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Thursday, April 16, 2020


For our JAPAN trip last 2019, my siblings planned everything. So the only thing that the boys and I were expected to do was SHOW UP.

One of the trip essentials that they took care of was the hotel. I wasn't asked for suggestions (not that I have any.. he he he) so I trusted them with choosing for the group (Mommy is treating us anyway).

Kuya Jon and Ate Jit went for SOTETSU FRESA INN, the hotel they stayed in during their last vacation in JAPAN. They showed me pictures and it looked nice and clean. Great thing too was that the hotel was in a nice and safe area that's near the train station so we don't need to walk miles just to get somewhere.

So yep! SOTETSU FRESA INN it is. Let's hope that it will be a suitable temporary home during our 5 day stay in JAPAN!  


We just arrived!!!!

After our flight, we were so looking forward to go to our hotel to rest and freshen up!

As we got out of the train station, Kuya Jon said we just had a few streets of walking to get to our SOTETSU FRESA INN!

We don't mind walking because the weather was cold and we're excited to see JAPAN!

And we're here!


Pahid pahid muna.

We arrived at night so it's a late check in for us.

SOTETSU FRESA is smaller than your average hotel (hence the word "inn?" Tee hee) but it was new with that light homey feel to it.

Our trip dates were rescheduled that's why our original booking was changed. However, we discovered that my room with Andrei was about 3 floors up. We said we preferred to have a room the same floor as the others not minding if it's different from what is booked.

Kami pa! We're fine anywhere as long as we're together!

SOTETSU FRESA INN provides free coffee for guests from 12:00pm up to 10:00pm!


Plus a scale to check the weight of your checked in bags (since most of the guests here are tourists).

Rooms usually had the essentials (toothbrush, etc) but there's a corner in the lobby where guests could help themselves to brushes, lotion, bath salts, etc. etc.

The front desk also has more available!

Great thing too is that they have these for men and women variants!

(Ay parang masarap ipasalubong... Tee hee)!

Got our cards!

My roomie and I will be in 523!

Our little room!

(We asked to be in this floor kasi and it's the only one they have left).

I don't mind! At least we have this comfy bed...

With pajamas and slippers...

We also have a TV, fridge, hot water pot, celphone, and humidifier!

Check it out: we have a celphone! But we don't know how to use it. Ha ha ha ha!

Our little bathroom!

HOTEL FRESA INN also provided the grooming essentials here (toothbrush, lotion, body wash, conditioner, shampoo). They also change it everyday!

But of course, the best thing about staying in JAPAN hotels is their...


AS IN!!!!

JAPANESE TOILETS have bidets to wash according to your needs. The seat is also warmed up so that you won't get an icy pwit when you need to go during chilly nights.

They also provided instructions on how to use the hi-tech toilet.

It may be in Japanese but there are pictures so we kinda got it. He he he he!

Andrei and I love our little tiny room!

Well.... Andrei was whining at first but I told him that at least we're near Lola and as long as it's airconditioned and comfy, it's good na!

Ate Jit and Mommy have a bigger room with twin beds (the room has a hallway pa).

Their room was adjoining to the boys.

Our room upstairs was the same size. But it's okay. I'd rather have the cheaper room that's closer to them! He he he he he!

After a short rest, we set out for dinner.

That night we had some delicious ramen nearby.

It was a great day! Time to sleep for me and my roomie!

He turned on the dehumidifier before going to sleep.

At about 6:00am, I woke up. I had a comfortable sleep but as usual I'm "namahay." He he he he!

Even if the room had airconditioning, we left one of the windows ajar (because we wanted to experience JAPAN temperature). It got sooooooo cold! Good thing our comforter was thick!

After my bath, I woke up the bunsoy.

There were door magnets attached to the room for our housekeeping preferences that day.

We posted the one for our room to be cleaned up.

After a short walk, we're at the train station!

It was our day in DISNEYLAND and we're glad that since we're all well-rested, we were able to fully enjoy the "happiest place on earth!"

More on our blog about DISNEYLAND!

After DISNEYLAND, we had a late dinner in our new favorite, YOSHINOYA, that's so near the hotel!

After a delicious dinner, we also passed by Family Mart to buy some room essentials (water, midnight snacks). The popular store was only about a street's distance from us.

One time I craved for their cucumber sandwich so much and the boys were able to buy me one just by themselves!

BWA HA HA HA HA HA! Ang bait kong nanay no?

(This was on our last night naman so we're well aware of our area's safety. He he he he...)

Boohooo.... The hotel's free coffee was closed na. That's why I got meself a cup of java from Family Mart!

As I was having coffee, the little bunsoy went to my Mom's room for a massage.


That's their nightly routine at home. My Mom doesn't mind giving my bunsoy a massage because she loves him. He he he he he!


When he got back from his massage (all fresh and relaxed) it's time to go to bedsies!

The next morning...

OOTD by the elevator!

The Androse and I went down to see Mati and Kuya Jon all ready.

And we're walking....

Our schedule for that day was to have brunch in my favorite ICHIRAN...

... then Asakusa, Senso-ji Temple!!!

After dropping off some things in the hotel, we went to Odaiba for Mati's Gundam paradise...

... then, AKIHABARA!

Mommy didn't go with us to Odaiba and Akihabara (because it's really more for kids) that when we got back we all huddled up to her as if we haven't seen her in years!

We missed our Mommyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now it's time to go to our room, rooomie!

When we  were in bed, the Yubhub called up.

He was the "taong-bahay" at home (with our trusty angel). We told him that he shouldn't be scared sleeping in the room by himself because Daddy's with him naman.


Good night Yubskers!!! Miss you! 

The weather forecast the next day was light rains in the morning and true enough, we used the umbrellas that Ate Jit bought just based on that prediction!

Ha ha ha ha! That's how we trusted Japanese weather system.

We had a super early lunch at IKINARI STEAK!

We went back to the hotel to freshen up. While waiting for the others (Andrei pooped... ha ha ha), I had coffee with Kuya Jonsies!

Then, it was the IMPERIAL GARDENS for us!

We then had coffee nearby while the boys went back to AKIHABARA.

The coffee we had at the cafe was the dessert kind so when we got back to the hotel, Ate Jit and Mommers felt like having tea and coffee while chatting up.

When we got back to the room, I chatted up with the Yubhub online and he sent me a pic of what he's doing.

The siopaos looked like boobies.

Afterwards, I had a veeeeeeeeeeeeeery relaxing bath in the tub with these salts provided by the hotel.

The tub may look small but trust me, I was able to submerge myself comfortably.

 I got the Christmas bath salts which smelled like Peppermint!!!! Sarap!!!!

We had a long and tiring day. I got all freshened up by that bath!

I'm sure I don't need to tell you how I slept so soundly that night.

Our itinerary for Saturday was to meet Mt. Fuji!

When we got home that night, the boys and I started packing because we're leaving on Sunday.

I'm so thankful to have my boys who are so helpful and reliable. We were finished in no time.

Sorry Hampie! You gotta go in the bag!

We sealed everything to go for our flight and just left this orange one to check in too. We will here our dirty clothes (worn for tomorrow) and other stuff that we're not able to pack.

All set na!

The Pajamas provided by SOTETSU FRESA INN was soooo comfy!!!! They changed it every day too! 

We don't wanna go... Huhu!

Then it's time to sleep for little Andrei.

Huhu... It's the last time that we'll sleep on our SOTETSU FRESA INN bed for this trip!

The next morning, we got up early to have some light snacks before heading out.

Of course, before leaving our room, we still had our usual pictures!!!!

Bed Shot!

Drunk shot!

Hall shot!

Room shot!

Saw Master Mati leaving his room!

This is his Hall Shot daw.

Good bye roomsies!

Thank you for being "nice" to us!

Nice being my term for a room having all facilities working (aircondition, toilet, tv, etc) that we felt taken cared for and had a comfortable stay!

The last time Andrei and I were roomies was when he was a baby pa. I really enjoyed our little bonding time together.

I wonder if it's not too gross to do it again even when he's older?

I love you my bunsoy!

Thank you for being the best roomie!

And it's time to check out.

My, my butt is big!

Elevator shot!

Toilet shot!!!!

Will miss this the most. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

IG shot!

He he he he!

Since our flight is at 5:00pm pa, we went to TSUKIJI!

There, we had an awesome Sushi brunch!

Then it's time to go back to the hotel to pick up our things.

The hotel had a mini-altar at the front. Had a picture there too!

Then it's time to claim our bags!

(This is what I liked about staying in hotels when we go out of the country).

Le bags!

The others were leaving on Thursday pa and they were sooo sad to see us go.

Yep. Even if it doesn't look like it, they're really VERY sad.


Bye lobby!

Kuya Jon took us to the airport.


If you're not really going to have staycations in the hotel, SOTETSU FRESA INN is a great choice because not only were rooms affordable but the place is new, it was near the train station, the area was safe (and busy), and it had a lot of provisions for guests (some, you may take home... tee hee). 

The only thing I don't like about it is that  they don't have drinking water. But you could get that at the nearby family mart. Besides that, okay na okay na.

We enjoyed our stay more in JAPAN because of the comforts of SOTETSU FRESA INN! Good job Kuya Jon and Ate Jit for choosing this!




 2 Chome-18-7 Kotobashi, Sumida City, 
Tokyo 130-0022, Japan
+81 3-5625-4203



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