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Wednesday, March 11, 2020


We just arrived in JAPAN and naturally the first thing we wanted to do besides resting and unpacking is this:


Well we're not in JAPAN for our health. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Besides the sights, we are definitely in the Land of the Orient to get loads of Japanese foods in our bellies. That's why we're excited to have our first real taste of authentic Japanese food for that trip.

And the first order of the day???


After dropping off our bags in the hotel, we immediately set out for some Ramen!

I'm sure it's going to be perfect because the night was soooo cold. Brrrrrrrrrr!

And we're here...


Kuya Jon always eats here and recommended it for our first night.

Sorry I'm not really sure what this sign means. Is this the restaurant name? He he he he!

There were only stools available for diners. The restaurants was quite small so only about 10 to 15 people could fit.

NAKANO - AOBA RAMEN only have about 4 dishes on the menu.

I don't think they need anything else. Ha ha ha ha ha!

The prices differ depending on the toppings.

Hmmm.... We all agreed to let Kuya Jon order for us.

We all got the Pork Tsukemen Ramen!

The simple table setting where everything was within reach!

Awwww... Kuya Jon got separated from us.

Ate Jojit and Master Mati!

Mommy, Androse, and MEEEEEEEEE!


Oooooh... Super yum!

The broth was so rich and tasty. The egg noodles were chewy and so perfectly al dente to slurp with. The pork, ayayay.... So soft and fatty.

Look at it glistening with oil and flavorings!!!

This was MIGHTY good!

So excited to slurp!!!!!

Our first meal in JAPAN -- NAKANO - AOBA RAMEN!!!!!

Our server was very nice and attentive to us. To think that he is almost alone at his station!

Andrei loved slurping on his noodles but made sure to cool it down first.

In no time....

That was soooo good!!!!!

Simple but VERY satisfying!!!!! 

If you think one bowl is not enough, THINK AGAIN. The noodles were so heavy in the tummy!

Now I want some more!!!!!!!!!

Check out that film of oil. Ha ha ha ha!

Our JAPAN trip is off to a great start!!!!!



5 Chome-58-1 Nakano, 
中野区 Nakano City, Tokyo 164-0001, Japan
+81 3-3388-5552



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