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Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Greenhills Shopping Center used to be like "home" to our family. At the time when Powerplant Mall, SM Megamall, Shangrila Mall, etc, were not yet existent, GREENHILLS was the place to be for us:

-- It was where we heard mass (Santuario de San Jose).
-- It was where we did our shopping (before the infamous tiangges and dibidis dominated the place).
-- It was where my Mom and Dad would jog and exercise (their basis was how many times they could go around the shopping center).
-- It was where we celebrated family events (Sun Moon, Kimpura, Mcdonalds, etc).
-- It was where we did our groceries (Unimart).
-- PLUS MANY, MANY MORE (since a LOT of memories are flooding in my head right now like the opening of Mcdonalds, me joining their first halloween contest and seeing a kiddie Lea Salonga, eating in old restaurants like Green Patio, Tom Sawyers, etc, borrowing laser discs, having Coney Island ice cream, etc, etc, etc.)

That's why imagine my grief after my Daddy went to heaven and the Yub and I passed by GREENHILLS shopping mall. I immediately broke down in sobs because I could see him EVERYWHERE. (The same thing happened with my Mom -- she had a difficult time going to Greenhills because wherever she went, she would see one of their friends/sukis who'd greet her and look for Daddy. Besides their Greenhills barkada, my parents kasi are also friends with a whole lotta people there -- the security guards, the Mercury Drug salesladies, the other store salesladies, etc. etc.)

Then suddenly, I don't know if it's God's way of helping me or what, GREENHILLS SHOPPING CENTER had a major renovation that it's not like the one we went to before. EVERYTHING WAS NEW! At first it got me a bit sad that I somehow "lost" the place that we went to almost everyday before. But at the same time, I'm grateful because at least my heart won't be in pain anymore whenever I see the places that had special memories of him. (Maybe my Dad loved Greenhills so much that he "brought" it along with him in heaven? Ha ha ha ha!).

So one time we needed to do groceries and the Yub suggested we go to UNIMART because it's already so near us. I gave him a hesitant "Okay" because I know I've been putting off going to the new UNIMART for so long. I don't know why but I know it would just feel so weird going there without asking my Daddy to buy me something from "Orange Julius." I was comforted with the thought though that at least the place is new and is not like the old UNIMART that we loved. So off we go to UNIMART for our groceries and everything went smoothly naman. It was just AFTER shopping that I became emotional again.

Do you know how some other people would hear a song and remember something with it? Well that's ME and FOOD.

Yup. Read on. Ha ha ha ha ha!

We're in UNIMART!!!! The new one that is!

The new UNIMART was HUUUUGE. And even if it's in a new building, they somehow modeled it after the old one. 

The Yub enjoyed shopping for groceries in UNIMART. As for me, I prefer to go to Powerplant Mall instead. Not because of my dramatic and emotional self but INANGKUPU no, this one was SOOOOO big that looking for a can of tuna then herbs to go with it would already take me a day!!!!!!

And then it was time to eat (my favorite part).

The Yub and I didn't feel like going to the other restaurants in UNIMART but we DID saw this old time favorite at the corner.

Should we or shouldn't we?

Though this was a new restaurant, it was made after the cafe in the old UNIMART where my Dad and his gang used to go to EVERYDAY for breakfast.

The Yub and I decided to try this one out because even if I didn't frequent its old restaurant before, my Daddy used to take home food from it almost everyday!!! I wanted to see if the dishes I'm familiar with tasted the same. 

My Mom said Dad is friends with the old staff.

Hmmm... I could ask but I was shy. He he he he he!





Kaya naman pala Daddyowzers love to eat here e... ANG MURA!!!

I hope the food is not cheap in quality though...

Okay lang. I'm not choosy naman!!! He he he!!!!


Food is here!!!!

My order THE COFFEE SHOP Tapsilog (P185.00)!

Ain't that a big platter of awesome brekky food????


For a coffee upgrade we paid an additional P30.00!

I'm drooling while typing this.

As for the Yubhub he ordered THE COFFEE SHOP's Barbecue Set (P160.00) which came with 4 pieces of juicy barbecue and java rice. 

He's not a fan of the rice (since he hated anything that tasted similar to catsup) and vowed to convert it to garlic rice next time. 

He's still happy though. He he he he!

Since we felt like pigging out so much that night (and because Daddy always took home an order of this for us) we decided to also get THE COFFEE SHOP Miki Bihon (P155.00)!

For that price we got a platter of this hot noodle dish loaded with meat and vegetables!!!!

I took a forkful of this and I tell you, it was like an Anton Ego moment where memories of our times with Daddyowzers here in Greenhills suddenly flashed back. The pansit still had that notable savory and soy saucy taste that really reminded me of the "old Greenhills" and how we would all cram in our old car to go there. 


So right there and then I choked and started to tear up. Syempre typical Yub was clueless and was even gnawing on his barbecue stick when he gave me a quizzical look as if asking "Anyare?"


Oh well... I just wiped myself up and did a retouch... Syempre magpipicture eh!!!!



We took half of our pansit home because it was A LOT for us.


Super affordable right?!!!!

On another night of doing groceries again, we went back to THE COFFEE SHOP. 

This time I got THE COFFEE SHOP Chicken Steak (P165.00)! 

It was good too!!!

We had another enjoyable dinner that night and I was able to go through it without tears. He he he he he!!! 

And last night, we went again!!!!!

Haaaay... And this was after I said I'm not going to have rice that night.

Although it may be painful at times, I'm still thankful for a Daddyowzers who took us everywhere and shared with us everything he can. Because see? Even with places such as a simple cafe, I suddenly felt his love that I've been missing for so long. I may have a hard time forgetting or moving on (stupid advise from stupid people) BUT IT'S SOOOOO OKAY. I would never get tired of remembering and feeling his memory whenever I can!


And I love UNIMART na din!!!

Unimart, Greenhills Shopping Centre, 
N Western Street, 
Greenhills, San Juan, 1502 Metro Manila
(02) 721 0594




  1. Ms. Jaz!!

    Greenhills people din kami! :) My lolo would always make tambay sa Mister Donut for Sunday coffee or yung old McDonalds na may play area pa. Lagi rin siya bumibili ng peanuts dun sa gilid ng Coffee Shop, plus pag special occasion, he'd buy cake sa Kookie Korner. Brings back painful memories din for us kasi he passed away four years ago.

    Yung Unimart today, hindi na amoy old Unimart ������ Wala na the old handwritten signs sa cashier �� Pero I'm glad I took my son there often bago nagawa yung new one.

    Sa Coffee Shop, we always had their Spaghetti and arrozcaldo / goto.

    1. Huloooooooo dear Yanna!!!!!!

      Really?? Yayyy! Di ba parang the old Greenhills is the place where the kids our generation went to often? Ay Oo! The peanuts with the chicharon and mga hamon!

      My Dad and his gang would also always go to Mister Donut sa kanto ha ha ha either THAT or sa Mcdonalds!

      Do yuo also remember Tom Sawyers, Green Patio, and Bangus in the arcade???

      I agree. It's not the same Unimart talaga. And wala si Orange Julius! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! But yeah, somehow I'm glad that they removed the old one so that I wouldn't see my Dad so much and miss him terribly.

      Ay my Dad would also bring me home the spaghetti besides the pansit! Sige will try it one of these days their goto.

      Thanks again dear Yanna! Mwah mwah!

    2. Yes yes yes Ms. Jaz!! :)

      Huhu yung Tom Sawyer naalala ko... :D Yes, wala ng Orange Julius :(((

      Tas lahat halos ng free taste near the entrance of the grocery sa bandang ham section and the carts :D Huhu the ice cream stall near the entrance ng actual building :)

      I also remember na hiwalay yung candy / chocolate section from the actual grocery :) I had to beg my grandparents pa to buy me something :D

      Somehow I feel the same too. It's nice to reminisce, kaso minsan it's hard talaga :(

      I forgot to mention na my mother and father met while working at Dunkin Donuts Greenhills (yung naging Pizza Hut, tas House of Wagyu na ata today), around early or mid 80s ata. I owe my existence to Greenhills :D :D :D

      PS. I wanted to go to sa Ultimate Taste Test because I knew you might be there with the fam, kaso I had work that day :( :( Magfa-fan girl pa naman ako :) Will just wait for your post na lang.

    3. Hullooooo dear Yanna!!!!!!!!

      You have to admit the restaurants that we had before were sooooo different from what we have now. Before kasi, there's a flair of simplicity to everything. Yung tipong even if it's just Orange Julius or Tom Sawyer lang, tuwang tuwa na tayo and i'm sure those restaurants are very affordable. Now, the restaurants in Greenhills if you want to go somewhere special, aba, special din ang price. Ha ha ha ha ha! And the kiddies today, I bet they won't be as sentimental about chilis or gloriamaris compared to what we had before.

      Ah yeahhhh!!! Tapos di ba the chocolate and candy are in this corner na parng medyo luma luma. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Uy really??? My Mom and Dad always walk around greenhills as their exercise. As in friends sila sa mga taga Mercury Drug, and servers of many restaurants in Greenhills. Hindi lang sila nagawa sa side nung Pizza hut kasi wala siya sa "circle". Ha ha ha ha ha ha h ha! Ang cool naman. Kaya pala you're very attached din there.

      I agree... It's nice to reminisce pero ang hirap. Before nun, grabe I see my dad EVERYWHERE that it was so hard for me to go to Greenhills. Now since nabago I guess it made going there more bearable. He h ehe he he he!

      Ay buti na din kasi we didn't go! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Alam mo sorry, since my Dad left us parang I would rather stay at home. If ever I do go out, it's with family or with super close friends. Pero promise ha, if you see me please picture tayo. I so want to meet you din.

      Mwah mwah! Thanks again! Mwah mwah!! Sorry if I'm not ontime sa reply pero promise I am soooo kilig when you comment.

      Thanks again.

  2. Jaz!! try the Spaghetti super yummy! It's my favorite there and the giant okoy!

    1. Hulooooooooooo dear Frannywanny!!! Oh yes! I've tried the Spaghetti na and loved it! Homemade na homemade ang lasa. Sarap!!! I haven't tried the Okoy though kasi ang laki! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sige next time. Mwah m wah!!!!!!!!!!!!


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