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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Ever since we had an unforgettable Antipolo barbecue at my brother's house late last year, we always find ourselves working the epic dinner into our conversations hoping that there would be an immediate sequel to it:
- "Ah yes, Christmas is just around the corner and there are sales everywhere. I wonder if it's traffic going to Antipolo?"
- "There may be delicious seafood in New Orleans but I'm sure it's as good as  the grilled shrimps you served us in Antipolo before, remember?"
- "Kuya Jon too bad you did not join us in Kuya Jay's barbecue. NEXT TIME you should really go with us!"

It also encouraged us to be creative....
-"Kuya Jay, Mati has a "field trip" this weekend in Antipolo. Is that the weekend you'll be having another barbecue?"

Of course, when our tummies really got craving, it compelled us to be a little bit more straight forward.
- "Kuya Jay hope you could have another barbecue real soon!"

Then... things got desperate....
-"Kuya Jay please.... Let's have another barbecue..."

It later on went to borderline pathetic....
-"Kuya Jay we'll just leave the kids at home so that only me and Eric could go to your barbecue.....

He he he he! Just kidding (or am I?) but it really didn't take much of a nudge for our brother to fire up his favorite grill once again.  After his repeated invites, everyone's schedule finally matched and the family had a memorable ANTIPOLO BARBECUE once more.

You could say that we all got so excited that the day finally came that we accidentally left our Kuya Jon at home! He he he he!

Of course I'm kidding again!

Or am I? Tee hee!!!


Unlike last time, Kuya Jay set up our barbecue lunch at his garden since there'll be more of us pigging out on his hot off the grill food!!!

My brother is getting ready!

He was getting ready by having some pansit lucban as "energizers". He he he he he!

His "assistant" was all prepared and waiting. 

The "players" for that game!

One of my brother's favorite barbecue rub these days is the creole seasoning I got for him when I went to the US. 


My very dependable bunsoy Andrei got curious and volunteered to help in the barbecue. 

He stared as my brother started up the fire with his "mini flame thrower".

(Obviously, I don't know what it's called!)

Of course, Andrei kept a safe distance while Kuya Jay was starting it up. 

My ultra helpful (and pogi... tee hee) Chinese Adonis took over when my brother had to attend to something.

Is it obvious that I want something for Valentime's??

When the coals were lighted up, Andrei got his fan and kept it smoking.

YEHESSS! Child labor rules!!!!



Pork liempo that had been marinating since last night.... 

T-bone steaks that were seasoned with salt and pepper before the grill!

(Yep. Only marinate steaks before cooking!)

Shrimps that were dusted with the Creole seasoning in batches!

Not pictured were hotdogs, spam, onions, marshmallows and chocolate!


Buttered Shrimps!

Steamed Crabs!

Plus puso ng saging with coconut milk, buttered corn and steamed rice!

Voila! The simple spread!

What a great day for a barbecue!

And it's time to start grilling!

Let's begin with some steak and pork chops!

The boys locked the grill for a minute and I spy the smoke seeping out!

Wohoo! We got some meat!

Later on Kuya Jay threw in some Hungarian sausages in the grill.

Hmmmm.... I have this nagging urge to comment on that.... 

But never mind.

I WILL stop watching watching porn though from now on.


And here we are again!

That sausage tasted MIGHTY good especially with mustard!

Yub and Anthony would proceed to chop up anything that comes out of the grill!

Perfectly seasoned and tender meat....

HOMER DROOLS (wrlkwlklkwrl)!

Juicy pork liempo!

While they were cooking up the barbecue, Mati and best friend Dominic asked if they could go to the clubhouse. 

It was actually very cold in Antipolo mid-December that's why I had the kids wear long sleeved shirts! 

Andrei got tired of his fanning duties and later joined the two.

The boys had a lot of fun with the swings while Dominic was doing the pushing. 

I really miss going on swings. But these days my butt is so big that I have a hard time squeezing into one!

I'm not kidding!

Later on their tummies grumbled and they got back just in time to catch sausages and liempo all piping hot!

Yes! Somebody is feeling hungry!

This barbecue platter NEVER gets full because as soon as meat is placed here, somebody would suddenly zoink it out!

Steak!!!! Come to mama!

And now it's time for the shrimp!

Even if the pork liempo has already been marinating, my brother would baste it from time to time with olive oil and the creole seasoning.

A very happy photobomber!!!!

I wonder why? We'll see on September! Tee hee!

Time to eat!!!

My niece Rocio and her best friend Martina got ready to eat! 

I got the impression they felt the Chinese Adonis was not slicing fast enough. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The boys got their own little secret place to eat in.

Andrei and Dominic chose to eat in the little kubo.

While Mati wanted to join the girls.

Don't think much into it. He just wanted to have a comfortable table to eat on.

No girlfriend till you're 25 Mati!

My Dad, his older sister Tita Carmi, my mom, LADY CRAWLEY-YAP, and my Dad's younger sister Tita Melda!

Kuya Jay and wife Karen!

My mom and Ate Jojit with Martina's parents.

And now it's time for me to EAT!

My plate! My don't-use-utensils-and-get-your-hands-dirty PLATE!

It was such a lovely day for our favorite barbecue in Antipolo!

The lovebirds pigging out (yihiiii!) with Karen!

Even if there was still a lot of cooked meat on the table, my brother was still in the mood to put something in the grill. With that he threw in some Spam and Onions!

Now that's so fine with us!

I love Spam so much and I ate these two pieces heartily with rice and grilled onions!

Yep! The onions were such revelations! It was a very good veggie to munch on while having all the very flavorful grilled meats!

So sorry for my onion breath later Benedict Cumberbatch... este.. Chinese Adonis!

While we were eating, I spied Andrei steaming up some marshmallows.

There were still some meats grilling and since he cannot wait for it to finish, he chose to make the marshmallows all hot and gooey via the smoke coming out of the grill!

Like I said, he cannot wait, so he took a bite from his sticky skewered marshmallow!

After eating all those hearty meats, Kuya Jay and Karen set up a long table to have soda, beer, and coffee while we chat up some more.

Thank you so much for the deeeeeelicious barbecue Kuya Jay and Karen!!! We can't wait for the next session! 

This time, will try to do some Jedi mind tricks to get things going. Let's hope my big forehead will be up to the task!




While we were chatting and having drinks, Andrei ran up to us saying that his Kuya Mati and Dominic got him all tangled up with red thread!

Poor Andrei!! 

But even if this was supposed to be a serious situation, I was somehow touched that little Andrei wanted to be "rescued" by us. I love feeling needed by my boys (whom I will treat as my babies forever) even if I feel they should already be handling it by themselves (e.g. going into a dark room). I know that in a few years they will be all strong, tall, and robust that they will scoff at the thought of "running to mommy" for anything. I'm trying my best to be prepared for the time they wouldn't need us for anything anymore. 

But please... Not yet! 

My babies Mati and Andrei could always count on me and the Yub to come dashing every time they call out to us.

Boo hoo!!!!


  1. Master, este, Mister BatesFebruary 12, 2015 at 4:11 AM

    -Wow!!! Ito ang pinakahihintay mong post... alam mo ba na yung first Antipolo Barbecue post mo ang unang-una kong binasa na post mo dito? hehehe...
    -Ganda naman ng bahay ng kuya mo! Ibang level talaga ang EJF and family!!!
    -passive-aggressive ang peg sa pag-kumbinsi kay kuya na mag-barbecue? hahaha...
    -naiwan niyo talaga si Kuya Jon???
    -penge din akong creole seasoning! Although malamang di ko din magagamit kasi wala naman akong malaking bahay sa Antipolo para mag-barbecue, hahaha
    -that "mini flame thrower" is a blowtorch =)
    -buttered shrimps? steamed crabs? di ba yan din madalas ang lunch niyo pag Sunday?
    -oh wow! That smoke! Sarap siguro nung pork chops... may smokey flavor
    -sarap naman niyang hungarian sausage!!! so thick, so long, so juicy!!! hahaha... (sana makuha mo na reference, hindi katulad kahapon where you glossed over my "BURRATa" double entendre, hahaha...)
    -ganda din ng village ng kuya mo! nice houses, well paved roads... sarap siguro diyan pag "winter months" dito sa atin
    -ikakasal na si Ate sa September? Woohoo!!! Congratulations!
    -LADY CRAWLEY talaga!!! hahahahaha...
    -your kuya needs a bigger grill na, for when all of you go there, hahaha... palaki na ng palaki pamilya niyo =)
    -pareho tayo!!! I love spam din!!!
    -awwwww... before you know it, Andrei and Mati are teenagers na. They grow up so fast!

    O ayan, maaga na ulit ako mag-comment, hahaha... Have a great Thursday Jaz!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!!!!!!

      1) Really? Awwww! Now that post is MORE memorable for me! Naks!

      2) Ha ha ha ha! Thanks! Kudos to my sis in law for overseeing the household very well!!!

      3) Bwa ha ha ha! Just kidding on that part. Game talaga siya as in siya invite ng invite sa amin di lang magkatugma sked ng lahat. Everytime we ask him kung kelan pwede magbarbecue uli he would just say, "kung kelan kayo pwede". He he he he he!

      4) Naku di sumama si Kuya Jon ayaw gumising!!! So kami na lang. He he he he! Tinatamad din siya bumyahe pag malayo.

      5) I'm thinking nga blowtorch kaso feeling ko blowtorch is malaki. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      6) Yes! Ha ha ha ha ah! My Dad kasi has this suki na in the Greenhills market kaya ayun lagi ang menu pag Sunday. Ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) SUPER! AND IT WAS SOOOO JUICY! Kahit yung spam nagka extra ssmokey flavor!

      8) Yes we love it in Antipolo. Ang layo lang e. Ha ha ha ha! Pero the kids always have a blast in my brother's house.

      9) HI HI HI HI HI!!!! YES!!!!!!!!! We're all excited!!!

      10) Oy it's LADY CRAWLEY-YAP! ha ha ha ha ha ha ah ah!!!!

      11) Ha ha ha ha! No okay lang yung grill pero yun nga medyo madaming shifts na sa cooking at pag gutom na kami, pagkalapag ng food, agawan! ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!


      13) WAAAAAH! Wag muna!

      YEHESSSS! Would you believe your comment is the first tihing I read at 530am? I don't publish it agad kasi gusto ko makakasagot agad ako when I do.

      Tee hee! Same to you!!! Happy Thursday dearie!



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