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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


When we celebrated our New Year's weekend in Lucena, we had a day wherein we went around Lucban and Tayabas Quezon Province with the boys. When it was time for lunch we decided to try out the only ramen place in the area that I have been hearing SO much about. Of course, when it comes to ramen my motto is "If you build it, they will come"(from Field of Dreams).  If I hear that there's a ramen house in whatever area, I am bound to drag my family over there. Good thing too that THE YAPPY BUNCH are so fond of slurping on noodles.

Well, except the Chinese Adonis. He doesn't have a choice but to go with us. That is, if he wants to get some labing labing from me. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! 


The restaurant is named after the owner's son. They had other options in mind but this was what DTI approved. He he hee!

The restaurant is really small that you might pass by without noticing it. NIGAZZ is almost beside a Sari Sari store in that street.

NIGAZZ restaurant hours.

I'm not really sure what they mean about "late guests". Perhaps it's for booking outside their restaurant hours or if you want them to hold your table because you're stuck in traffic? 

I forgot to clarify this. Maybe next time I'll ask what it's about. 

NIGAZZ is very small and could fit around 15 diners comfortably. Good thing that we went there on the last day of 2014 so we were the only ones in the restaurant. 

Small and cozy!

Yub hates ramen (except IPPUDO) so he really studied the menu on what to order.

NIGAZZ menu 1...

NIGAZZ menu 2...

NIGAZZ menu 3....

For non-ramen losers....este... people, this is for you.

NIGAZZ also included some "house rules". 

For ramen newbies, don't be confused or offended. Everything listed above is all imposed in the popular ramen houses in Manila and Japan!

There was only one server and cook at NIGAZZ and it was none other than the better half of the husband and wife tandem/owners of the restaurant.

Her husband is a chef and manages the NIGAZZ branch in Lucena. She said that her husband Joel Perea loves food so much that he wanted to share his knowledge (and cooking) in Quezon province.

I love it when successful individuals go back to their hometown to help out!

NIGAZZ is semi-self service. Utensils and other condiments are within arm's reach. 

And THAT is where child labor comes in handy.

Kidding! But yes, we asked the little lords to get everything for us.

If you were there dining with us, you'd say that we were a very confused bunch. At first Yub sat by the long table because and little Andrei had mini-spat. We thought that since the tables were small, it would also be more comfortable for us if the Chinese Adonis sit on the other side. The place was too small anyways that we're almost like sitting together.

The boys were supposed to have a table to themselves but then both wanted me to sit with them. So I transferred since I would be feeding Andrei anyway.

Later on Andrei had a change of heart and really pleaded to have Daddy with us. The Chinese Adonis switched seats and with that we were all bunched up in that one small table. It's okay because eating together was more fun anyway.

First on the table was the 3 pieces NIGAZZ fried gyozas which came with my ramen. 

My boys loved it as the gyozas were crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside. This was wiped away in no time that we had to order an extra one!



I'm sorry if I had to add the word FINALLY because it really took a bit of time for the food to be cooked and served. Considering that we were the only ones in the restaurant, our orders arrived about 45 minutes later. I understand and am grateful though that NIGAZZ really cooked everything upon ordering. But I hope they make up a system so that diners wouldn't have to wait so long. I mean, if other ramen houses could do it, I'm sure they can too later on!

I just wonder how long the wait will be if the restaurant was jampacked! Inangku!

Yub and Andrei shared an order of NIGAZZ Original Ramen (P198 - small).

The Chinese Adonis was supposed to order a rice meal but since Andrei craved for some ramen, he agreed to just share it with bunsoy since he was not that hungry anyway.

The soup of the NIGAZZ ramen was milky and very well seasoned. 

The ramen noodles were perfectly al dente and very firm to the bite!

The NIGAZZ small bowl is actually enough for 2 light eaters. My husband and Andrei shared this and had several servings from their small bowls!

My master Mati had the NIGAZZ Breakfast Ramen (P198.00) with, you guessed it, fried egg, bacon, and his new favorite, bean sprouts!

Mati's order also came with grated cheese which was not really shocking for us because we loved the noodles from MITSUYADO SEI MEN!

My guy was so excited to slurp on his ramen that he cannot wait to dig in!

He didn't let us try any of it too! Ha ha ha ha ha! Kidding!

I was so happy that Andrei got a big forkful and ate away.

Ever since he got tummy ache from the very fatty soup of the other restaurants, Andrei stayed away from ramen. Good thing he got over it and dug into his very hot bowl of noodles!

Even Yub was happy. He still loved his favorite IPPUDO of course, but he was satisfied with his order from NIGAZZ!

Yeheyyy! My order is here!

NIGAZZ Spicy Hot Miso (small with gyoza P288.00).

My order was jampacked with miso flavorings, tofu, and a helluva lot of chili!

I have a high tolerance for spicy food but this was really hot! So perfect with the chilly weather!

Ain't that pretty! They got the "runniness" of the tamago egg correct too!

Like the other ramen bowls, my noodles were chewy and had that nice spring into it!

Open wide!

The creamy tofu cubes really complemented the spicy broth as it tempered the hotness!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords in NIGAZZ!

Like I said, we loved the NIGAZZ gyozas (P78.00) so much that we had another order of it! 

Our full, messy, but happy table!

Poor Andrei suddenly got scared when there were fireworks suddenly popping outside the restaurant. He HATES fireworks with a passion!

Mati, however, was fully concentrated with his NIGAZZ ramen and did not let ANYTHING bother him. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Our NIGAZZ bill!

If you're craving for Ramen or just something different in Quezon Province, troop over to NIGAZZ! Be prepared though for the tight quarters and the long wait for your food to be cooked. Don't worry. Just one sip of their very tasty and perfectly seasoned broth and you'll forgive and forget everything! Like I said, it just means that they really work hard for that one bowl of delicious ramen!!

NIGAZZ HOUSE OF RAMEN - Certainly worth a try (and repeat) when you're in Lucban, Quezon Province!


Check it out

22 Avenida Rizal St.
Lucban, Quezon
(042) 5406581


  1. HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS DEAR QUEEN JAZ! I always read your blog entries upon signing in and I will most likely forever do that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Have a very blessed day and God bless you always! Take care and hope to see you soon!! :)

    -sounds familiar ba yung greeting ko? hahaha... kahit plagiarized yan, it still reflects my sentiments for you on this your special day.
    -ang sarap siguro mag-ramen sa lucban during that time... ANG LAMIIIIG!!!
    -WOW! A home-grown, locally-owned ramen shop in Lucban! We should really support those budding entrepreneurs who decide to risk a lot to open their own businesses. RESPECT!
    -At mukhang masarap ang mga ramen nila ha. Saw their FB page, and they seem to be concocting new flavors pa, like squid ink ramen.
    -buti walang mga african-americans na nakakakita ng pangalan nila at sinasabihan sila na racist, hahaha
    -ano nga kaya ang ibig nilang sabihin sa "late guest" ano? 'Tis a puzzlement.
    -strict naman nila! Paano yan, di ako marunong mag-chopsticks, fork ang ginagamit ko sa pagkuha ng noodles ng ramen, hahaha...
    -buti hindi nila pinagalitan si Eric at Andrei kasi nag-share sila sa ramen
    -oh my, 45 minutes is a really long time to wait for your food. I hope that isn't a normal occurence. Baka nailigpit na nila lahat ng gamit at stocks nila kasi magsasara na sila for their new year's eve celebration nung dumating kayo, and they had to take everything out again, kaya nagtagal, hehehe...
    -oooohhhh, your ramen looks really good! Both The Partner and I love spicy food!
    -kung ganyang kalaki ang "small" order nila, I wonder how big the "large" one is. Sulit!
    -kawawa naman si Andrei! I hope he gets over his dislike for fireworks soon, although I can't say I blame him. Ayoko din kse ng paputok nung bata ako.
    -Juice colored!!! Ang bill! Di ko kinaya!!! Limang buwan ko nang sweldo yan!!! <<<=== mandatory na itong linyang ito, hahaha
    -I hope maka-kain kami ni TP diyan one of these days... or sana magbukas sila ng branch someplace nearer Manila, hehehe...

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAZ! Many happy returns! Mwah!

    1. Hiya Mr Snuff!!!!!

      1) You're joking me naman e! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ayan nahiya tuloy ako sa comment ko with SUGAR AND SPICE!!!

      2) Yes!!! NIGAZZ RAMEN may not be Ippudo or Ramen Nagi but it certainly hit the spot when we were there in Lucban! We were VERY satisfied!

      3) Yes! My sentiments exactly! I have real respect for successful businessmen who go back and do what they can in their home town.

      4) Sayang I just saw that too! It was not yet available when we ate there otherwise I would've ordered that! I guess the girl (I forgot her name) did eat at RAMEN NAGI. I told her to try out the other popular restaurants in Manila for research!

      5) I know!!! Ha ha ha ha! Actually I told them too that some people may not fancy their name pero she explained that was the only available name approved by DTI that they submitted long ago. Wala na silang nagawa. He he he he he!

      6) I really don't know! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      7) It was really a suggestion naman daw ha ha ha aha! Look at Andrei he still used fork and spoon. Ang strict Yushoken in Molito! They REALLY don't let people share!

      8) Okay lang naman daw. Kami pa! Tatanggi ba sila sa CHARM ko??? Kidding!

      9) Exactly! I understand that their defense is that NIGAZZ is not a fast food and that they cook everything fresh upon ordering. But they should really devise a system to lessen the wait. Remember, customers try out the restaurant for the food and would go back for the service. It's contradictory too for a ramen restaurant when it's really a FOOD ON THE GO thing in Japan. Hopefully they fix this. I really want their restaurant to be successful!

      10) It WAS good! I liked it! And super spicy! They used garlic oil though for the spice but still, I enjoyed it.

      11) I KNOW!!! Sulit na sulit!

      12) Oo nga e. Buti si Mati he got over it na. Andrei still gets frightened with loud sounds. Ayaw talaga niya. Tahimik kasi sa lugar namin.


      14) Yes you should! I do hope the partner would visit Quezon Province because it's a great haven for food tripping!!!


  2. Got excited reading your article. Thanks a lot! I'm from Lucban, Quezon but based in Mandaluyong. I regularly visit Lucban but haven't tried this Ramen House. I'll make it a point next weekend.

    By the way, I have tried Koon Lin late last year after reading your article. Really enjoyed the food. Since then, I always make it a point to read your articles. So sorry, it took me a while to share my feedback...

    1. Hiya Matt how are you? Wow thank you so much for checking out the blog. Such a happy treat and discovery for me this Monday. I'm always so glad knowing that there is another person other than Mr. Snuff reading this (yes even my husband does not) KIDDING!! Really!Thanks! Uy we're from Mandaluyong too! That's something we have in common!! Hope to bump into you someday!!

      Thanks so much again for the kind words and appreciation!! Do try NIGGAS! Be prepared for a bit of wait though... Ha ha ha ha! Thanks again and cheers!!



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