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Wednesday, March 4, 2020


Part two of our 2019 Japan trip had more "happenings" because my kapatids planned on more places to go. The great thing about our 5 day stay though is that we didn't jam all the sights that we could handle because we didn't want to get Mommy tired -- we just took our time and rested when needed. The result? We always had our beauty rest before every tour and looked great in pictures!!!!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!

Like what I mentioned in the previous blog, I really had SO MUCH FUN in our Japan trip that I swear, I still had dreams of being back. My sister chose places that captured the essence of old Japanese culture instead of the flashy modern spots that's more like cheap tourist attractions. Kaya, wow, it was really super awesome. Even if we only went to parks, palaces, volcanoes, etc etc., I appreciated more the natural beauty of Japan!

The only (super slight) downer in our trip is that the Yub wasn't able to join us since he had work. Too bad because I was counting on him to handle our bags and taking care of the nitty gritty (he he he he). It's okay -- in his place I've got two very dependable little guys who assisted their Mommy and took care of all the heavy lifting (they know that I had a bad back).

I'm so happy that with our Japan trip I was also able to see more of how my two little guys were growing up to be fine gentlemen.  It was truly a memorable 5 days with the boys and my family.

Thank you so much Mommy for planning this and treating us.

Now let the sharing begin!!!!!!


For our third day in japan, it rained in the morning.

No worries because since we saw it in the forecast, ate Jit bought umbrellas!

As for me, I took out my trusty carrot umbrella from the boys' bag.

Waiting for our train!

(See the carrot umbrella that I'm referring to?)

The train took awhile to arrive so we clowned around. 

We made the duck face (Andrei found this hilarious but he didn't want it in the picture).

Adidas Ultraboost Buddies!

I swear, if you're going on a trip you just need a pair of Ultraboost. It's comfort all the way!!! I'll save money so I'll buy one more.

My bunsoy always sat with his lola.

And we're at Tokyo Station!!!

What for you ask?

This was also one of my favorite parts of the trip. This steak is just GLORIOUS.

After eating, Andrei made a friend.

This little robot really talked to him (but with pre-programmed questions and answers).

Then, we had some coffee and snacks in Starbucks.

Master Mati tried out their Christmas drink -- the Santa Boots Chocolate Frapuccino.

Then it's walking time again.

The golden fallen leaves with matching cold weather was just wonderful.

Oooh! A swan and babies!

Syempre we stayed a bit to look.

Mati agreed that behind him was an interesting structure and asked for a picture.

Syempre, kami din ni sis!

On our way to the Imperial Garden!

The bridge was so beautiful that we can't help but have pictures with it.

Me with my big guy!

The skies cleared up and became sunny but it was still SO COLD!!!!

We had to cross the road first to get to the Imperial Garden.

Here I noticed how the Japanese were so disciplined as the left side moved to one  direction and vice versa.

The exiting group were made to stop first to give way to us.

We're coming East Gardens!!!!!

That's one big ancient door!

See how they're controlling the human traffic?

Imperial Garden Guardhouse circa 1600s!

Just imagine the many Japanese soldiers who stayed here in between battles.

Inside the beautiful garden!!!!

Our pictures don't do justice to the beauty of the place.

May thumb pa! Ha ha ha ha!

Even if there were many people going this way, the open space was not crowded at all.

Gatdula beauties!!!

Lalo na ako!! Aysus!

The park had golden streaks here and there... So beautiful!

The Fukiage Garden!

We settled on a bench to drink the beauty in!

It's like we're in a novel!

The Fukiage Garden has carried the name since the Edo period and is used as the residential area for the Imperial Family.

Right view...

Left view.

Front view!

Andrei view!!!!!

I'm sure Fukiage Garden looks more glorious during the Spring but what we're all feeling and seeing right now is already breath-taking.

Suwa No Chaya Teahouse!

This teahouse was built by order of Emperor Meiji in 1912 in the Fukiage Gardens in the Western Part of the Imperial Palace Grounds. 

The Teahouse was moved here to the Ninomaru Garden in 1968 to add a note of elegance to the East Gardens when they opened to the public.

The East Garden attendants were so kind!

When they saw my mother, a senior, they offered a wheelchair to use, NO CHARGE. My Mom could still walk but long distances get her tired and her legs will hurt so this was a big help.

Even better too was that my bunsoy Andrei dutifully pushed his Lola the WHOLE TIME.No tantrums, no begging, no complaints. He volunteered to do so and really helped his Lola to go on the wheelchair and carefully pushed her around. 

If you noticed, I didn't post any pictures of my Mom on a wheelchair because I didn't want readers to think of her weak or not able anymore (plus I feel it's not fair that I'm posting her in such a way).

My Mom however had something else in mind and told me to take a picture of her being pushed by Andrei. I asked why (knowing how I felt about it).

"Because I'm so proud of Andrei being an obedient grandson and I think that's much more important for everyone to know instead of worrying of what people will think when I'm on a wheelchair."

Awwwwww.. The ever proud Lola!

Syempre, I became the prouder Mom! 

Kuya Jon said that these garden walls were the original walls from before.

Woah.... If we're only allowed to touch it I would have ran over to the stones and checked it out up close.  Just imagine how many battles, celebrations, holidays, etc. etc that it went through!

As Kuya Jon was returning the wheelchair, ate Jit and I used the restroom.

I saw the restroom attendant cleaning up one stall and he was a GUY!!!

A pogi one at that!!!!

He looks like Mayor Vico Sotto! Pogi!

Op... Op... Pati security guard ke pogi din????


Aku ba ineesep mo hijo???

Bye Imperial Garden!

Back in the hotel, Kuya Jon and I had coffee while waiting for the others to freshen up.

Since Mommy was so happy with how Andrei attended to her, she treated us to a Sushi dinner (his favorite).


Guess how much our 30 plates cost???

After eating, the boys decided to have a night out.

They went back to Akihabara!!!!

As for the ladies, we had a bit of shopping and coffee.

Mommy's so funny. When she saw how Mcdonalds (our first choice) might be on the second floor she was like "Ha? Nasa second floor pa Mcdo? Kung aakyat pa tayo ayoko na! Pagod na ako hindi ko na kayang umakyat and bakit naman kasi yung Mcdonalds ay nasa..... Uy may Uniqlo! Tara!!!"


My Ate and I gave out a loud and long laugh. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

So we shopped in Uniqlo for awhile then had coffee and dessert in Excelsior!

Time to go homes!

Awwww... We saw this little cute and shivering dog tied up to one posts. She wanted to go with us.

So cute.

Aba... Iniwan na ako at holding hands pa sila!


Back at the hotel, I took a looooooooooooooong dip in the bath tub with some of the bath salts provided. ANG SARAAAAAAAAAP!

I felt so fresh and rejuvenated after.

The next day...

Nice pose ate Jit!

Train ride!

I was taking pictures of the others when I heard Mati whispering loudly to get my attention. Because of the chugging noise of the train, I can't hear him.

"ANO???" I asked. "Lakasan mo na kasi. What is that again?"

Mati: "Take a candid shot of me!!!"


He he he he!

Sorry anak... I spoiled the "effect" and everybody in the train heard it. Ha ha hah a ha!

We walked at this side of the metro.

My sister availed of Klook for a tour in Mt. Fuji. When she signed on she was given the option of English or Chinese speaking tourguide. Of course she chose english. However during the tour, we discovered that it was a mixed language tour guide. She would talk for soooooo long in Chinese then end it with 1 sentence in English. Ha ha ha ha ha!

She's very nice naman kaya all is forgiven. He he he he.


My old camera doesn't do justice to this breath-taking view. 

And there it is...



Mt. Fuji is just PERFECT!!!!!

We're so thankful too that it's there in full glory. When the weather's bad sometimes it's covered with clouds.  On the day that we went there, there's no cloud in sight!

Parang post card!!!!!

I'm not sure if the boys fully appreciate the grandness of Mt. Fuji. 

However, Andrei was in awe that it's a volcano though.

Selfie with my boys!

Mom and the others went to the restroom because it was a long trip. He he he he!

Besides Mt. Fuji, the greens and hills were still kodak worthy.

Ayan they're back na!

Our tour guide recommended us to buy the soft ice cream in the cafe. Syempre, we followed. Ha ha ha ha ha!

It's okay. The boys love ice cream anyway.

It's awesome to meet you Mt. Fuji!!!!!

Oshino Hakkai!!!! 

Oshino Hakkai is popular with tourists as it features eight ponds in Oshino, a small village in the Fuji Five Lake region, that is located in between Lake Kawaguchiko and Lake Yamanakako on the site of a former sixth lake that dried out several hundred years ago. 


It's already so cold and the sound of water trickling down the stream made it perfect!

We also saw a World Heritage site.

Yep. What may look like a simple big tub of water is actually The World Cultural Heritage Mt. Fuji Asset.

They say that this is the pond for good marriage as legend has it, a bride jumped over here holding a choshi on her wedding day.

If you look closely daw, you would see water gushing from the bottom of the pond raising the sands up.

Around the pond, there were many food stalls.

It was soooo cold that's why a big plate of udon really warmed up our tummies!

More on a blog post coming soon!

Bye Oshino Hakai!

My boys are usually MEH with places where there are no videogames or play things, but this one they found interesting. 

Plus the view of MT. FUJI here is just awesome!

And for our last stop....

We're going to do some shopping!!!

It's just funny though that we are given more time here compared to Mt. Fuji and Oshini Hakkai. 

Hay naku! That's what I don't like about tour groups talaga.

As much as I fretted about our limited time earlier, I got happy seeing Andrei's excitement over a discovery!

Adidas Ultraboost!!!

The salesguy was so nice pa that even if we don't understand each other, he really helped us out.

In another store, Master Mati saw something that he really, really liked!

He asked if this could be my birthday gift to him next month.


While his kuya was shopping, the bunsoy was playing around.

The big guy was tickled pink to see this big Gundam Model and asked for a picture.

The happy little shoppers.

(I didn't get anything for myself. Sa kanila lang kasya pera ko. Ha ha ha ha ha! It's okay. Their happiness is my happiness naman).

We then saw Kuya Jon resting on one of the benches with his new pair of shoes too.

The Androse suddenly got inggit with the style and wanted it as well.

I told him that this is not the Philippines. We don't know in Japan how strict they are in returning items. But, I said, there's no harm in asking. I wanted to teach Andrei the value of going for what he liked and trying.

In the store, there was a nice guy who said yes, we could have it changed. Then he went inside the storage room. Later on, this manager approached us to say that it's fine to exchange the product but they would have to swipe again my card to void the earlier transaction. I was a dumbo when it comes to bank matters but I was still concerned that I'd get double charged.

Good thing that when we were about to have the new item scanned at the cashier, the first nice guy went out and said that I didn't have to swipe my card anymore and that he'll take care of it.


I don't know what their policy is really but I'm glad that everything worked out.

And Andrei got the shoes that he liked and learned the value for asking too!

And that's it for our shopping trip!

I laughed at our group because at first we were like WE DON'T WANT TO GO TO NO OUTLET!!! Then later on we were all giggling like schoolgirls at what we bought. Tee hee!

The boys were so thankful that they even posted online their thanks for me. I didn't tell them to do this ah!!!!

It's the first time ever that they posted about me kaya I was so happy (ha ha ha ha babaw no??). 

Bruhong mga yon lang I have to buy something pa!

Going back, we were stuck in traffic. Ha ha ha ha!

ABA!!! Somebody switched seats! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!

After a looooong bus ride, we're back!!!!!

Kuya Jon took us to this biiiig Christmas tree.

Sige ate Jit! Bend it like Beckham!!! Ha ha ha ha ha! Pose like your life depends on it!

The tree changes colors and was really a sight to behold.

Inside, there was a pretty interesting light show on the planets.


We also got to see the king himself -- GODZILLA!!!!

We also had pictures in these streets that were beautifully illuminated with tivoli lights representing the season.

Aba... aba... Mommy daw niya!

About to cross the street.

Hmmmm... Somebody broke one of the chain links. I wonder who it is???


For our ultra late dinner, we are back at our favorite YOSHINOYA!!!!

Check out the blog post HERE!!!!!

When we got back to the hotel, the boys and I packed. I really appreciated how helpful they were and followed my every utos.


We all had a BEEEEYOOOOOTIFUL  second and third day in Japan where we enjoyed the lovely natural surroundings.

So happy too that I was able to see these wonders of the world with my very own wonderful family.


We love Japan!!!!

More on PART THREE!!!!





  1. Jas, ang gaganda ng pics nyo!! I love reading your Japan post (parang di ako dito nakatira ngayon hehe)

    1. Erika?? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha!!! Thanks!!! Yung magagandang color it's from ate's phone. My phone kasi is luma. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Hay I'm so inggit with you! Gandaaaaaaaa Japan!!! I wanna go back but mahirap na din. I hope you're safe also and be careful there. Hopefully the corona virus thingy won't endanger anyone there.

      Take care always! MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    2. Oooopps forgot to put my name haha buti nalang kilala mo ko!

      Yes 😷 good thing safe naman dito. Flu season din kasi kaya boost talaga immune system. Thank you Jas!

    3. Ha ha ha ha! Syempre!!!!

      Always take care ha? My friend and family supposed to go there this March 25 but their flight was cancelled. :(



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