Friday, February 6, 2015


When we were celebrating Andrei's weeklong 8th birthday, I invited my family to have dinner and treated them to BOON TONG KEE in Power plant mall. We just came from RESORTS WORLD to watch the HI 5 concert and since we got out early, I made the impromptu birthday celebration.

What I love about impromptu family dinners is that it's an instant surefire fun night when you thought you'll be spending the weekend alone. However, since it WAS impromptu, not everyone was able to make it. Don't blame me. It's not like I did it on purpose (tee hee!). So sorry to my sister (who is still stuck at work) and my eldest brother (who does not want to go down from his "mountain"). You were spared from my treat!

Yehesss!!!! :) Oh! I mean. Awwww.... That night was awful.

Seriously though I may have to schedule another BOON TONG KEE treat for my family because my parents loved the food and gave me a strong reminder to properly invite the rest of the family next time. I promised to do so of course. I would love to treat my siblings again to the awesomeness of BOON TONG KEE!

Now it's not my fault if nobody heard me whisper "That will be next year...."

Oh I'm kidding! Tee hee!



BOON TONG KEE in Power Plant Mall is always full so you may want to call ahead and make reservations. 

Good thing too that I was able to make reservations immediately after the show because I doubt if BOON TONG KEE could still accommodate a party of 10pax at the rate they are going.

Ordering up! 

The manager of BOON TONG KEE in Power Plant Mall is pretty no?

My Dad, Mom, my very single Kuya Jon, and my also single Aunt!

Me, my single bunsoy, and my other single Auntie!

Master Mati, and the very injured Yub!

BOON TONG KEE served some complimentary "kropek" which was very popular with the boys. I think I ordered an extra plate of this because one serving wasn't enough.

First on the table were 2 quarter orders of BOON TONG KEE'S Signature Boiled Chicken (P245.00). I knew we should've ordered half at the start of the meal but we thought that a quarter of each viand would be enough. Of course, we were wrong. We wanted more!!!!

I loved the simplicity of this dish that was made more enjoyable with the 3 condiments:

Grated ginger in sesame oil, hoisin sauce, and chili!

We also got 2 quarter orders (he he he he) of BOON TONG KEE's Roast Chicken (P235.00). My Daddy liked this more because the skin was crispy and the meat very tasty. He enjoyed this even without the condiments. 

We also ordered some BOON TONG KEE Prawn Toast (P275.00) that really had the seafood in it with no extenders. I find too that the wasabi mayo complemented the sweet flavors of the prawns!

Mati's favorite in BOON TONG KEE would always be the Braised Charsiu Pork which was tender, flavorful, and uber fatty in every bite! Ha h ha ha! He could finish one order of this every time we're here.

Besides the Hainanese Chicken please do try their Imperial Pork Ribs (P245.00) because it is so delectable in so many ways! The savory meat is uber tender and fall off the bone. One bite and you will be smacking your lips from the sticky but super delectable ribs!!!! Sarap!

When in BOON TONG KEE please make room, a LOT of room, for their cereal prawns (P655.00 / large). My family did not expect the prawns to be ginormous that most of them shared one piece. They loved that the buttery seafood was still juicy even if it was deep fried. The stringy cereal bits are a worthy chomp and very addicting. If they sold this separately I wouldn't mind buying me some for the movies instead of popcorn! He he he he he he! 

I remembered that in my last dinner in BOON TONG KEE, I fell in love with the Poached Chinese Spinach with Assorted Eggs (P295.00). I can't get enough of the healthy greens swimming in tasty soup and mixed with 3 kinds of egg (salted egg, century egg, and the usual egg). But, I could never order it during date nights with the hub because he claims to be "allergic" to vegetables (he screams like a banshee when I force him to eat some... tee hee). So since I'm with seniors who are really more into vegetables, this is a welcome dish for them.  

We also got some Crispy Chicken Tenders for the kids but since they loved the boiled and roasted ones more, we had this for take out. He he he he he!

When in BOON TONG KEE, don't forget to order cups of their hainanese chicken rice that goes oh so well with everything!

I need some bottomless iced tea so that I wouldn't choke from all that eating!

(He he he he! Check out my very healthy plate! O! So why ain't I getting thin yet???!)


Oh the humanity!!!!!!!!!!!


Can't talk... eating!

Later on the pretty BOON TONG KEE manager and other servers sang to Andrei a Happy Birthday! They were so sweet and nice to my bunsoy!


Thank you for the complimentary dessert BOON TONG KEE!!! To think this is also my favorite! 

When you're craving for some Singaporean food in Power Plant Mall, do head over to BOON TONG KEE and pig out on their delicious selections that would make you forget about everything when you dive in.

In my case, I forgot about other family members! Ha ha ha ha ha!



Check this out

Third Floor, Power Plant Mall, 
Rockwell, Makati City
02 8900160


  1. -First time ng parents mo na kumain sa BTK?
    -mukhang sinadya mong "impromptu" para makatipid! hahahaha...
    -mahilig kami ni TP sa hainanese chix, pero we haven't tried the one here in BTK. Siguro dapat mag-schedule na kami ng pagpunta dito. Although probably not next week kasi may P299 eat-all-you-can promo ang wee nam kee, hahaha...
    -ganda talaga ng pearl necklace (dun sa "ordering up" pic mo)... siguro Jewelmer yan! Milyon ang halaga!!! =)
    -mas maganda ka kesa dun sa manager ng BTK (naks! hahaha)
    -talagang pinangalandakan ang pagka-single ng mga kamag-anak! hahaha
    -ako pinagsa-sama-sama ko sa isang bowl ang tatlong condiments na yan
    -mukha ngang masarap yung fried chicken nila
    -I would love to order that prawn toast, yun lang nga allergic si TP sa crustaceans.
    -That Imperial Pork Ribs looks good! Mental note: must order that when we go to BTK
    -cereal prawns... sigh... na-order ko lang yan sa WNK one time, nung kasama ko mga kaibigan ko at wala si TP (allergic kse)
    -peborit din namin ordering (sa WNK, hehehe...) yang spinach with three kinds of eggs
    -awwww... sweet naman ng BTK, binigyan ng dessert si Andrei

    Friday na, have a blast today Jaz! Mwah!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!!!

      1) I think my Mom ate there before but for my Dad, yes it's actually his first time to eat in BOON TONG KEE kasi most usually take out lang. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      2) OY HINDI AH!!! (tee heee!)

      3) Hindi ko ata kaya ang WNK mahina lang ako kumain... (tee hee!)

      4) AY SOBRANG MAHAL NG PEARL NECKLACE! Grabeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! Tee hee!

      5) NAKS!

      6) Tee heee!!! I'm so mean I know!

      7) Sarap niya no? It makes the hainanese experience exciting! Pero ako hiwalay kahit na pinagsamasama ko siya sa tablespoon with the chicken.

      8) Yes it was good! My Dad and Eric liked it more than the boiled. Ako naman love ko si Boiled!

      9) Prawn toast here much better than in Banana Leaf!

      10) Yes do order the Imperial Pork Ribs! It's one of our favorites there.

      11) Aba second comment mo na with WNK ah!!!!!!!

      12) At may pangatlong mention pa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      13) Yes the servers were very nice. I was actually ordering a dessert with candle on it for Andrei and they just gave me something complimentary. I love extra touches like that to make meals more memorable.


  2. Rockwell branch is much much better than their branch at Tomas Morato! They have good food but lousy service. I miss their cereal prawns!

    1. Hiya Bap2!! I haven't eaten in their Tomas Morato branch in a while. So sad naman if their service leaves a bad taste. Sa Powerplant Mall na lang tayo! Tara lets bagets!


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