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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Like what we have been doing for the past 38 years, my Gatdula family and I went to my Dad's hometown in Cavite to participate in the Holy Week procession. It is the first time though that the patriarch of our household is not with us. But really, even if my Dad was not physically in Cavite, I somehow felt his presence thru various ways like the help from his long time staff, the cool weather, no technical glitches, the fresh talaba (his favorite), and etc. etc.

It may be just me associating him with everything but I would really like to think that he had his heavenly hand in everything so that we wouldn't feel too sad in his absence. (Yep, that's what his OC self would always do when he was still with us. Ayos lahat. Ha ha ha ha ha!)


Check out our Holy Week in Cavite this year. Let me remind you though that you won't find any educational religious information here. This is just us sharing our experience (and the food we ate) for this Lenten holiday!


Last year we drove to Cavite Wednesday night and got stuck real bad in traffic. We now know better so this time, we just woke up early on Thursday to go to Dad's province.  

Wohooo! Clear roads rule!

And in less than 2 hours, we're here!

We live in front of our town's church and even if we reside in Manila, the sight of this ancient structure makes me feel right at home. 

Our religious float (or karo) is almost done. They'll just be adding more flowers.

The Yub and I had a light breakfast of eggs, pandesal, and hot coffee before heading off to somewhere important.

We're going to see my Dad!!!

My Mom brought him flowers and we all prayed the rosary for him. 

When we got back, Ate Jit and Anthony already arrived and were helping Ninang Saling!



My Mommy was so busy that's why I just helped her (a bit) with packing simple gifts to some of Dad's relatives and friends in the area.

While waiting for lunch, the Yub and Andrei enjoyed the glaring Cavite sun by biking. He he he he he he!

And finally it's time for lunch!!!


Mussels in Soup!

Paksiw na Isda!

Sotanghon with Snowpeas!

Chicken with Pineapple!

Itlog na maalat with tomatoes and onions.

Yummm... Let's EAT!

My plate!

Of course, I should always have sili with my meal!

Me and the Chinese Dimpol!

Eating with the family!

He he he he.... We didn't remove the plastic from the chandelier anymore because it's hard to cover it up again. 

After eating, the bunsoy Andrei proceeded to watch The Passion of Christ.

Now time for a siesta!

This room used to be my Lolo and Lola's room, then my Mom and Dad's room. Now it's ours!

At first, my bunsoy was very adamant about naptime. He was not sleepy daw and wanted to play downstairs.

After a few minutes...

Ha h aha ha h ah!

We all got up just in time for the late merienda or early dinner.

That's Lester one of our GAT's staff!

Apparently my Mom and siblings were done eating already.

Time to get some grub! We're having homemade Filipino mami and tokwa't baboy!

My sister brought some siopao and siomai though. Ha ha ha ha ha!

My bowl of goodness! Yummm!

The Chinese Dimpol was so happy. This was HIS kind of food. Ha ha ha ha!

I added a generous drizzle of siopao sauce before pouring the boiling hot soup!!!

Aaaaah... So perfect with the asado siopao!

We're all full and ready to go!

Sisters Mommy and Ninang Saling waited outside.

The procession started at about 8:00pm.

Our karo was already positioned according to the processional order. So we just waited for it to pass by our house. 

The benefit of living in front of the church is that we're at the center base... ha ha ha ha!

The family of my Mom's cousin also dropped by to say hi. We had a good chat while waiting for our karo.

The (not-so) kiddies!

Fr. Cedric passed by carrying the Holy Sacrament.

The bunsoy Andrei finally got to light his 2 candles. Among the kids, he's the most excited and was constantly asking about when the procession was going to start. 

Even if he could be naughty at times, he's also the most religious in the family. 

Each karo represented a station in the cross or significant events of Jesus's crucifixion.

Each one is as beautiful as I could remember.

My family are Aglipays (Filipino Catholics) and normally, we're the minority in the place we're in. When we're in my Dad's hometown however, we find other members of the church who all come out and participate in the procession.

Yayyyy ang dami namin!!!!!

Karo number 6. 

Here's Jesus with the Roman Soldiers. 

Carrying of the cross...

And our karo arrives.... 

We know because we hear the marching band with majorettes. We've been fortunate that they'll always been assigned to go in front of us.

Isn't it beautiful?

Our view at the back.

The guys  were often tasked in the pushing of the karo.

We all stay at the back with our lighted candles. Usually my brothers and sisters would be praying the rosary while walking.

Karen, Rocio, and Miguel!

Me and the bunsoy Andrei!

I normally don't like walking but my fat legs would make an exception for Holy Week. He he he he he!

For 38 years, St. Veronica would always be behind us.

The procession would usually take about an hour around the main roads of Maragondon.

For the first night, it's always Mati and Anthony in front of the karo.

Their task was more on steering the karo since there were many participants pushing at the back.

And we're near!


We immediately parked our karo in the driveway for a family pic.

Andrei with the GAT'S guys Lester, Joseph, and Arnel!

Mang Henry and Mang Gerry were checking the generator under the karo. He he he he! Sorry.

Family pic!!!

And as per our usual tradition, the kiddies and I made some EXPLORIN'S!!!!

After doing a lot of walking, we stopped by 7-11 for some ice cream and cold drinks.

Going back, we tried something different and had the kiddies sit at the back. 

Woah! They really enjoyed this joyride!! The weather was perfectly cool too that's why we're all up for going around Maragondon since it's a new experience for them. 

When we got back, Master Mati and I watched Kingsman and had a midnight snack. At past 1:00am it was time to retire.

BUT, that doesn't mean we're already going to sleep. I still felt like watching THE CROWN! He he he he he he!


More to come on our next blog post! He he he he he!






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