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Wednesday, February 4, 2015


If I didn't know any better, there is a good chance that I was Japanese in my former life. Because if I WAS somebody from the Land of the Rising Sun, it would surely explain a lot of things:

My love for Sushi...
My love for Sashimi....
My love for Ramen...
My love for Japanese fried rice....
My love for Ramen....

PLUS... I have these recurring dreams that I am this blond girl with big black twinkling eyes often serenaded by another blondie with a bagpipe... I wonder who could she be? Tee Heee.....

"She's a girl... A pretty Girl... With ribbons on her hair..."

OKAY. Okay. I'm kidding about the dreams and yes I noticed that most of my "concerns" were mainly about food. But it's clear though that I'm such a fanatic about Japanese specialties that sometimes I wish I WAS born in Japan so that growing up I could enjoy my favorites every single day.

(Also, so that I could watch the full series of CANDY CANDY without a dictator cutting its run on Philippine TV. {#cannotmoveon} But that's another story He he he he).

Anywho, I'm so happy these days that our shores have been invaded by famous Japanese restaurant franchises. In fact, I feel that we are being spoiled by the availability of all things delicious from Japan that there is no need to ship myself there every time I have a craving.

And just when we thought that we already have everything that is enough to make us go "arigoto" everyday, another delicious Japanese creation make its way to our tables.... 


Last December, I had a night out with some KTG peeps that ended up with dessert and coffee at some local "carinderia". My husband and I had the Pen Pals of that certain "turo turo" restaurant (blogpost soon to follow!!!!) which consisted of 19 scoops of homemade ice cream all dumped in a ginormous goblet. 

So you see, I may not have had finished the whole 19 scoops but you could just imagine the ice cream coma we had that night. I swore that I would NEVER touch the thing for a while since ice cream almost oozed out of my nose and ears from being too full!!!

BUT, as much as I promised to stop, oh ice cream, why can't I quit you?? I remembered that one of my favorite bloggers, THE PICKIEST EATER, gave me a box of HATTENDO JAPANESE CREAM BUNS to try!

Why hello there HATTENDO! Hai!!!!!!!!

The Japanese first got a taste of HATTENDO CREAM BUNS in 1933 at a confectionary shop owned by Mr. Kaoru Morimitsu. You might say that Mr. Morimitsu really wanted to spread happiness among his fellowmen during the great depression by sharing his delightful sweets and creations. 

Today, the third generation of Morimitsu family is in charge the business of HATTENDO and like his grandfather, he continues to strive for delicious desserts to give joy and happiness to its customers. 

Now as I will get a taste of these famous HATTENDO CREAM BUNS tonight, let's see if it'll banish the feelings of remorse from my act of gluttony earlier! He he he he he!!! 


Azuki Sweet Bean (Red)!!!

Whipped Cream!




I'm really more of a chocolate kind of gal but when my idol blogger advised me to try the HATTENDO whipped cream first, that's what I did!

Yup! When the "Master" makes a reminder, us "Padawans" should always take heed!

As I opened the wrapping I was expecting something to be already squishy since the buns had been out the whole afternoon. What I got though was a firm piece of bread similar to the texture of a newly baked dinner roll peeking at me wrong the damp wrapper. 

Without waiting for another millisecond to pass by, I took huge bite of my HATTENDO JAPANESE BUN and felt no shame in getting sticky cream all over my already messy face. 

It was surprisingly scrumptious!!!

I said "surprisingly" because to be honest, I'm not  fan of the ice cream sandwiches being sold on the streets. It somehow grosses me out when the ice cream gets all melted up making the bun or pandesal mushy. EEEWWWY!!

BUT! I was happy to discover that the HATTENDO BUNS were similar to my favorite Cagayan De Oro Pastel de Camiguin except that the filling was not cloyingly sweet but was juuuust right!

With HATTENDO, the bun held up really firmly and had that freshly-baked bite into it. The cream was all snug inside and did not become watery at all!! I imagined that it might have been conveniently stored in a freezer but I did not get anything frosty in the filling at all.

It was just all luscious and light whipped cream that melted in my mouth after that monstrous bite!

YOWZA! My butt is in trouble now!

Pair up the tasty HATTENDO CREAM BUN with sips of hot coffee and you're in for an exquisite midnight snack!!!

And in no time....

the shy piece!

On another night, my sister tried out the HATTENDO Matcha bun and was surprised how they were able to infuse the yummy nummy  green tea flavors in sweet cream!

As for me, I grabbed the HATTENDO chocolate bun and took 2 bites without even thinking the probability of choking on it. 

(Of course to my defense, chocolate makes everything all right... He he he he he he!!!)

The Chocolate HATTENDO did not have the strong and bitter smack of fudge. Instead what I got were chunks of delicate and smooth whipped cream with a light dollop of chocolate. 

As the HATTENDO BUNS did not have any preservatives, I was surprised to discover (or remember!) that it was best consumed a day after it was given to me. I'm not sure if I was just THAT hungry but I did not detect anything "un-best" as I was popping the last nosh into my mouth. He he he he he! I guess that's what great quality really gives you -- satisfaction beyond what is guaranteed!!!!!!!!!

HATTENDO JAPANESE CREAM BUNS will be available this April 2015 in SM MALL OF ASIA!! I really suggest you take home a box and savor each luscious bite of whipped cream goodness in a freshly baked bun!

It might even make you stand up and do the dance of joy to the tune of Voltes V! He he he he he!!

DOMO ARIGOTO HATTENDO! You made this gal very happy already!


Check this out for news and updates!


  1. -I love, love, love, love, LOVE Japanese food, too! Sabay, sabay nating sabihin: SUSHI CAKE! Hahahaha...
    -ahhhh, Candy Candy ba yang animation na yan? Blocked din pala ni Makoy yang show na yan, parang Voltes V
    -kailan kayo punta ng Japan?
    -GRABE! Karinderya at Turo-Turo lang pala sa iyo ang Peninsula!!! Ibang level na talaga ang EJF!!! Nag-try nga akong pumasok diyan nung minsan, kinulong nila ako sa freezer nila kasi daw di ko ka-level ang YAPsters. Hahahaha...
    -so hindi pala ice cream ang nasa loob niya? I must try this soon so I can find out what it tastes like.
    -Any idea when they'll open and where in MOA they'll be situated?

    Thanks Jaz! Isang mapagpalang Huwebes sa iyo! Mwah!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!! ME TOOOOO! SUPER LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Japanese Food! I'm craving tuloy right now!

      1) Yep! Kasama siya sa tinanggal noon. Grabe sobrang traumatic for us 80s kids! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      2) NAKO NO sino kaya ang kumain sa ANTONIOS na napakamahal!!! Di mo nga ako mapapakain doon! P10,000 ata bill nyo ah! Grave!

      3) I thought it was iced cream at first. It was more like flavored whipped cream that has to be kept cold pa din. SARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAP!!!!

      4) Not yet e. Will check and update this!

      Thanks so muuuuchooooooooooooooooooooooooooos!

    2. Hi Mr. Snuff! Just got word that HATTENDO PHILIPPINES will open in APRIL na :)


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