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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


In the second month of the year, we packed up our bags again for a family staycation at... 


It was dear Gem's birthday and once again, she treated the whole BP Group to a family staycation in the hotel near (whispers) RESORT'S WORLD Manila.

Yayyy! It's going to be another awesome weekend!

After lunch, we immediately rushed off going to the hotel.

Dear Gem arranged everything so that we don't need to wait for her when we check in. 

As we finished with the front desk, Team Virrey arrives. Yayyyy!

Dear Gem reserved the twin beds for us.

THE YAPPY BUNCH will certainly be snug and comfy in here!

Team Virrey's room wasn't ready yet so they hung out muna with us.

O di ba? Kasya pa din!

Now let's get the party started!!!!!

After fixing our things, bunsoy Andrei asked to swim in the hotel pool.

And as per our usual hotel tradition, we got some Mango Juice and French Fries for snacks!

Their fries were MIGHTY yum!

Later on, Team Virrey and Team Qs came up.

Syempre with that, Master Mati hung out with his friend Johans Virrey.

Andrei in the meantime had his own posse by the jacuzzi.

While our bunsoy was having fun swimming with his friends, the Yub and I were having drinks and fun chika at the poolside.

Yes. Our chika could go on for hours! He he he he he!

Andrei finished by night time and before leaving, he asked to check out the planes at NAIA terminal which was visible at one side of BELMONT HOTEL.

I think this is one of his favorite spots. He he he he he!

When it was time for dinner, our BP Group met up at the lobby to go to Resort's World.

Hello Team Campo!

When we arrived in Resort's World, the hotel had a Chinese New Year's theme going on.

Our big group had dinner at Gem's request, ICHIBA JAPANESE MARKET.

BB Aning bought a gooey chocolate cake for our celebrant and we sang to her with all our might!

Yayyy! Happy birthday dear Gem!

It's always fun and crazy when the group is complete!

Before going back to BELMONT HOTEL, we came upon this light tunnel that's perfect for pictures. 


As expected, we finished with our time at Resorts World so late.

But are we going to sleep na?


Since it was a nice night, some of us decided to just walk back to BELMONT HOTEL.

After freshening up, I called BB Aning because it was time to go to Gem's room!

Yup! Our party continued here!

Dear Gem had quite a nightcap for us...

Cheese platter! Yowza!

Purple Oven cake, wine, and Johnny Walker!

The boys pounced on pareng Johnny...

As for the girls....

He he he he he he he he! We concentrated on the "pambaras".

I had some wine with my cheese, cured meats, and chips. In no time I got a little woozy but not so much to make the Yub happy...

.... with my silence.

Great night!!!!

If you're looking for the bigger kids, they stayed in another room and didn't want to join the senior citizens.


The next morning, our little kiddies made the most of their hotel time by going swimming!

Our bunsoy Andrei was happy to see that his friends, Sasha, Fritz, Jelo, and Jeorg were already there.

Based on their shrieks and giggles, they could swim for HOURS.

Besides the pool, they also splashed around in the jacuzzi!

We're the dakilang "bantays."

As always, we treated the kiddies to some French Fries!

Dear Jojie joined the kiddies later for a swim.

BB Aning went up to check on Jelo and for some chika.

We all stayed here until check out time. Ha ha ha ha ha!

It's okay. Anything for our little bunsoy. And it's nice to soak in the sun once in a while. 

Before leaving the pool, guess what my bunsoy asked his friends and tito Jojie to see?

Yup! The planes! Ha ha ha ha ha!

After we finished packing, we did our usual hotel tradition...

Picture around the room!!!! He he he he!

Here's our pa-cute shot...

Our drunk shot...

Our bed shot...

(He he he I covered my big forehead).

Wall shot!

Sneaky shot (by Andrei)!

Hall shot!

Just being casual shot!

And with that, it's time to go.

Good bye comfy BELMONT beds!

Thank you room 5010 for giving us a comfy stay!

(And by comfy I mean, nothing clonked out and the airconditioning worked perfectly!).

The others had to go (boo!) so it was just and Team Virrey who had lunch. We decided to try out JOHNNY KAHUKU!

The food was yum... Sayang the others were not able to try it.

After our late lunch we all said our final good byes at the hotel!

(Akala mo naman matagal di magkikita!)

Thank you dear Gem and Jojie for treating our families to another fun staycation in BELMONT HOTEL. Could we do it every year? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! Sorry! It's always great kasi meeting up with these lovely BP ladies not just for lunch or dinner but a staycation!

And as they say, having friends with the same mental disorder as us.... PRICELESS!!!

He he he he! We love our BP (Bawal Panget) Family!

O ayan sinabi ko na meaning. Sino kaya gumawa nung name na yun?? He he he he he!

Newport Boulevard, Newport City, 
Pasay City, 1309 Metro Manila
(02) 318 8888




  1. I love Hotel Staycations!!! Sometimes more than actual vacations because all you do is relax no worry about plane or boat rides or commuting from point Ato B. Been to Marco Polo Hotel about 5 times already even celebrated my last 2 birthdays there. I know you've been there several times haha (see Im a regular reader of ur blog haha). FYI... Im currently at work & still have da time to visit ur site LOL #addict.


    1. Hiya dear Kyle!!! How are you????

      Ha ha ha ha! Awwww... you are so right! Because it's nearby lang and you could still make dinner or shopping plans. Kami naman basta with pool, ang saya saya na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Uy wow! Ang galing! Yes, 5 star treatment ang Marco Polo so bagay na bagay with the celebrant. Naks!!!!!

      Hey thank you talaga ha? I'm not sure if you'll believe me, but really, I'm so kilig with your comments and that you follow my blog. As in natutuwa ako. I'm happy that you read my posts. I really hope we get to meet sometime. You always make my day! Thanks talaga!!!

      Mwaaaaaaah! Take care!!! :)

  2. Im doing fantastic Ms. Jaz hope u & ur family are da same.

    I love reading (dont watch TV or movies except when it's Marvel made) & following several blogs but MOSTLY not interact with the writer so Im kinda surprise that Ive been commenting a lot in yours haha. Maybe because I feel at home with ur writing style �� dont have to tell you how much I visit your blog haha. I even get tips where to dine out LOL.

    Ive lost count as to how many hotels Ive stayed at in da past lets see been to Shangrila, Oakwood, Marco Polo, Conrad Manila, Im Hotel, Crimson Hotel, Bellevue Manila, Azumi, Raffles, Discovery Primea, Fairmont, Ascott. Never been to Belmont or the Resorts World area. Will try it out soon.

    Talaga you get kilig with my comments hehe Thank you! That's the least thing that I can do for you putting in da effort to blog ur experiences & family adventures. Im sure it's not easy with ur Eat Bulaga job & family obligations. But I really really really (tatlo yan ah LOL) appreciate you Ms. Jaz!

    Take care & send my regards to everyone you love!!!


    1. Thanks dear Kyle!!! My family is doing good. We're still missing my Dad everyday though but we're enjoying life the way he showed us while we were growing up... He he he he he he he!

      MARVEL???? Are you my long lost son?? Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Would you believe that we already bought our Avengers Infinity Tickets first week of April and WE'RE SOOOO stoked. We are counting the days. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!

      Egad... If you didn't like a place I apologize ha?? Sorry kasi me naman I'm very mababaw. I love all the places that we go to especially if I'm with the boys and the boytoy (he he he he he). Unless the service is bad or there's a worm, I'm fine with it.

      Scratch the worm pwede pa pala... Pag ipis na lang. Joke!!!!

      Grabe galing!!! Which one is your favorite? Belmont is small lang ha its not like the other ones you stayed in. It's a budget hotel I think ha ha ha ha ha... But we all had a great time naman. Kami basta may pool and our friends are with us, TUGS TUGS!!!

      Alam mo dear Kyle it's with my blog I really proved that if you love something, you'll do everything for it. I usually do my blog after work and when I'm relax relax at home so that's 10 or 11pm. ha ha ha ha ha! It's usually what I do to wind down. Also, since I really love and believe in my blog, other people noticed it din. I've had some proposals na to endorse products or they'll want to sponsor... I don't like it e kasi magiiba theme niya. I accept once in a while for friends but on a regular basis, I cannot. Parang I'm like selling my baby kung ganon. He he he he! Well it's just me. Other blogs could do it in such style. Ako di ko kaya. I don't take that good pics din ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Thank you also dear Kyle!!! Ako naman I REALLY (1 million times, period, bawal maerase, hindi pwede iliquid paper) appreciate you also.

      Take care and cheers! Hope to hear from you again!!!!!!!

  3. Forgot to add H20 Hotel, Novotel, & Manila Pen. Haha may pahabol pa. Love Marco Polo dun ako pinaka madalas. The rest I only tried them once para maikot ko other places. Favorite? Marco Polo, Conrad Manila, Raffles, Fairmont,& Ascott. Staycations is my drug pretty much Im low key when it comes to everything else. I prefer to spend on amazing experiences than material things #millenial LOL. Malaki din kc salary ko so can put aside money for it but at the same time save money too & invest.

    Ms. Gem is so generous ah I think twice nya ginawa yon to treat BP Group to Belmont Hotel 2017 & this year ang galing! When I stayed in hotels I only invite one or two people pero sa kanya isang barangay LOL.Thumbs up ako sa kanya what a wonderful friend!

    Yes Marvel addict since Ironman 1.

    Your Dad will always be missed. My favorite Uncle died more than 15 years ago & It still hurts sometimes to think about him kc missed him a lot so much. I was his favorite too so it was such a big blow in my life to lose him at an early age.

    Thanks Ms. Jaz looking forward 2 your next post!!! Ingat!!!


    1. Hullooooo dear Kyle! I'm SO SORRY for this late response. My PC got busted (and it's where I could only access my blog) that's why ngayon lang ako nakapagreply. Huhuuhuuu... I'm so sorry. I was not able to post blogs din. Huhu! Please don't hate me. Sorry talaga for not replying agad. Samantalang I was over the moon with your comment!!!!

      I havne't stayed in H20 and Manila Pen? Should we try it? I was curious with H20 before and I was wondering if it's something my boys would like. As for Manila Pen, I would like to book someday. Dessert pa lang sulit na eh what more the whole experience??/ Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Wooooah! You're so blessed!!!!! I'm happy that you're doing well! Basta don't forget to save and yes, invest your money. Don't also forget to give a little something to your Mommy now and then. Ha ha ha ha ha! I did that before with my Mom (who actually never spent it and just saved it for me lingid sa aking kaalaman) and I noticed all the good karma including dream jobs. Ang galing lang.

      Oh yes!! Team Navarro is very generous! And you're right. This is our second time with them here. Sabi nga namin kay Gem, pwede every year??/ Ha ha ha ha ha ha h! At least nakakapagbonding ang BP group along with the kiddies.

      Yayyy! Us too! OMG have you seen Infinity Wars???? Was so heartbroken over blanks death, not so much with blanks fall, but still... huhuhu.... Oh well... I wanna watch it again and again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      :( I agree. Alam mo I really hate it when people tell me, "O, okay ka na ba? Mag move on ka na?" Nakakairita sila and I really pity them because I guess they never experienced true love to be so heartless. As for me, I realized that tears will dry and I will somehow cope with losing my Dad. I welcome the pain though (because I feel somehow connected with him for it)... Haaaay.... They don't make men like my Dad and your favorite uncle like they used to!

      Will post na... ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry!

      Thanks dear Kyle! Mwah mwah!

  4. Ok lang Ms. Jaz sa late reply no problem. Haha how could I hate you. No worries tlaga =)

    You're kids will love love love H2O Hotel guaranteed! because they have a wall aquarium in da room. I was awed when I first saw it prang for 5 minutes I felt like a child again. You guys should definitely try it malapit din sya sa Manila Ocean Park.

    Havent seen da latest Avengers flick yet gusto ko weekday pra less people watching it. For sure jampacked sya for da first 2 weeks probably 3 so will wait for a little while.

    Importante kc to be wise with ur money & at da same time reward urself for working so hard. Hindi ako materialistic I dont like shopping except when getting only da things I need. Brands it doesnt matter to me but Hotel Staycations I feel most relaxed & at peace so it's okay if medyo pricey sya.

    We will never get over their deaths I think your Dad & my Uncle we just get used to da idea that they are no longer with us. So sad but acceptance is da key there is no way to get around it.

    Already read ur latest post haha. Ingat Ms. Jaz!


    1. Hulloooo dear Kyle!!! Yay! Thanks for understanding.

      Okay will do!!! I'll save up for H20 hotel. I was worried that it looked like those sleazy motel rooms (NOT LIKE NAKAPUNTA NA AKO AHEM AHEM HA HA HA HA) But I'll take your word for it. Thnks muchos!!!!

      Hay naku we saw it the first day showing because Master Mati likes to. I guess it's our thing kapag marvel movies (watching it on the first day) which helped us na din because we were able to avoid spoilers. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Go! Enjoy!!!! I'm looking for somebody to chat about it din. I'm weird like that. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Same here!!! I mean, I dn't have anything against those people who buy luxurious bags, shoes, etc etc. As long as it's your money, you're not stealing it, and you're not depriving your family (ikaw naka LV while your kids walang salawal), then I won't judge. Everyone is entitled to his/her own happiness. BUT, me naman, I'm more happy when my money is shared with my family. Kaya kahit na I don't have new clothes or shoes, I don't care as long as I have bonding moments with my family with food trips and getaways and staycations. Ang saya lang. Of course, I still save he he he he he. Kaya tama yan! Kindred spirits talaga tayo! Naks! Memories rule!!!!!!!!!

      I know. Hay. I hope I get to dream about my Dad again tonight. Ang saya saya kasi ng gising ko when I do.

      Ha ha ha ha! Inangkupushness.... Thanks!!! You too! Have a great week dear Kyle!!!!!


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