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Tuesday, September 17, 2019


The Yub and I already ate in TORI TORI branch in Ortigas when my brother treated the family in celebration of his daughter's successful opening of a school play. I didn't know that they also had a TORI TORI branch in San Juan not until the Yub informed me after another night of deciding where to go after work.

"Game!" I immediately answered. I remembered how much I loved their sushi and yakitori in our last meal.

HOWEVER, whenever we passed by TORI TORI going home, parking could be a challenge. They only had minimal spaces at the storefront that it's pure luck to secure one.

You know what? We got one!!! Yup! Out of the 4 parking spaces, there was one available. Talk about meant to be.

And our tummies lived happily ever happy.


TORI TORI!!!!!!!!!!!

Like their Ortigas branch, TORI TORI only has a few tables.

I guess this branch is a wee bigger than the one in Ortigas because they have an extra cozy room. 


Me and the Chinese Panget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ordering up!!!!

In TORI TORI, you have to check out your orders on the order slips provided.

Yun lang since writing was SOOOO small for me (IS THIS A MENU FOR ANTS??!!! He he he he, we asked help from their friendly server.

Yihiii! TORI TORI food is here!

TORI TORI Tekka Maki (P180.00)!

Ther servings and the price were good! Yun lang next time I'll request them to go easy on the wasabi. They SO smeared a lot!

We're a bit disappointed to discover that TORI TORI in San Juan does not carry the same menu prices like its counterpart. In Ortigas they had these set meals that spell cheaper bill afterwards.

STILL, it's okay their meat sticks are very affordable.

Here we got the following:

TORI TORI Angus Belly (P65.00/stick)
TORI TORI Bacon Enoki Kushiyaki (P65.00/stick)
TORI TORI Sausage Kushiyaki (P55.00/stick)


Each table had TORI TORI sauces on hand. To be honest though, you won't need it.

The sausage was quite good -- so meaty and juicy plus with that light crunch from the grilled skin!

The Japanese Wagyu was worth a try too (P135.00)!

TORI TORI Chicken Sausage Wrap (P99.00)!

This was just okay. I'm not sure if I'll still order it next time. 

TORI TORI also had a promo on Oysters that night -- P50.00 a piece! I think that's a good price!

And it was MIGHTY good like the MIGHTY Thor! He he he he he!


Somebody was happy that I got Oysters. Nek-nek mo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!



Le bill!!!!!!

Another reason for our hungry (but kuripot) duo to be in happy in San Juan!


Oy TORI TORI give us parking!


Or am I?

He he he he!

197 Wilson Street, Greater San Juan, 
San Juan City
+63 9777950010 / 02 3707017




  1. uyyy alam mo ive never tried this despite my sister telling me that it's good! ill prioritize this soon! :) and super tawang tawa ako sa photo mo with the aircon! the lady at the next table was looking at u :P hehe so cute, Jaz!!

    1. Ha ha ha ha! Ay you should! Yun lang ang hirap ng parking pero when you see there's a space, go for it. Sulit siya! The prices are okay and so delish the meat skewers. Try mo soon!!!

      BWA HA HA HA HA HA! Weirdo na weirdo siya sakin no? Thanks!! Ikaw lang ata nacutean sakin... bwa ha ha ha ha! Take care! Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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