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Tuesday, June 5, 2018


It's my 33rd (he he he he) birthday and I cannot turn a year older without celebrating it with my FRAMILY (friends who are like family), the BP Group. This was actually scheduled the eve of my birthday making it like a "salubong". But something came up and I asked if we could reschedule it sometime after. Bless all of their hearts as everybody was game because either (1) they love me so much or (2) they're just looking forward to the restaurant venue -- I will try to believe that it's the first reason. He he he he he!

For the venue, I was looking for a place that will close late since it was a Friday, and well, we want to stay out long. As much as I wanted it to be in BGC, I had to be considerate of the peeps who will be traveling from Northern area (because the North WILL remember). Good thing my mareng FRANNYWANNY suggested our group to try out FLOSSOM KITCHEN since it had all the points I was looking for and she said the food was so yum!

Everyone was game na game with FLOSSOM KITCHEN because they have also been reading about the chic cafe online. They were too enthusiastic in fact na parang nalimutan na nila that it's my birthday! I knew it! Reason number 2 talaga!!!!! Huhuhu... Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

So in the end, we came, we saw, we celebrated. Yehessss! It was an uber awesome birthday celebration with my BP Framily at FLOSSOM!!!!!

Happy 33 to me at FLOSSOM!!!!!

FLOSSOM is located in the quiet streets of San Juan. Parking could be a challenge at night time though.

Inside, FLOSSOM is like a communal cafe but with more vibrant colors and life!

Everywhere you look is a place for "kodakan" but since the cafe was extra full that night, my husband got too shy to take pics.


Just take my word for it. MAGANDA SIYA.

I called to make reservations and since we were a big group of 20+, FLOSSOM gave us the Glass Room. Ths is a nice and cozy section of the restaurant that could be out for the consumable rate of P20,000.00


The most ever pogi CEO Albert and the lovely Suet!

Best Bud Aning, Dani, and pareng Jonahs!

Our equally buddy kiddies, Andrei, Jelo, Mati, and Johans!

Mareng Chel and Pareng Abel with Peekabo Tobey!

BFFs Tiana and Dani!

Dear Gem and Jojie!

Pareng Jun, mareng, Gail, and a very busy Sasha! He he he he he!


FLOSSOM menu!!!!

Service was awesome in FLOSSOM and this lady made sure that our crazy group was fed and happy. She was a very good photographer too! He he he he he he!

 We officially started our meal with a prayer from my handsome teenager, Master Mati!!!!

Food is here so it's time to eat! YEHESSSS!

FLOSSOM Wild Mushroom Soup (P120.00)!

FLOSSOM Norwegian Salad (P350.00). 

The smoked salmon made all the difference to the greens and balsamic vinaigrette!

FLOSSOM Trash Can Nachos (P350.00)!!!!

This is one of my favorites in FLOSSOM! The chips were crispy and it complemented well with the various toppings!

When served, melted cheese is dramatically poured over all that nacho goodness.

What a beautiful sight!

FLOSSOM Honey Chorizo Linguine (P320.00)!

I didn't see any leftovers from this bowl. He he he he he!

My master Mati got the FLOSSOM Spicy Shrimp Pasta (P320.00)!!

I had a taste of this and it was just glorious! The al dente linguine was dripping with a light sauce that was jampacked with garlic and butter. The cherry tomatoes added a fine contrast from the buttery flavors and spice. 


As usual, my bunsoy got the FLOSSOM Egg Tartufata (P350.00)!

Andrei wiped this out because he it got all the cream and truffle seasonings that he craved for. 

The Yubhub naman got the FLOSSOM Corned Beef Hash Skillet (P300.00)!

The FLOSSOM Breakfast Tocino (P300.00) is something worth drooling over too.

Egad, I want to try out also the FLOSSOM Big Benedict next time (P320.00)!!! 

One order is HUGE and is definitely good for 2 (or even 3) people!!! 

FLOSSOM Pan Grilled Salmon (P550.00)!

FLOSSOM Baked Meatloaf (P320.00)!

For those who love their embutido on the slightly sweet side with a dollop of gooey and creamy cheese, then this one's for you. He he he he he! Too perfect with Garlic Rice!

A sulit order is the FLOSSOM Buttermilk Fried Chicken (P350.00)!

This big plate serves up 2 fat pieces of juicy and crispy chicken that gets extra exciting with a drizzle of the honey. Yummmmm....

FLOSSOM Asian Chicken (P350.00)!

Hmmmm... This looks very YUM too!

BB Aning got the FLOSSOM Shrimp and Chorizo (P380.00)! 

Sweet chorizo and plump shrimps fried with loads of garlic, butter, herbs, and secret seasoning. Inangkupushness... This was sooooo good! I'll order this next time!

Every droplet of goodness goes soooo well with the garlic rice and salsa!!

Yihiii! Let's EAT!

But not without taking a lot of pictures first!

It's my birthday celebration naman kaya sungays galore ako! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

All girls naman!

Syempre I made kulitan pa with the kiddies and my kumare...

Angry look!

Surprised look!

Super happy na nasurprise look!



So full!

Time for my cake!

I got a very NOISY birthday song from my friends and family.

Awwwww... I feel so HASHTAG BLESSED at 33!!!

Don't mind the manang behind me. She's delusional.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Walang tigil talaga o!!!


Before anything else, I was reclined to the max in this picture ah. It's not like I have a beer belly!

Time to cut the cake!!!

EEP!!!! Sorry Best Bud Aning, I'll do it.

During my Dad's birthday, she volunteered to cut his cake doing this new scientific method that she saw on Facebook. Sa awa ng Diyos nagcollapse yung cake and everything turned to MUSH.

So now, it became our inside joke that we will NEVER let her touch another cake EVER AGAIN.

He he he he he!

This was so perfect with my Capuccino!

Thanks mareng Chel for my cake. It was SOOOOOO good that hindi ako nakatikim!!!

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Inubusan nila ako.



Our FLOSSOM bill!

And later on, it's time to go!

The place was secluded that the kiddies were comfortable with playing on the streets!

Me, my bunsoy Andrei, and godson Jelo!

This may be about 2 weeks after my birthday, but I'm very happy to officially close my celebrations with my BP (Bawal Panget) Framily. I'm loving everyone here very much!


Yes even you Yub. HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Flossom Place, 187 N. Averilla Street, 
Greater San Juan, San Juan City
02 3566900



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