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Thursday, March 26, 2020


Last December when my Mommy treated us to a JAPAN TRIP for her birthday, we're happy that instead of the usual budget airlines I would always opt for in Asian flights, she chose ANA AIRLINES!

I haven't tried ANA AIRLINES before but my Kuya rides it everytime he goes to JAPAN. He would constantly rave about it and this made us (especially my little bunsoy Andrei) more excited for our trip.

How was it? Let's just say that we never wanted our flight to end. Ha ha ha ha ha! We felt that we're going to the US tuloy!

Yep! I think it's going to be ANA AIRLINES for us from now on!


Wow! We're in Business class! Ha ha ha ha!

Kidding! Not really. We just lined up there since we already made online confirmation.

After a two-hour wait, it's time to go!

Wohoo! We're going to our plane all dandy and ready!

JAPAN we're coming!!!!

Wohoo! We're loving our seats!

Andrei's doubly excited to ride ANA AIRLINES and was so cute when showing the different features.

You have an entertainment center up front.

No neck pillow? no problem! You could fix the headrest to a comfortable position.

No fret. ANA AIRLINES still provides pillows and blankets for passenger use.

Each set comes with a hook for jackets or bags.

Don't bunch it up too much because you might bother the person in front of you.

Or, she might bother you.


Need to charge your phone or gadgets? ANA AIRLINES have charging outlets for you!

Upon sitting, we were given wet towels to freshen up.


I planned on sleeping the whole flight away but Jude Law in THE HOLIDAY was so handsome to resist.

Uncomfortable from the glare outside? You could adjust the tint of your window by pressing that circular spot below it.


A little later, the flight attendant started handing out the menu for the day.

Hmmm... What shall I get???

Andrei and Mati got the chicken.

In true airline style, it is served with bread, dessert, and extra condiments.

Looks good!

Andrei was able to finish this all except the tomatoes.

I got the Sukiyaki Beef!

The veggies were overcooked but the beef was flavorful to eat with rice.

My happy seatmate!

He really ate A LOT!

My other seatmate!

For dessert, we got ice cream.

Trust the Japanese to be think of everything! Looking at the lid we saw that they attached the spoon there.


Auuugh! I can't eat anymore.

After finishing the chicken, he got the pandesal then filled it with butter and cheese.

When he's done, Andrei told me "Mommy, we should always fly ANA AIRLINES because I eat a lot here." Ha ha ha ha ha!

The flight attendant gave him a toy pa!

Ooooh... I could already see JAPAN!!!!!!!!!!

And we're HERE!!!!!!!

(After this picture was taken, an airport attendant was telling us to stop. Ha ha ha ha ha! Pictures were restricted at this area. The boys were SO embarrassed.

BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Sorryyyy!!!!!)

We can't wait to go around Japan!

Thanks ANA AIRLINES for giving us such a comfortable flight that we have a lot of energy to run (or waddle) around the whole day!

Check out the following:

And it's time to go home for me, Mati, and Andrei!

Mommy and the others will not go home for another 3 days.


There was still an hour till boarding time and people were already lining up. The boys and I were sitting comfortably and just letting them be. I really don't get why some flyers can't listen to simple instructions with regards to grouping and who will be seated first.

There was already a long line when I thought how some flyers would occupy your baggage compartment when the space is free.

HAAAAAAY. So we didn't have  a choice but to line up.

See how long the line got after us?

Boarding time!

We got a lot of hand-carry so we really need the baggage compartment space. I prefer of course the one that's assigned to us so that we won't forget anything.

All settled an dandy!

I prefer sana the aisle seat (cos I always go to the restroom) but the bunsoy said we should sit together.


The bunsoy always requests for a window seat because he wanted to see the take-off and landing.

Me and my pogi seatmate.

I think I need a noselift. He he he he he!

When they were younger, I was the one who wrote on all trip documents. Now that they are older, the boys do it themselves. Such a big help!

I just provide a fact sheet paper for them to copy from.

Haay! This is certainly a load off me. Ang hirap kaya sumulat especially with my handwriting that could confuse central intelligence units? He he he he he....

Instead of a live demonstration from flight attendants, ANA AIRLINES shows their flight regulations via video.

I love how ANA AIRLINES highlighted Japanese culture by using their ancient personalities/costumes for the video.

AND since I wasn't able to finish it the first time...

As for Master Mati, he watched Once Upon A Time in Hollywood!

Yep! He's my little movie buff. I really enjoy watching movies with him. 

Got my trusty wet towel to freshen up before our dinner.

The choices for tonight!

Hmmmm... Something tells me the reason why they put "recommended" on choice A is because nobody got it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Guess what we all got?

It's still the Stewed Beef for us!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Nobody from our aisle felt like having Sardine balls.

The beef was MIGHTY good!

And it's ice cream for dessert again!


After wiping out everything, Andrei watched out for signs of Manila.

And we landed!!!!!

We're back in Manila safe and sound, and super happy with our flight.

Hopefully if budget permits, we will go back to Japan AND ride ANA AIRLINES once again. 

I don't think I wanna go back to budget airlines anymore. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

ANA AIRLINES rule!!!!!!






  1. My husband told me ANA is better than JAL. JAL ako always (love them inupgrade ako ng business class haha) pero next vacation ko makapag ANA!

    Ingat kayo dyan sis!

    ~ Erika

    1. Huloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

      I love JAL too! Used to fly many times via JAL going to the US. Now kasi they don't have direct flight na. Wow! How did you do that??? TIPS naman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      We enjoyed ANA because it's certainly a breath of fresh air compared to Cebu Pac and Air Asia (which we always take for Asian flights). Naisip ko din ang laking factor also the comfort even if it's just 4 hours for the flight. He he he he he! And yes, ANA is like JAL din. We appreciated the service!!

      You also!!! When kaya kami makakabalik dyan??? HOpefully sooooooooonest! I wanna bring the hub there.

      Mwah mwah mwah!

    2. Hey Jaz! Yung uwi ko last December full flight. Di ko alam of swerte lang ako that day. May mileage din ako pero di pa madami e. Tsaka feeling ko di kasi sale yung ticket? I heard priority daw mga ganon? Hay naku di din sulit 4hrs lang! Red eye flight pa so di ko sya nasulit sa pag sleep lang ako masaya!

      Yes balik kayo pag tapos na covid!! And sana magkita tayo dito!

    3. Huloooo Erika!

      Sorry late reply. If you noticed di din ako nakakapag post ng blogs these days at naku since lockdown, work from home ako! Bukod sa busy na sa work, busy pa sa housework. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Pero I'm not complaining. Anything to keep our families safe. Yun lang I don't have much time now for myself. ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Swerte namannnn... That's my dream talaga: to travel business class. Pero I would only do so with my boys. He he he he he! Sana soon.

      Yes will do!!! Will really save for it. And oo, hope to see you!!! Food trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy! He he he he he! Take care! Mwah mwah!

      Hope you're doing good also... God bless you always.


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