! It was so fun! Everyone enjoyed it!

      9) He was able to eat his pizza and the bread. Carbo loading.


      11) I haven't tried whiskey feeling ko lasing agad ako.

      HA HA HA HA HA! You too mmmwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

    2. O ayan, because you (and Jane) are the strong to us, bumili na kami ni TP ng voucher sa deal grocer for a saturday brunchissimo here at Il Ponti. P750 lang instead of P1250 per person. Nakatipid kami ng isang libo! Wooohooo!!!


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