Tuesday, February 17, 2015


This year may be so-so to some but for ERICJAZ FOODIES, 2015 will definitely be a time to remember. Yep! We claim it! Though we normally always have the best year every time, 2015 will mark many happenings that will definitely get TP (top priority) in our silly little foodie blog.

NUMERO UNO -- My sister is getting married this year! Yep! It will finally happen. She actually doesn't like me broadcasting it. But hey, since she doesn't read my blog, no harm will be done (aka, she will not know about it he he he he!).

NUMERO DOS -- I will be turning 30 this year. Yes I know. It really doesn't look like it since people say I look 25 but it IS possible. You know how some women are ashamed to let everyone know the truth about their age? That doesn't apply to me. I AM SO PROUD to be FINALLY 30.

Tee Hee....

NUMERO TRES -- Actually there's no third reason. I just put this here because only having NUMERO UNO and DOS for the heading seem incomplete. He he he he he he! But hey, if we're really going for it, since we have many important events coming up, I am looking at EATING A LOT this year! Of course, numerous celebrations may also call for repeated food consumption. So I'm getting myself ready for THAT.

ANYWAY, looking at my Top Priority reasons above, I feel that I should already adapt a change in my lifestyle. Don't get me wrong, for my sister's wedding and for turning 30, I am not really focused on getting stick thin like I was before (yes it happened). What I aim to go for now is BEING HEALTHY.

I know who I am and I cannot anymore change my love for food. Asking me to just restrict myself to a few sorry pieces of lettuce is like the end of the world for me. I love to eat and people around me should not anymore be surprised by it. However, as I turn 30, I cannot be as irresponsible as I was before. Though I still go for bone marrow and creamy crab fat,  I have learned to limit my intake of these dangerous grub. Plus, I'm so proud to say that I have already included exercise in my daily habit. Yep! I have made the impossible, possible. There will be no crash diets nor quick fixes for me. I will be changing my LIFESTYLE so that I could still do what I love doing -- EAT!

That is why when I have come upon the bottles of THE GOOD JUICE, I was very grateful to have another reinforcement in going for that healthy route. There is nothing like getting "assistance" that not only tastes good but makes you feel good as well! With THE GOOD JUICE, you will be able to flush out those dirty toxins after smacking your lips at their fruity flavors! With that, I am once again ready to face a new day with my happy life as a foodie!

What do you think I was going for? A model like figure? NO! I will exercise and have a different routine so I could STILL be a food lover! And I'm sure when it comes to changing habits, you need all the help you could get!

Now THAT is where THE GOOD JUICE will deliciously come in!


Now THIS is what I need right now!

Yep... No hugs... No lovin' from the Chinese Adonis... No "you can do it" inspirational words.

I. Need. This!

When I received my stack from THE GOOD JUICE, I was so excited! It was actually my first time to detoxify and I didn't know what really to expect. 

Each bottle proudly displayed their bright colors of flavor! I was already drooling at the thought of chugging the refreshing juice over lots of ice!

Now, which one to choose first?

EGAD. I'm already 30.... Do I STILL have to be confused over food?!! My big forehead is aching!!!

He he he he he he!

This is it THE GOOD JUICE! Let's see what you've got.

My flabby tummy is looking forward to "meet" you!

Presenting... THE GOOD JUICE!!

Check out their different flavors and fruit/vegetable blends!

It comes in these sizes too!

260ml / P140
360ml / P190
510ml / P260

- A mixture of Apple, Pineapple, Beet, Parsley, Malunggay, Orange, Lemon, and Ginger!

- A mixture of Apple, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon, and Kale!

- A mixture of Watermelon, Apple, Mango, Pineapple, and Kale.

- A mixture of Apple, Cucumber, Carrot, Lemon, and Ginger. 

- A mixture of Apple, Pineapple, Cucumber, Kale, Celery, Malunggay, Spinach, Lemon, Ginger



These viands come in these sizes and price!
260ml P150
360ml P200
510ml P270

- Pure Guyabano Juice that is NOT from concentrate with no water and sugar added. Absolutely no preservatives!

- A mixture of alkaline water, raw almond nuts, organic maple syrup, and organic chia seeds! 

OMIGERD Yub! Have you ever heard of a COASTER?
- A mixture of Alkaline water, Lemon, Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Chia seeds, Sea salt, Organic cayenne pepper!

THE GOOD JUICE also has pure PINEAPPLE FLAVOR available (again with no water, sugar, and preservatives added) at these prices!
260ml / P70 
360ml / P100
510ml / P150

I'm sure you often see me mention that THE GOOD JUICE doesn't have ANY atom of preservatives added. So you may want to check the labels on top of the cap to determine the "best before" date!


I ate a lot over the holidays and I find that...

Wait I cannot help myself from stressing that I ATE SO MUCH that I got extra stretch marks on my hips for it.

Anyway, it was recommended to me that I drink THE GOOD JUICE' Beet It at night time so that I will be all clean and refreshed in the morning. 

At first I was sort of hesitant to be "baptized" by Beet It because I always have this notion that vegetables should be chopped and not sipped. But still, after one hearty gulp of the ice cold red drink, I was hooked! I could totally see myself drinking this like I would a tall glass of soda! Sarap! 

I was actually planning on chugging this down with a bag of spicy Cheetos. But that would be totally defeat the purpose of detoxifying now would it?

My sister joined our "drinking session" and got for herself THE GOOD JUICE Tropical Plunge. At first sip, she fell in love with it! The flavors of watermelon, apple, mango, etc went oh so well together that she was immediately asking me for the price and contact details to order!

I gave my husband THE GOOD JUICE in Golden Burst and he was a bit dubious at drinking something with KALE in it.

He saw it once on my salad and shuddered at the thought of having it slide down his throat in mush.

But after one sip, my doubting Thomas erased all sort of apprehension in his mind. It was really bottoms up for him after only about 3 big gulps! Yup! He found it THAT yum!

My sister and I had another "drinking session" next day with our chosen brew from THE GOOD JUICE!

Happy Orange and Power Juice!!!

I got Power Juice because it was recommended to be an effective follow up after the Beet Burst!

As for the Chinese Adonis? He was also getting the hang of it and chose a fruity follow up to his detox.

May I say... GROWWWL???? 

And later on...

This is my "AFTER" pic.

Ha ha ha ha ha! I'm kidding of course!

But really, after drinking up the delicious detox from THE GOOD JUICE, my body felt all clean and recharged inside. It was as if somebody got a powerful garden hose and shot up all corners of my body leaving everything spic and span. I felt a certain weight taken out of me (probably my usual bloating) that I felt more light and was energized to do my usual activities! Believe it or not but the next day with my last dose, the Chinese Adonis commented that I was "glowing". Now not the nuclear type of "glow" but he just saw that my skin had that certain smoothness to it. Honestly I'm really not sure if I owe it to THE GOOD JUICE but it was such a coincidence that my usual dull skin suddenly "livened" up!

As for my sister and the Chinese Adonis, they both said the same thing: they felt so good that they wanted more. The great thing they claimed is that they did not feel like undergoing a "detoxifying" process. It was just like they had these cold mouth watering drinks that suddenly invigorated their inner selves. They really felt good inside and outside! They are now taking down what to try out for their next detox sked!

So for this year, we are claiming that it will be a healthier one for us. Of course, besides doing it for our family who would like to see us all energized and fit, we also owe it to ourselves to "clean up" after our usual food binge. He he he he he!

Do try out THE GOOD JUICE! It will definitely be a delicious, wonderful, AND beneficial experience for your body! You owe it to yourself! 

If not for yourself, do it for Benedict Cumberbatch. The most beautiful person there is. Ha ha ha ha ha!


For orders please text/viber 0917.842.0414

Email : order(at)thegoodjuice.ph

Check these out!


  1. -Amen! 2015 will be a breakthrough for all of us! Preach it! Preach it! =)
    -hahahaha... talagang naka-broadcast pa kasal ng sis mo, hahaha... alam na ngayon ng milyon-milyon mong readers ang tungkol diyan
    -30 ka na pala???? grabe!!! hindi halata!!! hahahahaha
    -so no ox brain ka na din? hehehe
    -grabe ang potency niyang Good Juice ha! Hawak mo pa lang yung bag nila, pumayat ka na agad!
    -medyo ObC ka pala sa paglagay ng coaster, hehehe...
    -I'm shocked! CA actually ate (well, drank) a VEGETABLE!!!
    -Wow! Ang masels ni CA!!!
    -very interesting naman yang The Good Juice. Mukhang effective talaga siya sa inyong tatlo.
    -Benedict C. is already married. =)

    Have a great Tuesday Jaz!

    1. Hulloooo Mr. Snuff! How are you????

      1) Yes! It will be the greatest year yet!!!

      2) ha ha ha ha! She doesn't read my blog naman e. Will just take it down after she gives me a bonk in the head if she sees this entry. Ha ha ha! E bat ba sobrang excited naman kasi ako e!

      3) Yes! Believe it! 30 na ako! OMG I'm old! Biro mo 1985 ako pinanganak pa??? QUE HORROR!

      4) Meron pa din! But I will limit it and detoxify with the help of THE GOOD JUICE! HA HA HA HA HA!

      5) Ha ha ha! Di ba???? Teka joke lang yun at baka may maniwala ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

      6) KASI NAMAN! Mamumuti ang bagong varnished na mesa! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Mga lalaki talaga!

      7) DI BA???? Kahit siya nashocked ha ha ha ha!


      9) Yes. To think we only had 2 doses each and felt all energized and refreshed. Looking forward to have some more!

      10) i knowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww how could he??? huhuhu!!! Pero love ko pa din siya!!!

      ha ha ha ha ha!

      You too dear Mr. Snuff!

  2. Wait whaat?? you are turning 30? ONLY? I thought you were.. uhm.. KIDDING!!!! MAGKAAGE lang po pala tayo! and I kept on saying PO! hahahaha :D :D :D ... sorry PO!!!! :D :D :D enjoy enjoy

    1. Hiya Mr. Jeng!!! I know I know that you thought I was only 20 pero we have to be honest with ourselves kaya ipagkasigawan ko na, na yes, I'm going to be 30!!! GRABE NO?? He he he he he he he!!! Ay 1985 ka din pala? Same year nga tayo! Ang galing... SMALL WORLD. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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