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Monday, September 9, 2019


It was a holiday and even if my mindset was to stay in bed the whoooooole day and just watch Netflix, the Yub naman was determined to go out.


Tee Hee! Kidding!

I agreed later on because the Master Mati had a sleepover while the bunsoy Andrei went out with his Lola (yes, he'd rather go out with her than us). When deciding where to go, the Yub said we should try out SHAKE SHACK.


Sometimes I really don't get how my husband's mind works (especially when he goes for the weird choice). One thing I could say though: if he feels strongly about something he would stick to it no matter what the cost.

I'm sure you have an idea as to how bratty I could be but that is nothing to the Yub when he's hell bent on something. You'd think that he's a horse wearing blinders.

So to SHAKE SHACK we went and even if there were long lines, my Yub was adamant to stay.

In the end, I'm thankful because at least we were able to try out this popular burger franchise in the US. At the same time I realized that waiting is not really hard when you have a loving asungot with you.

TEE HEE.....


We're in SHAKE SHACK!!!!

Hala! Look at the lines!!!!

According to the sign, the wait from our starting point will be 45 minutes.

"See? 45 minutes lang!" The Yub said.

45 minutes mo mukha mo (I muttered to myself. He he he he)!

We just chatted and looked at the menu while waiting.

Inayos ko pa kilay ko! O di ba??

Doesn't my nose look particularly big in this photo?


SHAKE SHACK menu 1!!!

SHAKE SHACK menu 2!!!!

Uy they have doggie treats too!

Yay! Done with the first half.

At this point, a lovely SHAKE SHACK attendant is there to answer any questions and to enlighten us on the process. She also told us that SHAKE SHACK was strict in enforcing the saving of seats ONLY when orders have been placed already. 

Yohoo.... So near na!!! We're almost there!

Next in line....



The challenge is getting a table afterwards. We're thankful that this kind gentleman and his date told us that they'll be leaving in a while.


Just in time when our orders became ready.

Le bill!!!!

LE FOOD!!!!!!!!

SHAKE SHACK Single (P250.00)!

Looks simple but it was all beefy goodness with gooey cheese.

SHAKE SHACK Smoke Shack Single (P365.00)!

Strawberry and Ube Shake (P190.00)!

It's very satisfying to have milk shake with your burgers but it's also advisable to have some soda on the side.  The milkshakes were so creamy and rich that I almost choked while chomping on my burgers. H aha ha ha ha ha ha ha! But that's a good thing ah -- it's a sign I'm sure of quality and nummy yummy milkshakes.


SHACK SHACK Cheesy Fries (P180.00)!

Their fries were soooo good -- crunchy on the outside yet soft and moist on the inside. 

We ordered the cheese on the side because we didn't want it to get soggy. I guess it's a good decish because we had more sauce leftover after we're done with the fries. Yay! Take home for our chips at home. 


I decided to try out the other one for more variety and honestly, I didn't like it so much. Maybe I'm not made to like the chopped peppers I don't know. Next time I'll just get the plain one.

Patty is juicy and flavorful but I find it a wee tad salty for my taste. The Yub said he enjoyed it though. 

Still enjoyed our burger dinner nonetheless!!! O di ba? I still have perfect kilay. Ha ha ha ha ha!


We cleaned up our table afterwards.

Though we had a long wait for our food, I still had a great night and thanked my ugly hub for it. Though we wouldn't go back to SHAKE SHACK in a hurry (because of the lines egad), we'd like to take the boys there too.



Ground Floor, Central Square, Bonifacio High Street, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City



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