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Saturday, March 21, 2020


I don't care if I'm already 30 years old (tee hee), I would ALWAYS go to DISNEYLAND whenever I have a chance.

And our JAPAN 2019 was no exception.

The great part too is that my boys agree! Yay! Great minds think alike talaga!

While planning for the trip, my sister and kuya discussed how they would go for the places the Mommy would like (museums, parks, ramen restaurants, etc) since the trip was for her anyway. I then asked permission if it's ok for the boys and I to not join them for one day because we would really like to go to the popular DISNEYLAND SEA in Tokyo. My siblings said that it's manageable and when we told my Mom, she said the best thing: She wants to join us in DISNEYLAND!


Turns out, she hasn't been to DISNEYLAND (in our US trips I was only able to go with her to Universal Studios), and wanted to go there with us.  Yayyyy! Now this would make our trip there more memorable!

While looking at their website though I read reviews that DISNEYLAND SEA could get SO crowded and rides were more for thrill-seekers. However, DISNEYLAND SEA is exclusive to Japan only and it would be a shame to miss it.

We all agreed that the comfort of Mommy is more important. Good thing too that when checking the rides and attractions, we saw that they featured the classics (Snow White, Peter Pan, merry go round, etc) that we were all familiar with. TOKYO DISNEYLAND is a much better fit for us!

Besides, my family could always go back for DISNEY SEA, and with the Yub!

So with that...


And we're back to the happiest place on earth... In JAPAN!

Do you want to have an idea how much we loved DISNEYLAND? Just seeing an ad of it while on the train station got us all excited already.

I could almost see it!

This is one of their many beautiful entrances to get you all hyped up.


We're walking... we're walking...

The Yub treated us all to DISNEYALD (thanks Yub!) and back in Manila, we already printed out these vouchers. 

When we got to the ticket counter, the line was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. Good thing I asked one of the attendants before lining up and she said our voucher was good already.


One more picture before we officially step into the magic!

Kuya Jon only took us to DISNEYLAND and will come back later for us. I asked him why he didn't want to join us in the "Happiest place on earth" he said that JAPAN is already his "Happiest place on earth."


He he he he he!


When we got in there were also A LOT of people but it was manageable.

We were greeted by this majestic Christmas tree that Mommy fancied so much she asked to have a pic with one of her apos.


There were so many places that the boys wanted to go to that we settled first on a spot to decide.

The nearest to us was the STAR WARS ride -- STAR TOURS!

ACK! Look at the line!!!!

My Mom didn't fancy STAR WARS much and she doubted if she could stand for la long time. We didn't want to leave her but she said she's fine sitting where she is. Ate Jojit downloaded several Koreanovelas for her to watch while she waited. He he he he!

It's C3PO!!!

C3PO - I hope Rian Johnson is not here.
R2D2 - If he is, lets run him over.

We're near!

Glasses station!

And we're ready for take off!

STAR TOURS is a 3D stimulation ride featuring familiar sceneries from the movie. 

It's a whole lot of fun but seniors are not advised to ride it.

Uy C3PO pala is our pilot!


Done!!! After the ride we go through a tube like hall going to the exit.

For our next ride, we thought of going somewhere Mommy could join us.


Because really, you should NEVER miss this whenever you're in DISNEYLAND.

The great thing about IT'S A SMALL WORLD was that the line moves so fast and we were in front in no time.

Even if he's a big guy na, Andrei loves this ride.

We could never get tired of seeing the colorful and vibrant sets of different countries.

Of course, the dolls sing "It's A Small World" in the language they're dressed up as.


Pero wawa she doesn't have a partner.

Woah isn't this beautiful? There's just a lot to look at.

The ride goes through different places such as Europe, Asia, Africa, Central America, and the islands of the South Pacific.

My Mommers marveled at the sets.

It may be boring to some but we absolutely loved it!!!!!

If you can, don't forget to take pictures after the ride because you'll have a very vibrant kodak moment!

Syempre we took a picture of Mommers!!!!

Time to go!

The boys were like... Mommy stop na....

For lunch, we thought of trying out the QUEEN OF HEARTS banquet hall.

The food may be pricey but it's ALLL SOOOO GOOD.

After eating, we decided to go to one of our favorites -- MICKEY'S PHILHARMAGIC!

We know that Mommy would like this ride too.

The classical theatre-like waiting area.

This a 4D experience so we wore a pair of glasses.

Taking our seats!

It's best to settle yourselves at the middle part of the theatre so that you could see everything and with the right distance for the 3D effects.

This is one of my most favorite rides in DISNEYLAND because they feature their old animated movies (Beauty and Beast, Little Mermaid, Alladin, etc) and give you that 4D experience where you smell what is highlighted in the scenes. You could even get wet!

Seriously, the whole show was just beautiful and I treasured that I'm here with the boys and Mommy that I teared up!

Too bad Daddy's not here. :(

Next up is my request...


I told Mommy that this is the only one I'd never miss here in TOKYO DISNEYLAND.

Again there was a long line but there many curious things to see to keep us entertained.

Me and the bunsoy.

There was a long queue but Mommy got to rest at some spots.


Could you read the creative epitaphs?

As long as there's a Haunted Mansion in the DISNEYLAND country we're in, I'll surely be there!

It's near Christmas so the HAUNTED MANSION had the Tim Burton movie effect in it.

It's really not so scary. The ride actually features 999 ghosts! I'm not sure if I was able to see them all.

One thing's for sure, one is seated between me and Andrei.

Oh I found it SO ADORABLE that my bunsoy asked to sit with me on the ride.


After HAUNTED MANSION, we saw that we are just in time for the day parade.

Mom got some good seats while we bought snacks.

Aba... aba.. Nag-emo pic muna.

The parade would always feature their characters from DISNEY movies in themed floats. They would also have dancers accompanying them as they move the area.

It's ELSA!!!!

What I enjoy about the parade is that it brings out the kid in you. I don't know about the others but it's the time I believe that what I see in front of me are the actual characters and I just scream my lungs out!

After the parade, now where to?

We then went to Mati's request naman in TOKYO DISNEYLAND...


Look at the line o!

Mommy stayed behind in the cafe.


Mati had fond memories the first time he went to Disneyland and rode here. That's why he said everytime we'll go to DISNEYLAND, he'll honor his love for the theme park by riding PETER PAN.

We got on a fake sailboat and flew all over England!


Our next ride is the newest attraction -- MONSTERS'S INC.

We got Fast Passes for this (where before riding Star Wars tour I entered the bar code of our vouchers and it gave us this schedule).

Now, we don't need to wait for a long time because we have our special queue!

It's Mommy and Me this time!

TOKYO DISNEYLAND's Monster's Inc ride is similar to that of Buzz Lightyear's except that instead of shooting at targets, you'll flash your flashlight where you see the M for points.

It's a nice ride except that I don't advise it to those with neck problems because the jerking of the seats when it switches directions could get so hard

For our next gimik, there was a conflict of interest. He he he he... Mommy and Ate Jit wanted to watch a show that was going in half an hour, while me and the kids want to ride somewhere to make use of our time to the fullest. With that, we decided to split up na.

The boys and I went to Mati's request, PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN!

We thought the ride was closed na because there was nobody there. Numpala, the line is short lang!

It's so dark kaya pictures were limited.


It's Jack Sparrow!

The popular ride scene that was also included in the movie.

We spent like 10 minutes tops in the THE PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN that we thought of going for another ride na. We decided to check out JUNGLE CRUISE.

I'm proud at how Mati became the leader and showed the way for us. Susunod na lang kami ni Andrei!!!!

So dependable my big guy.


Sayang would have loved to have Mommy with us here. Kaso it's night time na din. It's better really to go here during the day.

Unlike our experience in DISNEYLAND US where the lines were sooooooo looooooooooooong but it didn't look obvious because they know how to twist and turn the queues, here when we got in we're able to board in about 10 mins!

And we're in front!

Our boat!

Our Japanese guide.

Oooh... There's a lion eating a Zebra. 

And some fat elephant taking a bath!

It was a good ride but better taken during the daytime.

Still, I'm glad to have done so because it's one of the classics in DISNEYLAND!

And while walking back to Mom and ate Jit...

It's the Christmas tree to rule them all! He he he he!
The tree is actually at the center of the main road of TOKYO DISNEYLAND so you may want to use it as a landmark or meeting place when you lose your companions.

Yun lang, dami tao and I doubt that they have the tree in other months. Ha ha ha ha ha!

I wonder what they have in its place for other seasons?

My Mom preferred to sit on a bench and watch her Koreanovelas while waiting for the night parade. Since there was still about an hour till the show, she said we could go where the little guys want to go.

We ran like crazy but of course, we still made time for a pic with Sleeping Beauty's castle at the back.

We went to Mati's wish --


Yep! Besides the PETER PAN RIDE, Mati loved the POOH CORNER because he remembers it to be one of his favorite rides as a child.

(Reminiscing na agad no??)

I get what Mati means that's why taking him here makes the attraction more meaningful for me.

I remember my siblings and I (especially Kuya Jon) were obsessed with The Adventures of Winnie The Pooh and saw it many times via betamax.

The ride was not as jampacked as the other newer attractions but you'll notice that the riders were not kiddies.

I guess they all feel the same as us!

Nearing the front!

I'm not sure if you'll understand but hearing the familiar songs and pictures just brought back so many memories!

Unlike in the US and HK, we rode in this honeypot that was like an automated bumpcar that went from scene to scene.


I wasn't able to take more pictures because the ride was so fast that it all got blurred. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

When we got back to Mommy, she saved seats for us!

Yayyy! Thanks Mommy!!!!!

Once again, we got a great view for the parade.

This time we saw the Light Parade!

The Light Parade was indeed awesome!

The themed floats, the colorful lights, the action, and music... Just wow!


Beauty and the Beast!

The three little pigs!

My only beef with the Light Parade is that Mickey was not in the end. I'm always so used to him as the "Finale." For this ride, he was at the start. 


Oh well....

Afterwards we had dinner!!!

We just shared because promise, we were still feel full from our snacks!

I'm really having soooo much fun in TOKYO DISNEYLAND...


the only thing that I didn't like (which can't be helped and I'm just being fussy) is that of course since it's cold outside so we layered on the jackets, then when we enter a ride or a restaurant the place is heated, my body temperature suddenly changes that I get an allergy attack. With that naku, I immediately had sinus build-up that I had this bad head-ache come night time. As in when this picture was taken, my head was pounding!

My head was hurting so bad that I threw up after eating. :( Sayang kinain. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh well... Still happy to be in TOKYO DISNEYLAND though!

While eating, the fireworks blasted out from Sleeping Beauty's castle.

My bunsoy ran withh is Tita Jojit to go nearer the place.

As for me and Mati we stayed close by since I was feeling sick.

Fireworks just gets me so sentimental that I suddenly felt so blessed and thankful that I'm here with my family.

Sayang lang the Yub and the others were not here.

Master Mati read that the only original Snow White ride is in TOKYO DISNEYLAND (the others were already removed) so he asked if we could try it.

Of course! Full force pa!

There was a long line so this must be good.

It's THAT or the other guests read the same thing that Mati did.

Nearing the front!

Andrei and I rode together with Mati behind.

The evil queen!

The ride was just okay but like Monster's Inc, there were strong jerks from our car when changing directions.

I think I suddenly got a stiff neck!

If you're wondering why we always go for Mati's rides, it's because his choices were okay for my Mom.

As for Andrei's choices kasi, hindi kami pwede! Ha ha ha ha!

He asked to go to the carousel and Ate Jojit went with him

Mommy and I stayed behind because I'm still dizzy and I think she will have a hard time getting on a horse. They don't have other options available.

Somebody's very excited.

The happy duo!

My bunsoy asked to go to the teacups after.

Aba nagsecond round pa!

He begged his Ninang Jojit to go with him!

(Why not me???)

He he he... It's okay. I really can't din because I already have a head-ache. I was in full support naman on the side to take their pictures.

Next up for the bunsoy, this rocket ride!

I don't think I could handle this ride too because besides going around and around, you'll have to go high.


And we're done!!!!!!!!

The great thing about TOKYO DISNEYLAND was that if it says that it'll close at 10:00pm, all rides and attractions will be open till then. Unlike in other theme parks we've been to when they say they'll close at 8:00pm, some rides will already close 30 minutes before.

We know that it's time to go but we'll see something and ask to have a picture with it. 

We're just dragging ourselves to leave.

And then it's time to go. Huhuhu....

Not without having a picture by the Christmas tree!!!!

I think we stayed until we're (almost) the only ones left.

We went up to ride the monorail back to where Kuya Jon dropped us off.


Syempre since the train was almost empty, we had a mini-pictorial!

Tee Hee!

Yayyy! Kuya Jon is here na!

Thanks for picking us up!

He's still single for those interested.

BUT isipin nyo...

I'LL BE YOUR SISTER IN LAW... bwa ha ha ha ha ha ah!

Now it's back to the hotel for us.

Thank you dear Walt Disney for giving us THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!

For me though, I'm happiest when I'm with my family so this could be a very close second.

But being in TOKYO, DISNEYLAND with MY family? Aba! Double double major major na yon!

And THAT is why this day was soooo epic for us. Really want to go back. Super plus points too that we're here with first timer Mommy. We really enjoyed every minute with her.




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