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Monday, March 9, 2020


It was our last day in JAPAN and though I'm the type who would rather stay in the hotel or go to the airport way early to prepare for our flight, I agreed to go out with the family.

Yup! Japan is just THAT awesome that you should explore it all you can!!!!!!!

It's our last day!!!!!!!!

Nice pose again ate Jit! What's with the one leg raised thing? He he he he!

When Ate Jit was thinking what to do for our last day, she was torn between doing a Tea Ceremony, or dressing up in Kimonos. I also suggested the Teamlab Borderless thing but after talking to somebody who's been there, I felt that it's just MEH. 

In the end, we decided to check out TSUKIJI MARKET!!!!!

Because why not di ba???

On our way to the Tsukiji Market, we saw this Buddhist Temple named Tsukiji Hongwanji, with a beautiful facade.

Mommy found it beautiful too and agreed to a picture.

Here's the other side!

At one side of the temple there's a cleansing station.

Sorry I'm not really sure what it's for in their religion but if it's like what we did in Kyoto, it would be to clean your hands and mouth before you enter the temple.

We didn't really enter the temple but we just wanted to experience it. He he he he...

Bye Temple!!!

As much as we wanted to stay and take more pictures, we got to go somewhere important...


Yep!!!! We didn't eat ANYTHING in preparation for this.

Oh yummmm!!!!!

 Even if the streetfood were soooo delishes in TSUKIJI, we knew that we just had to eat some of their fresh sushi and had early lunch here in this sushi bar.


How much do you think this plate of beauty costs???


Even if there were a lot of people there I would always want to go back and taste the goods of TSUKIJI!!!

The old TSUKIJI MARKET by the way was gone already and was replaced by this modern one.

It may be cleaner and brighter but I still preferred the old market because it showed the old practices and look of Tsukiji.

Before heading back, I asked for another picture here by the temple. I loved how Andrei is all bundled up because malamig pa din!

Waiting for our ride!

For the last two days, the boys were the ones in charge of getting tickets for us all.

I'm impressed at how eager they are to help and how they were able to get the knack of it. Confusing din kaya!

Walking back to our hotel.

We got our things and said good bye to Mommy, and Ate Jit. Kuya Jon will take us to the airport. Yep. They'll be left behind because their flight is about 3 days away pa.

Baket parang they're happy to see us go???


In the train!

Thanks Kuya Jon for taking us to the airport. I'm sure if it's just us, I would be so confused.

My bunsoy's last train ride in Japan for 2019.

Huhuhu.... We don't want to gooooo!

There were A LOT of people that night flying out but we were still able to check in easy breeezy especially with the help of this lady.

Thank you talaga Kuya Jon for taking us to the airport and making sure that we get in safely and with no problems. To be honest, I'm really scared to be there without the Yub (I've flown solo before pero ewan ko ba, I'm so worried doing it with the boys kasi kargo ko sila).

While going to our terminal, we saw this little robot similar to the ones in Star Wars.


While waiting to board, we had some snacks.

After we finished our hotdogs, ramen, and ice cream, we had some iced drinks.

The boys don't mind waiting because internet was FAST.

I was a bit peeved at some people who were already lining up to board when they were not even called yet. 

I really didn't want to join them but then we thought that if we let the others go ahead, they might take our overhead compartment space (as what would happen in the past).

And we've boarded na!!!!!

And we've landed.

Awwww... Thanks dear Mati for getting our bags from the conveyor. Sorry I can't help there because I have a bad back.

Thank you soooo much for my super dependable boys who did all the hard work because your fat Mommy cannot carry heavy things anymore.

Kahit pala wala si Daddy nyo, OKAY LANG!!!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

And at home...

Supposedly we're going to have KFC. But since we're full from the flight, we're happy with our favorite LOTSA PIZZA!!!!!


Before ending our JAPAN TRIP part 3 post, let me share with you the many pictures that we took imitating the poses of "influencers." Really, I don't mind having bad pics but the one that I don't fancy is making a moment "too set up." Yung tipong 10 or 20 shots taken of what is supposedly a candid pose? 

Just goes on to show that what often looks good on cam may be too good to be true.

Kaya more honesty in blogs or posts please! He he he he he he!

And I swear, hindi talaga bagay samin.

Here are examples. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! 

"Walking towards lake then decided to look behind me."

(I saw somebody actually do this pose over and over again as his friend took pictures. It just looked... never mind.  Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!)

"Smiling and looking at floor."

(Because WHY????)

"Smiling while looking at fishes."

"Walking towards tree then looking behind me."

"Laughing about something that's far away."

"Looking up at a twig."

"Tucking hair behind ear and noticing something from afar."

"Looking back and remembering something funny."

"Mommy looking at the same thing I saw."

"Tucking hair behind ear and checking out the lights."

"Feeling so happy with life and laughing about it."


"Tucking hair behind ear and looking for an ipis on the floor."

"STILL tucking hair behind ear and getting an AHA moment"

(Either that or ipis went up my pants.)

"Standing with leg extended because why not?"

"Happy and in the middle of the street."

"Happy and suddenly hearing something from the top of a building"

(Ate Jit said the 3 guys behind me were laughing at me."


"Tucking hair behind ear and suddenly becoming emotional."

What is it with tucking hair behind ear???

"Emo pose but looking at my back for meaning."

"Emo pose midwalk but looking for meaning beyond."

(Because it's smart to be emo in the middle of the road. Ha ha ha ha!)

Oh well... I have to admit that our pics SOMEHOW looked good. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! But still, it's not for me. What you see is what you get with us. 


Looking back at our 5 superkaduper fun days in Japan:

I know that we only stayed in Tokyo...

I know that it's only just Mommy, Ate Jit, Kuya Jon, the boys, and I...

I know that we only went to a number of places...

I know that our itinerary was not as lavish as how others would love it.

BUT STILL........................

We saw what we all wanted (Disneyland... Mt. Fuji... Ate in Ichiran and that Steak Place)...

This trip is about Mommy fulfilling her dream of going to Japan with her family and we were so happy to be there for her...

NAKITA PA NYA SI KATHNIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We only went to the places that mattered to US.

We didn't go for lavish, for shopping, for glamorous, for IG worthy posts -- we went for experiences and culture. And I think we were able to see (and feel) what we can for the number of days that we had.

So yes, this is indeed an AMAZING, AWESOME, MIND BLOWING trip for us. I'm so thankful that not only my Mommers treated us, but she is also still healthy, able to walk, and game na game for Japan.  Most important too is that SHE HAD FUN.

I'm sure that a huge part of why this trip is successful is that SHE is with us.

As in ANG SAYA SAYA NAMIN LAHAT that I want to go back again THIS YEAR!!! 







  1. hi ms jaz...i so love your japan trip...i also want to go there someday because of my love for Ramen and Sushi and Sashimi hahahaha food pdn pala talaga ang rason :D

    i enjoyed reading your 3 part blog for japan...most especially your pose for "Tucking hair behind ear and looking for an ipis on the floor." hahahaha :)

    i am really waiting for your What You Ate in Japan post....

    mwah mwah <3 <3 <3


      Hi dear Tinemon how are you and your family na??? I'm sorry for responding late. In fact I just posted a blog now lang. Ha ha ha ha! You know din naman what's happening. I really pray that all's well with you and your family. Ingat kayo ha???

      I love it sooo much too! Some may find our activities meh pero kami talaga ang saya saya. Oo the Ramen and Sushi, Sashimi were all top notch AT napakamura pa. I'm sure super mageenjoy ka. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Thanks!!!! Kasi naman nakakatawa di ba???? Don't get me wrong ha, I"m okay with the posing pero yung iba kasi ang fake fake na talaga kaya nakakatawa. I'm more for kahit pangit yung pic basta totoo.

      Tee hee!!!!

      Coming!!!! Hay super busy lang kasi that's why I haven't posted. Pero I did it all na. He he he he!

      Take care again and God bless you!!! Thank you for always being there for me. MWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!


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