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Thursday, February 12, 2015


For Andrei's week-long birthday, one of his wishes was to go to STAR CITY in order to ride the tallest ferris wheel in the country (Yep. That's what their radio advertisement claimed). Though I'm not really keen on going to the famous attraction in Roxas Boulevard on Christmas day due to the crowd, much less ride the ferris wheel (the tallest they say!!!), it is the birthday wish of my darling bunsoy and we all wanted to give him a one week celebration he will never forget.

Believe me when I say that we never expected to have fun in STAR CITY but we did!! Of course, we have accepted that it is not Disneyland, Universal Studios, nor Legoland, but since THE YAPPY BUNCH finds fun in everything we do together, we were able to appreciate STAR CITY'S own charm and have a blast in it at the same time!

Will we go back to STAR CITY? We most certainly will!

Heck, I might even ride the Ferris Wheel again!

And for those who know how I fear heights as much as Darryl getting killed in WALKING DEAD, that says a lot! He he he he!


It was Christmas day (December 25, 2014) and even if we all slept late from our Noche Buena celebration, my Andrei woke up early since he was so excited to go to STAR CITY!

He was really looking forward to our trip because he ate breakfast with mucho gusto and without any force feeding from our part! He he he he!

From afar we saw it....



We were initially worried that it would be too crowded for comfort for us in STAR CITY (being Christmas and all) but it is the only available day we had for the season. We didn't want the birthday boy to wait till the second week of January for it!

STAR CITY rates!

Rules and regulations!

Yub lined up to get the tickets for us. 

Did I say crowded? I thought I did. He he he!

The boys waited patiently for their Daddy. 

Yey! We got the tickets! We got the RIDE ALL YOU CAN for P420.00 each then added the LASER BLASTER (P60.00 each with the ride all you can) and SNOW WORLD (P100 each)

The boys (especially Andrei) said a very sweet thank you to the Chinese Adonis for squeezing into the thick crowds to treat us for a day of fun!

We passed by the other entrance of STAR CITY. There were still long lines though.

The little lords got a good laugh when the bald guy asked if I was pregnant. I'm sure it was routine question but he did let out a sheepish smile when I joked that "Heller! I'm just FAT!"

He he he he he!


The first floor of STAR CITY consisted of small stores selling the usuals you would see in "tiangges". 


It really surprised me to discover that STAR CITY was covered and air-conditioned (save for some rides for obvious reasons). This was such a welcome treat for us after the Yub and I were preparing ourselves to get all sweaty and sun burnt to kingdom come!

Wohoo! Air con all the way! Now I don't mind too much that the place was jam-packed with people!

First floor.... 

Second floor!

We decided to go for the second floor area of STAR CITY and try out the kiddie rides for the little birthday boy!

Our first stop is the TOY CHEST!

This walk through attraction takes you to the land of your favorite toys that are larger than their usual size!

It gives you the impression that you were zapped by the "Honey I shrunk the Kids" laser beam and you were walking through maze with a lot of scattered toys around.

Ain't that a big PS2 controller!

To eternity and beyond!!!!!

"Hmmm... I tawt I taw a kitty cat!!!"

After the TOY CHEST, Andrei wanted to try out the airplane ride. Good thing the lines were not too long in the kiddie section so we were able to get on a plane pronto. 

Awww... My happy little boy!

Kuya Mati really didn't fancy the plane ride but only agreed to make Andrei happy. He sat so lazy behind as if he was in our own car.

As for me....

What the.......?!!!!!!!!!

Next up for us was PETER PAN!

I remember a similar ride in DISNEYLAND which got us in a flying buggie. For this one, the "scenes" were similar except that we had to walk through it.  

Some may call the background crude, but I think this got a WOW from me. I really found it beautiful!

You see, Peter Pan is one of my childhood favorites and I always choke up reminiscing how my brothers and sister would watch it almost everyday. I could sing the songs there word per word! 

I suddenly got sentimental remembering the song "SECOND STAR TO THE RIGHT" and looking at this model of London circa 1920s. 

REALLY good times for me. :)

Of course, when I'm happy, I do silly poses. 


Captain something.... 

Hmmm... Mr. Smith??

Following the leader! The leader! We're off to fight the injuns....

"Oh Peter I'd love to! Real live mermaids!"

That blasted crocodile...

Or is it an alligator?

I like models as big as 2 floors of the room! He he he he!

I liked this part so I really asked for a pic with my Mati. 

My husband, the ever party pooper that he is (pun SO intended if you know him), would always claim that this is not a happy place but a CRAPPY place!

As for me, I appreciated that STAR CITY tried. I could see it in their models and their little structures that they put some effort into it. At least the place was clean and it was very cold from the air conditioning. I love places who mind the comfort of their guests.

After trying out the kiddie section, Yub wanted to live dangerously and try out...


Like I said, lining up was a breeze!

I didn't join the boys anymore because I had to take pictures. Yep! That's the reason. Tee hee...

My little babies are much braver than Mommy! Ha ha ha ha!


My Andrei said that the WACKY WORM was fun and that I should've rode with them.

Sorry my bunsoy but I'm reserving my "cudgels" for the Ferris Wheel!

After THE WACKY WORM, we decided to have a light lunch of hotdogs and other pick me ups (french fries, popcorn, and chips). 

There was actually a food court at the first floor but we were all craving to get some tender juicy hotdogs that time!

We picked a spot and hungrily ate our hotdogs with soda! Yum!

The old man behind Yub was so considerate in transferring to another bench so that our whole family could sit together. I told him it was okay but he insisted. 

I love little acts of kindness like that. This should encourage us all to pay it forward! :)

While walking, we came upon the horror walk through called GABI NG LAGIM. I really wanted to go but nobody would stay with the little lords so it was only supposed to be Yub.

However, Mati showed a bit of interest in trying out the horror maze but would change his mind in a New York minute later. So with that I convinced the two to try it with us. I told Andrei if I could overcome my fear of heights for the ferris wheel, he should try doing this with Mommy and Daddy.

Wohoo! We all survived!!!!

As expected, the little lords hugged us tight but they were able to last the whole thing without any breakdowns or cries to go out. I told him that conquering GABI NG LAGIM earns them bragging rights to their classmates. He he he he he!!! So proud of my brave boys!!!

STAR CITY also lets you visit the past with TIME TUNNEL!

It involves many eras of the world starting off with dinosaurs to the present. You get to hop from one time capsule to the next by walking through this colorful tunnel!!!



What movie is that from huh?

Their displays may not be grand nor meticulous as what you'd see in other theme parks but I still liked it. The walk-through had a fair amount of models in display and they showed many time periods for the kids to learn from. 

After TIME TUNNEL, we finally went to Andrei's wish in STAR CITY!

The ferris wheel!!!

The line may be long for the ferris wheel but it was moving at a tolerable pace. In no time, we were seated in an airconditioned capsule!! 


I'm not sure if it's obvious with this picture but I was SO scared. I think my legs were really shaking and my hands were so clammy at this point. 

It did not help when Andrei said he would shake or move our ride. I panicked and screamed at the birthday boy with a very emotional "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"

So sorry Andrei. He he he he he! You know how Mommy is with heights. 

My very happy birthday boy!

And his VERY scared Mommy.

There WAS a reason why I chose to sit on this side. At least I was not able to see how high we really were based on the rotation of the wheel! Ha ha ha ha ha!

What a wonderful view!

Good thing Mati didn't mind. He's my very trusted ally. 

This was also the time when he was so addicted to chewing Juicy Fruit. ha ha ha ha ha!

Awww... My pogi boy!

I was quite relieved going down and could already manage to flash my practiced smile. He he he he!

The Chinese Adonis!

When we got down, the boys asked if they could play some games for prizes.

Go Mati ad Andrei!


Mati got a toy!

When we got back inside, it was time for our LASER BLASTER. The boys were also looking forward to this very much! We paid an additional P60.00 each for this with the ride all you can.

We were asked to wait, along with other players, for our turn.

We were led into a dark room and given instructions for our "mission".

EVERYONE please obey!

Sorry for the ugly pic but WE'RE READY!


We lost!!!!

Bwa ha ha ah! 

But really even if our family came in last, we all had a lot of fun! We would certainly play this again and scream a lot more next time we're here.

Andrei also tried the fishing game!

Afterwards we lined up for SNOW WORLD. Don't get discouraged by the VERY long line because the wait would only take a while. 

I strongly suggest that if you're planning to go to SNOW WORLD in STAR CITY you should not wear sandals or flip flops. They let me borrow a pair of rubber flats for P25.00 and it was the most uncomfortable thing! I found myself staying put because it was such pain to walk around further. He he he he he!

I don't recommend babies to go to SNOW WORLD because it could get quite cold! Actually it's bordering on freezing. Yub's teeth was chattering and he forgot that he had kids when he zoinked an extra shirt from the bag. Ha ha ha ha! Do buy/bring gloves for your young ones so they could play in the snow. It is REALLY cold you may want to grab a pair too!

They don't allow picture taking inside SNOW WORLD but you could have a photo for only P100. 

After SNOW WORLD, Andrei wanted to try the bump boats. The lines were long at the ride too but my boys (as always) found something to do to keep themselves entertained. He he he he!

Mati loved the ear muffs and felt like wearing it longer.

Behind me were two pogi boys. He he he he! I see Mati and Andrei like so in 10 years.... 

EGAD! I really can't imagine them as big "hormonal" boys. Boohoo!

Let's go boys!

Their goal in life that day was to bump me so hard I'd fall in the water. He he he he!

After the bump boat, my little lords were REALLY looking forward to this "Going-Inside-A-Ball" thingy.

Yup! The very hard working STAR CITY attendant would deflate a plastic balloon, have the kid enter, zip it close, and inflate the ball.

Then, push it onto the waters.

Mati's turn!

Mati said it may look easy but it was quite hard to stand up inside the inflated ball.

He got so tired that he just lay down.

Andrei was able to stand for a bit!

We were supposed to ride the BUMP CAR but the line was horrendous!!! 

It was getting late so we decided to have another go at the Ferris Wheel for Andrei before going home.

Of course, anything for our birthday boy!

Again, the boys decided to do their kiddie "trapeze walk" to entertain themselves in the long line.

Another Ferris Wheel ride for Andrei!

I actually had to fall waaaaay back in line to get this picture. He he he he he! Labor of love!

Same seating for this second shift!

Whatta view!

We did not have a cake and candle but we did sing our last HAPPY BIRTHDAY song for Andrei to officially conclude his 1 week celebration.

We love you my dearest!

Before going home, the boys asked if they could have these toys as their remembrance of STAR CITY!

Such a fun night! The crowd may be overwhelming but STAR CITY's air conditioning was working overtime  so it was still cool for us even while lining up (I think I mentioned that several times already... He he he he he!). PLUS, it was clean everywhere that we were still fine getting jam packed for this one day.

If you make me choose between ENCHANTED KINGDOM and STAR CITY, I would say that the latter has a very great chance!! Not only is it nearer to where we live but being covered and all makes it the more comfortable choice with the hot afternoon sun. Though the sights at night were not as romantic as ENCHANTED KINGDOM, you may still want to bring your kiddies here for a fun filled day! 

We will certainly go back here!!


Check this out!

Roxas Boulevard, Manila, Philippines
1300 Pasay City, Philippines
(02) 832 3249

Mon - Thu: 4:00 pm - 12:00 am
Fri - Sun: 2:00 pm - 12:00 am

After STAR CITY, we had a late dinner at one of our favorites in the Manila area, Lau Chan!!!

We got our favorite fried rice.... 

Our favorite fried wontons...

Our favorite Shabu Shabu....

Plus Andrei got his favorite Mango Shake!

Drinking like a boss!

Angal ka?


Ha ha ha ha!

Let's Eat!


  1. -is that instant pancit canton I see on the breakfast table?
    -yikes! ang dami ngang tao!
    -ang sweet naman ng pic nina CA at mga kids, where Andrei gave CA that sweet thank you
    -hahaha...buti hindi mo sinampal yung guy dun sa entrance na nagtanong kung buntis ka
    -aircon all the way? grabe! I think the last time I was there was in the early 90s, exposed all the way! hahaha
    -so sosyal talaga! Disneyland ang peg! di na ma-reach!
    -did you watch the live NBC TV production of Peter Pan December last year?
    -mukha namang mababa lang yung Wacky Worm a, di mo pa din type? It reminded me of those rides at Fiesta Carnival before
    -scary ba talaga sa Gabi ng Lagim?
    -sa Gladiator ba galing yung quote na yun? (are you not entertained?)
    -ah isang revolution lang pala sa ferris wheel
    -that lazer blaster game sounds really fun!
    -parang ang ginaw nga sa snow world! sarap! sila nag-provide ng jackets niyo diyan? kasama na ba sa binayad niyo yun?
    -bump boat! I remember when we were kids we would ride the bump car sa Harrison Plaza! hahaha
    -What a fun adventure you had at Star City!

    Heniways, have a fantastic Friday Jaz!

    1. Hiya Mr. Snuff!!! Yohoooo It's FRIDAY!!!!

      1) Yep!!! That's 3 sweet and spicy lucky me pancit canton! Breakfast of Champions for me and Eric! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Andrei however, is eating oatmeal!

      2) oo nga ang cuuute. Higpit ng hug niya kay Eric nun and he was so excited!

      3) Ha ha ha ha! Grabe ka naman! No I didn't napahalakhak lang ako (so unlady like!) and he was embarrassed afterwards. TEE HEEE

      4) Ha ha ha ha! Eric thought na open nga daw because may ferris wheel. He insisted kaya may payong kami. Buti na lang aircon and enclosed for most of the rides. At least rain or shine, we could go to Star City!

      5) Asuuuuus ANTONIOS PA DIN!!!! DI KITA MAREACH DON! How much bill nyo nun ha?

      6) No e. But I read about it that it was a disappointing feature. Tama ba? Chaka weird that a girl is portraying Peter Pan. I know that's what they do onstage talaga but I still found it weird. Loyal pa din ako sa Disney version.

      7) Hindi pa din. Ha ha ha ha! Scared talaga ako.

      8) The GABI NG LAGIM was not that bad. But I could imagine the kiddies getting scared kasi its dark and there were a lot of monsters.


      10) Yes 1 revolution lang. He he he he! Pero grabe takot na takot ako going up! Parang mas gusto ko siya compared sa ENCHANTED KINGDOM ferris wheel.

      11) Yes the laser blaster was ultra fun! Natalo lang kami kasi hindi kami nagtatago! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pero ang saya! We'll do it again definitely!

      12) AY SOBRA! You know I've been to Rome in Christmas and it was twice as cold pero nakayanan ko. si Eric ang halos himatayin sa lamig! Ha ha ha ha ha! Talagang chatter ang teeth niya. The jackets were free for borrowing yes kasama sa binayad :) Naku hindi din magtatagal ang tao sa Snow World kasi SOBRANG lamig!!!!!

      13) I haven't been there! Pati nga Fiesta Carnival... One of my life's regrets. He he he he he he!!!!

      14) SUPER! We'd love to go back! We really had fun! Perhaps we'll return pag hindi holiday para di ganon kadami tao. Ha ha ha ha!


    2. -juice colored!!! Ano ang sinabi ng Antonio's sa US TRIP, JAPAN TRIP, ITALIAN TRIP, AT LUCENA TRIP niyo! hahahaha...
      -I tried watching the NBC show, but I got bored 3 seconds into it, hahaha...
      -baka sinadya talaga nila na malamig sa Snow World para hindi magtagal ang tao dun =)

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha! Kahit na no!!! Di ko kaya na isang kainan lang ang P10,000!!! HINDI TALAGA!!!!!

      1) It seemed so boring! Read the reviews too. I wonder if the live Cinderella would do much better.

      2) PWEDE! They didn't allow picture taking pa. It was REALLY cold and talagang lalabas ka na agad kasi magfreeze ang mga cells mo!

      He he he he!

  2. Hi po, wish you'll reply to this, does star city allow visitors to bring food from the outside?

    1. Small snacks and drinks are fine but packed lunches, I don't think so. Marami naman food sa loob so you'll get to choose pa :) We had hotdog sandwiches! Sulit na sulit na for us!

  3. Hi meron po ba clang locker if ever my dalang camera?

    1. Hiya Becabecbec!!! Sorry I don't remember a locker area. If ever dun lang sa Snow World because we had to leave some of our things there. Pero for other rides, I don't think so. :)

  4. Bawal po ba kahit phone sa loob pinapaiwan po ba

    1. Hiya!!! Phones are okay in STAR CITY but if you plan to bring it in SNOW WORLD, they would ask you to leave it behind. No cameras, phones, any sort of gadgets are allowed because they don't want to be responsible when it breaks. Hirap pa kasi in SNOW WORLD it's VERY cold!!!!!!


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