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Thursday, September 19, 2019


FLOSSOM KITCHEN + CAFE is fast becoming one of my favorite go to places in San Juan when I want to treat somebody and impress them at the same time.

The great thing about FLOSSOM is that the food doesn't just taste good, the place looks so good as well that it's perfect for picture loving friends/family. He he he he he!

Check out our recent dinner in FLOSSOM where I gave dear best bud Aning a super belated birthday treat!

As expected, EVERYTHING was not only "good," -- it was GREAT!


The Fabulous Fridays Freaks are in FLOSSOM!!

(Yep! That's what we used to call ourselves during College).

I made reservations in FLOSSOM and I appreciated that they seated us in this very leafy and floral area. Aning loved flowers!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Virrey -- Aning and Jonahs!

Ann and I have been super friends since college and I was there during her romance with Jonahs.


ME and the Chinese Panget!!!!

The Yub came much later on (he he he) that's why he's not in to some of our jokes. It's okay. Aning and I used to dream about his "coming" naman. At that time though I don't know yet what he looked like. He he he he!



FLOSSOM Trash Can Nachos (P450.00)!


The cheese stays gooey and it goes so well with the sour cream, the avocado, the chili... So so good!

I always order this as appetizer and it impresses everytime!

Hala! I'm craving one now!

FLOSSOM Mushroom Soup (P140.00)!

I think for the price and quality, this is SO sulit. I remember coming across soups in other restos and it was pricier with meager servings.

FLOSSOM Shrimp and Chorizo (P380.00)!

Plump and fatty shrimps and chorizo. So perfect with rice!

Goes so well with the tomato salsa too!

FLOSSOM Daddy Sisig (P300.00)!

Among all the dishes, this is the one I liked the least. Huhuhu... It's our order pa naman!

In paper it's sooo mouth watering (chicken skin, pork skin, etc) but I personally find it lacking in the usual sisig taste.

Either THAT or I'm just not used to clean sisig. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Oh wells...

Hmmm... I DID have the mayo on the side though because the Yub hated it. 

Next time I'll try it the usual way and mix everything!!!!

FLOSSOM Cheesy Chicken Volcano (P350.00)!


Fried Chicken topped with the same gooey cheese from the nachos!

Don't be deceived with the size, this is sooo heavy! Jonahs would usually have a big appetite but he got so full after finishing this off.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with Team Virrey!


Days may have passed since Aning's birthday but I still requested for a birthday song because I know how much she loved it. 


PLUS! You could NEVER get enough birthday songs when it's your birthday month.

(Super belated) Happy Birthday Aning!!!!!!!!



Le bill!

We went to their house for our usual coffee and chika and whaddayaknow.... I see some familiar boys there!

He he he he! Andrei was there since morning and will go home with us.

Naku ayaw pa umuwi!

As for the Master Mati, he's sleeping over!

I normally won't allow my boys to stay for the night at other houses but Aning is already like my family and I know that she'll take so good care of him.

Super nga e, ayan ayaw na din umuwi!!!!

I'm so thankful that Aning remains one of my closest friends since college!

I remember before how we would just daydream about double dating when we "grow up" and now it's a reality!

Super thankful pa that our boys are all best friends too!!! Wohooo!!!!!

Forever na yan!




Flossom Place, 187 N. Averilla Street, 
Greater San Juan, San Juan City
02 3566900



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