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Friday, September 27, 2019


It was Friday and the Yub and I were deciding where to go for DATE NIGHT!!! You know us, we're okay anywhere, as long as it fits our super low standards and budget. He he he he he!!!!

Good thing that during breaktime (stress on the BREAKTIME), I was scrolling thru Facebook and saw this ad for FINIO. I checked it out and can't believe how at the low price of P295.00 you get to eat crispy pata and mongolian barbecue ALL YOU CAN!

But wait, there's MORE!

Besides the eat all you can Crispy Pata and Mongolian Barbecue, you also get some hot dishes, a salad, plus pasta, and drinks!!!

HUWAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!!! How can that be??

It's true Mike! He he he he he!

Anyway so when I brought it up with the Yub, I didn't need to say that it is only P295.00, because he was already tumbling for joy at the thought of having Crispy Pata as much as he can.

That's AMAZING! (Well moreso that he knows how to tumble pala... he he he he)

Now how did we find our dinner?

Basa basa lang pohzzzz....

He he he he he!

We're in FINIO!!!!

Restaurant was clean and a notch higher than your usual fast food setting. The Yub and I were glad that they take in reservations because this was packed later on. 

Time to attack the buffet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FINIO soup!!

Simple clear soup that's nice to slurp on while eating. 

FINIO Salad Bar!

The hot dishes were surprisingly good! Of course, don't expect Michelin classy type dishes served in expensive china. What you get here are "lutong-bahay" specialties and we just loved it!

FINIO Snails in Coconut Milk!

THIS WAS SOOOOOOOO GOOD! I don't know about you but I'm such a sucker (pun intended) for "ginataang kuhol".  Enjoyed this very much!

FINIO mussels in Spicy Sauce!

The sauce was so heavenly!

FINIO Pansit Bihon!

Noodles were flavorful and great with rice (he he he he!)

FINIO Chicken Afritada!

It was good but I don't like Afritada so much. He he he he!

FINIO Fish Fillet!

FINIO Adobong Sitaw!

FINIO Fried Rice! This was so tasty too!

The piece de resistance.... CRISPY PATA!!!

They would always refill because it runs out fast. The skin was crunchy, meat was juicy, and everything, ULTRA FATTY! Ha ha ha ha ha!

The Crispy Pata was muy delicioso and would make paying the bill P295.00 so sulit na. My only concern though is that they should serve the Crispy Pata on a rack so that it wouldn't swim in its own oils. Tuloy, the ones at the bottom get chewy immediately and nobody would get it.

My other favorite was the FINIO Dinuguan. Egad this was sooo good! The rich black sauce was already so flavorful and perfect with rice. Hay... I think I got 3 servings of this!

FINIO Pasta Station!

The presentation might turn you off but it tasted ok naman.

FINIO Mongolian Station!

They even provided directions on how to mix and match the ingredients.

Choices for the Monglian Barbecue were simple pero really, it's pwede na. At least your meat amounts are not limited.

FINIO drink station!

Iced Tea and coffee galore!


My first plate....

Got some Kuhol agad too!

My Mongolian bowl!

Put too much sauce with my rice and veggies that it got salty. Next time I'll ease up on it. 

The happy Yub!


BURP! More mussels please...

Spaghetti was okay. It's like what you would often encounter in birthday parties. He he he he he!

My second plate....

My third plate!

He he he! As I get fuller, my food tends to get neater.


The FINIO bill!

Got some coffee while the Yub and I were heaving and wiping our bellies ha ha ha ha! It seemed watered down but promise, it's still okay especially that it's included in the buffet.

There was dessert pala but I don't really like Buko Pandan. He he he he!


That was really a surprisingly delicious and awesome meal! I know that it may be full of MSG (for flavor) but promise, I don't mind. For the price and taste, I'm so AGOGO for FINIO!!!!!

Sayang lang that parking could be quite a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



220 Tomas Morato Avenue, 
Sacred Heart, Quezon City
02 4151278 / 02 4123829



  1. Hi Ms. Jaz! We had breakfast buffet before at Finio, bang for the buck na rin kahit medyo maalat the selections, kung heavy breakfast eater naman.

    1. Hullooooo dear Yanna!!!! Really? I haven't tried breakfast he he he he... I could imagine siguro nga na medyo salty, it would make the diner eat more rice. Ha ha ha ha ha! Hala! I found dinner okay lang. I hope di masyadong salty panlasa ko.

      Thanks dear Yanna! Take care! Mwah mwah!


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