Friday, February 13, 2015


Sometime last year, I attended a KTG getogether which ended too soon for some of us that we craved to go somewhere for a nightcap. At first the choice was to go to Starbucks, but since there was not a branch in sight (imposibleh!) we just resigned ourselves to having coffee at Mcdonald's.

I know what you're thinking: Kekekwekweeeeeeng....

We don't have anything against Mcdonald's of course, but it would be nice to go somewhere a little bit special since it is rare I get to have a night out with some of the KTG ladies. Then, lo and behold, Jane of SUGAR, SPICE, and EVERYTHING NICE suggested we have our much desired ending at PENINSULA MANILA with an order of their ginormous PEN PALS. I remembered always talking about it with my BGP Marian when we were having our practicum LAST YEAR (tee hee) that I immediately agreed.

And with that, FIREWORKS!


It would definitely be a SWEET and LUSCIOUS night ahead!

The Peninsula Manila lobby!

THE YAPPY BUNCH love going here for our New Year Hotel Hopping but we have never tried their Pen Pals not even once!

Not too shabby!

It was a packed night in THE PENINSULA MANILA but good thing the boys in our group were what you may call "resourceful" that the maitre d' let us settle in their waiting area first. 


The very sweet Kap and Jane of SUGAR, SPICE and EVERYTHING NICE!

The very nice Joan and Stonibert (THE FOOD ALPHABET)!

The very WTF ERICJAZ FOODIES... Ha ha ha ha!

LQ kami niyan kaya I was not talking to him. Really!

I love these ladies!

I also love the PENINSULA MANILA server who took a lot of our pictures.

Wait...She IS a server right?? He he he he he!

Time to order!

What's with that stupid grin on my face???

The dessert menu!

Sorry but it was so dark in the lobby!

While waiting for our order, we and President Stonibert talked about politics.

Naaaah! Most likely we talked about food! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Our simple but exquisite table setting for our ice cream!

And this is the picture the lady server took of us!

With flash!

Sorry we just all looked good that I cannot, for the life of me, erase it!

And finally it's here!

The PENINSULA MANILA Pen Pals (P1,500.00).

The PEN PAL is 19 scoops of PENINSULA MANILA's home made ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. 

The mouth watering creation is then topped with fresh fruits, marshmallows, and wafer sticks then drizzled with chocolate sauce plus whipped cream!

What you see before you is certainly a thing of beauty that the KTG cannot stop taking pictures of it.

The same thing could be said for the PEN PALS.

Tee hee!

Wait. I just referred to myself as "it". 


The Peninsula Manila PEN PALS was such a perfect ender for us!

Like I said... 

WTF??? He he he he he!

My first of many scoops from the PEN PALS!

We were nearing our ice cream coma but there were still some more in the big goblet!

And finally, Yub was able to finish off the last scoop.

Yep. He's going to "pay" for that later. 

When I said "pay" I didn't mean anything monetary. Tee to the Hee!

Oh wow... marshmallow, chocolate, and whipped cream galore!


Le bill!

Had a lot of fun with some of the KTG guys and ladies! Really hope we'll have another sweet meet up like this soon!!!


For our HOTEL HOPPING to welcome 2015, our first stop was in MANILA PENINSULA where I met with BGP Marian!

I surprised her with an order of Pen Pals with candles and sparklers since it was her birthday the next day!

Like I mentioned above, I remember LAST YEAR when we would always talk about having PEN PALS to treat ourselves with our first pay check!

So really, having it for her birthday with our families is such a touching moment for us. I cannot think of anything more special to mark the eve of her special day!

That's me. Ms. Sentimental Hot Girl.

Tee Hee!

Dearest BGP Marian! Happy Boithday!

If you're thinking of having something other than the usual coffee or cake with your couple/family friends, you may want to try PEN PALS of PENINSULA MANILA! We really had a lot of fun sharing that ginormous goblet filled with luscious and exquisite ice cream. Believe me, it's A LOT! I remember one of my friends saying "Hindi siya nauubos!!!!"

This Valentime's (that is how I spell it!!!) you could invite your family or other couple friends to have a different night for this special day of hearts! If not Valentimes, it could be for a birthday, Mother's day, or any other day you wish to indulge and share the sweet life with the people you love!

Go for it! WOHOOO! 



The Peninsula Manila 
Corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues, 
1226 Makati City, Metro Manila, 
+63 2 887 2888


  1. Ganun??? Kunwari nanghihinayang ka sa ginastos namin sa Antonio's (full meal, with drinks, appetizer, salad, soup, dessert, and digestif), samantalang gumastos ka ng P1,800+++ for ICE CREAM??? Not once, but TWICE!!! Aba, 2/3 na yan ng binayad namin for our dinner. Paki-explain. Lab yu! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    (ibang level ka talaga!!! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„)

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff! ABA napaaga talaga ngayon ah!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Anyway.............

      -- Ahem ahem! Please take note...
      1) Yung sa first we shared the cost for the PEN PALS... Yung sa second lang talaga ako nagtreat.

      2) Heller ahem ahem... 6 kami nakinabang sa PEN PALS... SA second, tatlong pamilya kami! VS sa dalawa lang kayo ni Good looking partner tapos P10,000!!!! OMG! Ikaw ang lumelevel sa LORD GRANTHAM! Grabeeee! Pero really... dream ko yan. Inggit ako sa yo and happy that you are super enjoying with TP!!!! Haaaaay sana manalo ako sa lotto... maybe soon! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

      LAB YU MOOOOOORE!!!!!!!!

    2. Isa lang ang dapat malaman ng hukom - gumastos ka ng P1800+++ para sa ice cream. Ang verdict? IKAW ANG QUEEN ELIZABETH levels!!! hahahahaha.....

      Hay naku, nakakatuwa talagang magbasa ng blog mo... HAPPY VD sa inyo ni CA!!! Enjoy!!! =)

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha! Hay! Hindi ko mabasa first part ng message mo! Anyway thanks super kaduper and HAPPY VALENTIMES to you and the partner!!!!!

  2. Lekat ke mahal ng ice cream na yan! Dapat pati bowl inuwi natin hahaha! Fun night! Madilim lang kaya hindi maganda lumabas ang photos ko sayang. Bawi tayo sa binondo food trip. Yung almost 2k natin na pang-ice cream pangkabuhayan showcase na sa Chinatown hahaha! :-*

    1. Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Natawa naman ako dun sa dapat inuwi ang bowl at pangkabuhayan showcase!!!!! Winner ka talaga! Correct!!! Ang ganda niya e!!! Yes please! See you soon dear Sugar and Spice!!! MISHOOOOO!

  3. ANO BA YAN!! KALA KO COFFEE lang!! tapos may ICE CREAM PALA!!!! bakit bakit bakit bakit!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WHY!!!!! sniff sniff... !!!!
    Grabe ganyan kayooooo .. pasalubong po next time?? !! hahaha kidding !! Have a good one maam :D :D :D

    1. Nagmamadali ka kasi sobra sa date mo e!!! Ayan tuloy! Kidding!!! We missed you here. Next time, KASAMA KA DAPAT!!! Take care Mr. Jeng!


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