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Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Just in case you're a girl who was lucky enough to go with me in College, you would agree that my barkada was one of the CRAZIEST bunch of gals there is. Don't worry. We did not do anything illegal that would give us bad records (drugs, alcohol, sex transplants), but we provided a lot of NOISY fun in the Advertising block of that batch that teachers would shake their heads and laugh at the memory!

One time, I got in trouble in the class for putting make up and whistling in front of the teacher. The teacher reprimanded me and as punishment, he announced with a smirk that we would have a long exam tomorrow all thanks to me.  The next day we did take the exams and guess what? I was the highest! Ha!

So yeah we were noisy and unruly but we had a bit of right to be!  Even if we were guilty of many wild antics, we were the top gals in the class when it comes to grades and most of us (me included) were officers in different organizations. He he he he he he he!  That's why whenever there's a chance, I love getting together with my College friends. Sadly, we don't see each other as much as we want to because well, besides work and family, we often take for granted making plans with each other, saying there's always a "next time".

It's a good thing that our plans to go Korean FINALLY pushed through. My friend Michelle has been telling us about this very affordable Korean buffet in the South that we should try. Since I'm game normally with ANYTHING (my motto is if there's a will there's a way) and I value our friendship, we traveled SOOOOOO far to the South just to see each other.

And wow what fun it was! We just ate, laughed, then chatted about the good ol' days and the gals who were not able to join that night.


Don't feel too sorry for them. We made up some of the stories anyway! Tee hee!

Oh I'm kidding.

Or am I? :P

And here we are...


When I asked Mich what's the name of the restaurant, she said that I should just look for a sign that says "UNLIMITED MEAT BBQ". 

And she was right!

The humble entrance going to MEGA BUFFET RESTAURANT!

Whenever I see the word UNLIMITED my tummy gives out a slight grumble as if it's saying "Thank you!"

It's a different case for my head. Whenever I see a picture of Angelina Jolie, my head goes "It's me...."

Tee Hee!

MEGA BUFFET RESTAURANT prices! So affordable right?

However, I have seen other cheaper Korean buffets near my place. But let's see. As they say, the proof of the pudding is the taste!

Want to eat free on your birthday? Check this out!

All you can eat!!

I hope this is as "All You Can Eat" as Homer Simpson wants it to be. He he he he he....

Based on other food blogs, MEGA BUFFET RESTAURANT gets jampacked for lunch and dinner. Good thing that we were there early so we were able to get good seats.


Our master debater Marie, AND our President of the Advertising Guild of (my school) Perlie... 

Class spokesperson and The Internal Vice President of the Advertising Guild of (our school) Michelle, plus me KHALEESI of MANDALUYONG CITY.

Okay fine. I'm the Queen of Content Analysis. Figger that out.

Later on BGP Marian joined us. I'm sure you know HER! She's one of the prettiest in our class too!!!!

We're really 9 in the barkada... So Agot, Ann, Carrots, and Heidi. WE TALKED ABOUT YOU GUYS. HAR DE HAR HAR!!!!


Mark and the Chinese Adonis (blech).

Master Mati and the very lovely Ishi, daughter of Mich. She is so lady-like and very nice!!! 

The usual match maker in me went "YIHIIIIIIIIIIII...."

But suddenly I remembered that I'm the mother.

No Mati not yet! Huhuhu!!!

If I may just include.... Last night I hugged Mati and I told him "Mati please don't grow up so fast. I want you to be my baby forever".

He said "I don't want to grow up too mommy but we don't have a choice. I'll be an adolescent soon..."


Besides Mark and Mati, there was another guy in the table with us. I think it's BGP Marian's driver.

I don't know why BGP Marian brings him along. He bugs Mati so much.


Love you Manong Fred! Yuuuuk!

Now ON TO the food!!!

The spread at MEGA BUFFET was very simple but it had all the basics that you may need for an enjoyable Korean dinner!

Banchans Kimchi and Chili Cucumbers!

Beansprouts and Baby Potatoes in sweet sauce.

Mixed fresh veggies...

Simple makis!

Besides the Banchan and simple sushis, MEGA BUFFET RESTAURANT also had a "hot" selection. My only qualm about this is that they forgot to turn on the burners of each food tray so each dish was at room temperature.

Jap Chae... Or Pancit Bihon.

Fish cakes in Chili!

Beef Bulgogi!

Fried Rice!

Of course, when you go to MEGA BUFFET RESTAURANT, you should take advantage of their UNLIMITED MEAT BBQ. You order this from the servers and they'll give you platters upon platters of thinly sliced fatty meat. For the very cheap price of the buffet, I think this gets my money's worth!

Lettuce leaves, Garlic, Onion, and that pungent Soy Bean paste for the Beef/Pork wraps!

It's self service by the way so utensils plus other condiments are by the buffet table.

Along with the special sweet sauce. 

It's eat and DRINK all you can nga pala!

Even if it's just iced tea, this warrants a YEY for me!

Now just in case you feel like bringing fast food for the kids or a yaya meal (he he he he) remember THIS sign.

Also, please only order what you could finish.

When the Chinese Adonis and I got there, the AC gals were already cooking up a storm!! Haaaay "forget the diet again" is the tip for the night!

Since they're eating it's time for us to catch up! 

Yub does not eat vegetables but he did get a lot of the fried rice and beef bulgogi.

As for me, I LOOOOOOVE Korean food. So I enjoyed filling up my plate with the MEGA BUFFET RESTAURANT food!

Of course, when we got back to the table, THIS was already sizzling and ready for us! 


If you find the sliced meats too fatty, don't worry. Because when you fry 'em, the oils will go dripping out.

Besides the cooked meat, they also ordered another platter to go on the barbecue!

My onions, kimchi, and peppers were all ready!

And other condiments!

Another platter? BRING IT ON!

I got some more sauces plus other condiments too!

All the gals sat together!

The kiddies and the stinky boys go on the other side!

Loved the sound of meat sizzling!

Mati went with us because he loved Korean food. But upon learning that they do not have seafood in the buffet, he just ordered a la carte of the Seafood in Chili sauce.

He said it was mighty good! Would you believe that he was able to finish this?

 Of course, he didn't touch the vegetables. He he he he he!

A dirty grill? Servers of MEGA BUFFET RESTAURANT will change it. No sweat!

Come picture time, they all went to the other side. Leaving me all alone with BGP Marian's Prada bag...

Woe is me!

Why you no like me ha???

Kidding!!! It's a posing technique to hide our "abundant" qualities. The same way I'm using BGP's bag! He he he he he!

Or maybe they no like me :(

And the other side!

Almost done!!!!

I was happy that I was able to eat again my favorite Korean food at MEGA BUFFET RESTAURANT! Yub was happy because prices were cheap and very manageable!

As usual, had an awesome time with my crazy friends from College. Hope we get to schedule one again ASAP!!!!!! I hope  we would be a complete group on our next get together. Otherwise...




But please, Agot, Ann, Heidi, and Carrots... See you guys next time!!!!

Of course, one of the best part of seeing my College friends is that the Chinese Adonis and Mati joined us. They said they had a lot of fun as well chatting up with the other hubbies and Ishi (Yihiii....). No more girls' night out for me. Night outs will always be with MY Yappy Bunch!!

So. There.

 335 Aguirre Avenue, 
BF Homes, Parañaque City
02 5533003 / 02 5533004


  1. -SEX TRANSPLANTS??? bakit nakasama yan diyan??? hahahahaha...
    -I had no doubt you were the highest dun sa exam. Kaya idol kita e!
    -grabe! Bad Girl ka pala nung college! Lalo lang tumaas pagtingin ko sa iyo. =)
    -iniisip ko na nakita ko na yang resto na yan... so I scrolled down and I was right! Nakita ko na nga yan sa BF =)
    -mas maganda ka naman kay Angelina ano!
    -mura nga siya, and you're also right, may mas mura nga na korean buffet dito... Matgalne immediately comes to mind
    -iniisip ko, gaano kaya kahaba yung form na kailangan mong i-fill-out para makakuha ng free buffet? Baka 20 pages long para walang mag-avail! hahaha...
    -khaleesi na naman, hahaha... di ko pa napapanood! Nag marathon kasi ako ng Marvel's Daredevil. May copy ka na nung Daredevil? Imperness, maganda siya.
    -queen of content analysis... are you like the ad board of your advertising class?
    -Grabe ano? Sandali pa lang ako nagbabasa ng blog mo, pero kahit ako napapansin ko na din na tumatangkad si Mati right before my eyes!
    -hahaha... madalas pala talagang magtakip si Manong Fred ng mukha niya pag pinipiktyuran mo ano?
    -ooooohhhh, fish cakes in chili. Sounds interesting. At may Bulgogi din pala.
    -uy! may kasama na palang drinks yung price ng buffet. Pwede na!
    -ayaw ni Mati ng beef? Ayaw din niya ng veggies?
    -hahaha... ganyan din kami, punta kami sa pinaka-likod para hindi halata ang mga fats, hahaha
    -kahit naman sa 71 Gramercy or Antonio's kayo kumain, cheap and very manageable pa din ang peg sa EJF! hehehe
    -i-message mo lang ako kung kailan ang I AM KIM natin. =)


    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!

      BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Wala akong maisip na bad thing that we could have done that time e!

      1) Motivated lang ako nun to show that crummy teacher. I'm so lazy to study.... He named me Content Analysis queen after I aced many of his quizzes. I hated him so much that time and that was my revenge. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      2) Mas maganda ako kay Angelina? Now I know why you need glasses... JOKE!!!!

      3) Oo nga e. It's good naman pero to travel all the way to South again just for this, hindi siguro. But if I live in the area, I would understand why it's so popular.

      4) I KNOW!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!

      5) Magbabago na I have PARKS AND RECREATION marathons na kasi.

      6) DI BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA? :( Binata na.

      7) Bruhito si Fred lagi yun ganon.... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      8) Yes the food was okay naman. It doesn't taste bad. Pero it doesn't hit it out of the ball park either. But for the price, worth it!

      9) Yes! Sulit di ba??

      10) He likes beef but he likes seafood more. Whenever we're out, he always orders seafood.

      11) Hmp! Ayan! Kaya lagi ako iniiwan!!!!

      12) Masarap din naman ang mga cheap foods and exciting kapag sulit!!!



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