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Monday, February 23, 2015


It was VALENTIMES and like what we do every year, my dearest master Mati took me out on a date. As with our usual practice, he will choose the restaurant while I pay for dinner.

His first choice was to have dinner at his favorite, HOUSE OF MINIS but then, I got off work late and the branch at Greenhills was closed already. I promised him that we will have another date at his favorite steakhouse next time.

His plan B was for some pasta at CIBO. I'm glad because I was also craving for some of Margarita Fores' simple Italian comfort food that the Chinese Adonis was not overly fond of. Besides the company, I always look forward to having these dates with my master Mati because he is more adventurous to all types of cuisine than his Daddy. At least I will get to eat my tummy's desires without fear of this Chinese Adonis (aka brute) going EEEWY.

Hopefully when Mati grows up into this genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, he'll make me choose where to go for our VALENTIMES date AND foot the bill. That is, if he will STILL take me out. If not, I will immediately become a Monster-in-Law with a broken heart. He he he he!

HAPPY VALENTIMES my dearest "Mati Stark"!


I always loved the interiors of CIBO because it's stylish yet casual. The metal chairs and tables always work in giving that snazzy vibe!

CIBO would always give out these mouth watering smells when I walk by their mall restaurants. The same could be said for this branch because I knew that our food was ready when my hungry senses got wind of the delicious aroma!

It's fun to go out during VALENTIMES season because restaurants would always have special deals for your dinner.

My date deciding what to get.

When we go out, I always order for the family. Now, I'm training my boys to take charge with what to get. Here's master Mati ordering for us.

Others will vouch for this, but I am SUCH a romantic. I take it after my Dad who is so good with ladies. Ha ha ha ha! If  I'm not a girl, I would be a "chick-boy". With that, I'm teaching some "techniques" to dear Mati! And yes, showing a girl that you are going to take care of everything even if it's just in a restaurant is a turn on! 

Hi hi hi!


Yup! It was established in 1997. Suddenly I got these flashbacks on the buzz that CIBO made while I was still in College. It was the newest and stylish restaurant then!

Me and my very handsome date!

Egad! Mati is so big na in this picture!

I asked Mati if he got me flowers and  he answered that he bought a raffle ticket in school which had a VALENTINE cake for a prize. He was supposed to give it to me if he won. Too bad he didn't. He said he demanded a recount when he didn't win. Yes he's serious. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Mati was in the mood for some soup and he ordered his usual favorite, cream of pumpkin (P215.00).

The soup was indeed creamy but not at all cloying to the taste. The pumpkin certainly made sipping the soup a lip-smacking experience. 

Mati did not fancy having bread WITHIN the soup. I would have to agree because it could get soggy in a while and nothing grosses me more than sloppy bread. I would rather have the toasted baguette on the side because I still want my bread crunchy while slurping on the soup. 

Good thing that CIBO's bread was not soggy yet but Mati made sure and ate everything in a hurry. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ever since I watched JULIE AND JULIA I have been in love with bruschettas! I tell you when Amy Adams was munching onto that bread loaded with juicy tomatoes and drinking wine, I was drooling like Benedict Cumberbatch when he sees my picture (he he he he he!). 

It's my first time ordering a bruschetta in CIBO and the waiter recommended the Fresh Pomodoro (P205.00).

Oh wow... look at those plump and juicy tomatoes tossed in garlic oil.....

This wonderful creation was then served with shaved parmesan cheese and more garlic oil!!

Since I LOVED cheese, I asked for more!

This was truly heavenly I tells ya! My mouth is watering at the though of biting onto the crusty buttered baguette with the fresh tart tomatoes!

Next time though I may request to have the toppings on the side because when I was halfway, the bread lost its crunch. Sorry I'm weird that way. He he he he he he!

Pimping up my bruschetta further!

I'm an avid follower of JIN LOVES TO EAT and when I saw her post that she had THIS for lunch, it became my automatic order!

CIBO's 3 cheese pasta (P350.00).

This bowl of pasta was just beautiful! The spaghetti was certainly al dente and swimming with cream that was jampacked with cheese plus truffle oil!

It was even served with a heart shaped grilled bread!

So beautiful! I cannot WAIT to dig in!

Oooh lala....

Mati put up his bread and tore it up! He said, he's going to break my heart soon!

Why you?!!

No allowance till next month!

Mati was in the mood for some lasagna and ordered a very cheesy one from CIBO (P350.00)!

He asked why the plate was very hot and I answered it was because they heat the whole thing up in an oven until the cheese bubbles.

My very happy VALENTIMES date!

Me and Master Mati!

Our food! Our perfectly-delicious-and-wonderful-together FOOD!

I tried Mati's lasagna and it was so meaty to the bite! The sauce had the right sweetness to it that grown-ups and kids will love!


I gave Mati some of my pasta since he wanted to try it out. However, he was too full to finish it so we still had leftovers to take home.

Le bill!

While I was paying, dearest Mati asked if I have pictures of him in my wallet. I told him I don't have 1 but 4 pictures! I took out the one that won't be damaged if I take it out. The other were already "stuck" on the plastic covering of my wallet.

Awww my baby!

...who's now such a big guy!

After eating, my boy led the way for dessert.

His request was for some donuts at KRISPY KREME!!!

His and hers!

Me and dearest Mati!

After this picture was taken a couple sat beside us and really made out. I caught Mati sneaking a glance every now and then and would say YUUUK!!

Hopefully you'll say the same even after 10 years! Please don't leave me for some hussy yet dear Mati!


When it was time to go home, Andrei joined us. My little bunsoy in turn had his own date with the Chinese Adonis. I'm not sure if the two enjoyed their date too much because little Andrei just woke up and was such in a bad mood throughout dinner. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Ever since I had kids, my goal is to always make a lot of loving memories with them. It's not really because I expect them to do the same thing for me  but I hope they would make their own kids have happy and warm memories too. That's what my parents did and now I'm doing it now!

Hopefully this VALENTIMES date night with my eldest son would be something memorable for him. 

If he forgets this, I might give him a bonk in the head even if he WILL be a genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist. He he he he he he!



Check this out:

Ground Floor, Promenade, 
Greenhills, San Juan City
02 7272426

I was supposed to go on a VALENTIMES date with Andrei that Sunday but he got so sick that we stayed home for a few days.

While taking care of him I came across this simple heart shaped paper with his little scribbles....

Come to think of it, most of the time it's our children who gives US the unforgettable memories. 

So. There.

Sniff sniff! He he he he!


  1. -Another sweet tradition!!! Inggit ako! hehehe...
    -Sa Greenhills ba yung branch ng house of minis na dapat pupuntahan niyo? Buhay pa ba yun? Yun yata original nila e, hehehe...
    -Grabe! Anong oras ka na naka-alis ng trabaho at nasarahan na kayo ng HoM? hahaha
    -So sosyal! Cibo! At mukhang close kayo ni Margarita Fores ha. =)
    -Saang branch ng Cibo yan? It doesn't look like the one in Rockwell kse.
    -uy, ang cute nung waiter ha, well, at least from his left profile... hahaha...
    -wow! Tinuturuan mo na pala si Mati ng "Da Moves!" hahaha
    -you were in college nung 1997? Child prodigy ka pala, kse 12 years old ka pa lang nun, di ba? hehehe
    -pero tama ka, in-na-in ang Cibo nun, I can only stare at their customers in envy kse I couldn't afford to eat there before
    -medyo long shot na manalo si Mati sa raffle, pero nakakatuwa naman na naisip niya yun
    -I like soggy bread! Pati nga pandesal binababad ko sa kape e, hahaha... pero pareho kayo ni The Partner, ayaw din niya ng ganyan. Pati nga yung ginagawa mo sa Congee ng Gloria Maris to have the chips on the side, ganun parati ginagawa ni TP even from waaaaay before. Ako naman I mix it in pa talaga, hahaha...
    -Side note: ni-research ko talaga mga Gloria Maris posts mo kse dun ako nag-breakfast nung Feb 19 (CNY)
    -we also love bruschettas! One of our favorites is the mushroom bruschetta of Gotti's Ristorante.
    -Sigh, if only I can eat everything Jin eats, I'd be a happy man, hahaha
    -Ang cute naman ng mga pics ni Mati where he "broke your heart" hahaha
    -Syempre, dapat meron nitong comment na ito: "EEEEEEKKK! Ang bill! Ang mahal!!! Di ko kinaya ang presyo! Pang EJF levels lang talaga!!!" hahaha
    -ang cute ng baby pics ni Mati!!! Kamukha mo pala siya nung bata siya.
    -Ang sweet naman nung card ni Andrei! Sayang di natuloy date niyo.
    -Awwww... you're certainly giving them a lot of good memories and traditions which will serve them well when they grow up.

    Advance Happy Birthday Jaz!!! Di ko alam kung may post ka bukas kaya binati na kita ngayon, hehehe...

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!!

      Yes somebody once said, ang dami nyo nang tradition!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry, old style ako e. Besides, if I do it as a tradition, dun siya magagawa talaga every year! He he he he he!

      1) Yes! Mati wanted sana to go to the Shaw Boulevard branch but I thought Yub and Andrei won't have anything to do there. At least in Greenhills there's an arcade and more choices for restaurants. Yun nga lang it closes at 9pm (in Shaw it's 930pm). Kaya I owe Mati... Ha ha ha ha ha! Will take him

      2) Mga 8:30pm na ako nakalabas ng office and got to Greenhills ng mga past 9pm na... But it's okay we had a lot of work to do then e.

      3) Feeling close lang kami! Hoy laking mura ng Cibo compared sa ANTONIOS no???

      4) It's CIBO in Promenade Greenhills :)

      5) BWA HA HA AH HA! Mas laking cutie ni The Partner!

      6) Yes! Naku kung naging guy lang ako ubod ako ng romantic! Ginagawan ko pa ng gimik yung mga friends ko dati. Now I'm passing this knowledge to my boys. He he he he he he!

      7) Ay sorry 2007 pala! Typo!

      8) Di ba sobra siyang THE PLACE TO BE noon besides TGIFRIDAYS! He he he he he!

      9) Mas type ko kasi yung may crunch then tsaka sasabayan ng creamy liquid. He he he he he! Jive talaga kami ni The Partner mo.

      10) Yes ang cute. He is so innocent and positive na feeling niya talaga mananalo siya to give me the cake.

      11) Did you like your breakfast? naku pag hindi patay ako niyan!

      12) I'm sooooo addicted ngayon!!! I'll try that!

      13) AKO DIN! HAAAAAAAAAY.....

      14) Naughty naughty niya ha ha ha ha ha ha!


      16) Yes I thought so too. Nung tumanda kamukha na niya si Eric.

      17) Hindi pa kami nagdedate pano kapag pwede sana he wants to go with his lolo. My Dad always give him money (sweldo) to go with them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      18) Hindi ko actually maintindihan ung card ni Andrei. Basa mo ba?

      19) Awwww thanks!!! Pero like I said, parang ako ang nagkakagood memories tuloy. I hope sila din.

      THANKS MUCHO MUCH! WALA NANG BABATI SA AKIN TOMORROW HA HA HA HA HA HA! Oh well!!! Thanks again! mmmmmwaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  2. -halatang hindi mo tinitignan ang IG posts ko, hahahaha... yes, nagustuhan ko brekkie sa Gloria Maris, hahaha...
    -kaya pala gusto niyang sumama sa lolo kasi may pabaon, hahaha...
    -this is what I read from Andrei's card: "dear parents, I will give flowers and show respect (?) to my family."
    -Madami pa din babati sa iyo bukas! hehehe...

    1. O baka "I will give always and show respect to my family"

    2. Hulloooo Mr. Snuff!!! I forgot to ask him about it also. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ang galing mo kuha mo yung SHOW RESPECT TO.... He just spelled some words wrong. ANG GALING!!!!!!

      1) SORRY!!! Ha ha ha ha! Honestly speaking I'm not much of an IG person. Mas FB talaga ako. Ang when I don't back scroll. Kung ano makita ko for that day, yun na yun. Ha ha ha ha ha! SORRY PO!!!!

      2) Yey I'm glad you liked GLORIA MARIS! Sayang was not able to eat there for my birthday :( Super traffic kasi. Nauwi kami sa Rockwell uli. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      3) SOBRA!!! As much as the Chinese Adonis and I want to go out with the kids everytime (except Saturday date night), we have to give way to my Dad and Mom who are crazy about the little lords. Super spoiled yung dalawa! But I'm happy that the kids have grandparents who love them so. Mas gusto ko na yun kesa yung mga walang pakialam di ba. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      4) Madami nga!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH nagdilang anghel ka! Wohooo!


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