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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


For our F1 HOTEL MANILA staycation this summer (blog post coming soon) we had an awesome dinner under the stars at the CANARY LOUNGE!

Photo from F1 HOTEL MANILA
Normally the CANARY LOUNGE is a pool-side cocktail area to have drinks and hang out. But that night, we were lucky to be spoiled by our favorite F1 HOTEL MANILA with a barbecue all to ourselves!

Our barbecue night at F1 HOTEL MANILA!!!

Barbecue nights are not really regularly offered in F1 HOTEL MANILA but you could set it up with their food and beverage department. It's a great alternative if you feel like having a romantic and gastronomical dinner under the stars.

That night though we had this big glowering moon over us. May not be camera friendly but I felt this gave us perfect lighting and ambience! 

I told Mati that I'll be going around to check the food and he was so stuck in the moment of his Youtube videos that he didn't notice me. He he he he he!

I did notice thought that Wushu champion of the Philippines Janice Hung was joining us for dinner that night. And YOWZA! She was just firm everywhere!

Our barbecue night at F1 HOTEL MANILA!

Grillers were ready to get our meats for the barbecue!

Fruits and veggies!

I spy my favorite, potato salad!

My first potato serving of the night!

Penne salad!

Greek salad!

Corn salad!

Now what could I eat with my barbecue?

Buttered crunchy veggies...

Very cheesy potato au gratin! THIS was insanely good!

Uy Yub is getting vegetables!!! It's a mirakol!

I left the Chinese Adonis to get our barbecue for that dinner and he asked for a plate of charred chicken!

The chicken has been wonderfully marinated so I really didn't need any dipping sauces for this. I could just gnaw it off the bone! He he he he he! 

For dessert, we get to grill our own smores!

Apparently Ms. Hung decided to get an early dessert too! Aba! So THAT'S why Yub was taking unusually long by the grilling area!!!!

Tee Hee!

Besides the chicken, Yub asked for some pork and kebabs too!

Our first plates of meat that night!

Mati felt like having seafood and got some Shrimp and Tuna Kebabs!


My first serving of barbecue that night. I think I did a pretty good job at plating right?

I'm usually a meat lover but the star of the night for me that dinner was the grilled tuna. IT WAS INSANELY JUICY! I'm so used to dry fish that this perfectly grilled seafood just blew me away! SO SARAP!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in F1 HOTEL MANILA for Barbecue night!

ATTACK! Nom... nom.. nom!

Lookalikes Yub and Mati!

Me and Andrei.

Oh Andrei.... We should really work on your camera smile!

We loved the seafood kebabs so much that we got another plate of it. 

I ate the juicy tuna with the grilled peppers!

After eating, I chatted up with the other lovely ladies that night!

KHALEESI of MANDALUYONG CITY (me), Twinkle Lacsamana (F1 Hotel Manila - Marketing Director), RINA'S RAINBOW, and THE MOMMIST!

As for Yub, he was at the other table with dear Spanky of THE DAILY SPANKS, Janice Hung, THE PICKIEST EATER, and Vlad of ABS CBN! 

As for the kiddies, they had their own corner too!

While enjoying cups of coffee and chatting with the ladies, I also got me some sweet, sticky, and gooey SMORES!


Later on, dear Spanky joined the ladies' table and further demonstrated how fun and sticky the smores were!

Such an AWESOME time! Thank you dear Twinkle for having us!

Of course, superkaduper thanks to dear Spanky for inviting ERICJAZ FOODIES and giving us the leftover J&B!!!!



BUT WAITTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SOMETHING IS COMING UP FOR ERICJAZ FOODIES! It may be our BIGGEST GIVAWAY YET!!!! DO WATCH OUT FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 32nd St, Taguig City 1634
(02) 928 9888


  1. Staycation na naman? Grabe! Pang-ten thousandth staycation mo na yan this 2015, at nasa kalahati pa lang tayo ng abril!!! uber sosi and shala talaga! hahaha...

    -ganda mo naman dun sa first pic... kailan ka pa nagpa-blonde ng buhok? impreness... bagay! hahaha
    -mga bata talaga, basta may kaharap na tablet or pc, kahit ilang oras mong iwan, kebs pa din! Kaya tama ang ginagawa mo na pinapag-sulat mo sila ng journal at pinapabasa ng totoong libro, plus workshops during summer, and lots of travel... that's going to be a great advantage in the future when they start college or when they're working already
    -WOW! Ang ganda naman ni Janice Hung! Konting ligo na lang niya, kasing ganda mo na!
    -Kinain ba talaga ni Eric ang veggies na kinuha niya? hahaha
    -uy, parang cute yang nag-grill ng chicken ni Eric, ha! hehehe
    -yeah, maganda nga plating mo. Inspired ka ba because of your cooking classes with Chef Eugene? hehehe
    -ang camera smile ni Andrei... panalo! hahaha
    -khaleesi talaga? Mukhang nag GOT season five, first-four-episodes marathon ka na a! hahaha... Meron na din ako, pero inuna kong i-marathon yung Marvel's Daredevil ng Netflix.
    -The food looks really good ha! Plus you raving about the tuna makes me curious to taste it. Tama ka, we have a tendency here to overcook our fish, kaya sanay na tayo sa tuyong isda.
    -giveaway??? Kapag hindi ako nanalo diyan, magpi-people power ako! Sabi kasi sa surveys ng SWS at Pulse Asia ako daw ang leading e, hahahaha...

    Have a wonderful Wednesday idol!!! Mwah!

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Ano ba!!! I don't shop. I save for staycations for the kiddies!!! Memories yun e! Pero this one was an invite from F1 HOTEL MANILA!

      1) Di ba? Nagmukha ako amerikana! Naks!

      2) I know!!! I don't want to deprive them too much though kaya pinalaro ko na si Mati to watch his videos. He was reading naman earlier. Pero haaaay... Kung masusunod siya, IPAD the whole day!

      Galit pa sa akin yung mga yan. Pagtanda ko daw, bibigyan lang daw nila ako ng allowance pag sumulat ako sa journal! ABA!

      3) NGEKS! Pero thanks! Ang striking ni Janice Hung! So thin!

      4) HINDI! Kaya nga ako natatawa. For photo op lang yun. Nagkamali pa siya ng kukuhanan kunwari.

      5) OO nga. Naalala kita! Ha ha ha ha ha!

      6) KOREK!!!!!

      7) Nakakatawa nga e. Sabi ko magpractice siya. Yun palagi ang smile niya.

      8) MISMO!! How did you find it? Medyo dragging e :( Except for the 2nd one.

      9) SUPER!!! That tuna was really good!

      10) HA HA HA HA! Sasali ka ah????

      Thanks idol!!! See you soon! I AM KIM na!

  2. Only got to discover your blog thru links...and my am I glad I finally did!!!! Every food trip or staycation makes me feel like I've gone along as well...he he he!!! Cheers!!!

    1. Awww thank youso much dear Carmen!! I'm glad we are able to connect! Yes that's really my purpose! I'm doing this blog as my diary so that when I'm old and gray (and still able to use the computer), I would remember these times with my kids!!! I'm happy that you find fun in it as well. Hope we could chat up some more! Thanks for dropping by!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello there, I'm new here in your blog, and t'was reallu fun to stay here.. grabeh nag enjoy ako ng bongga sa pagbabasa.. winner.!!

    1. Ha ha ha ha! We're glad you had fun Jocris! Sorry for the late reply. Hopefully you'll check out more of our silly little foodie entries! Dami ko na din back blog oh no!!!! Thanks again! Mmmmwaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


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