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Friday, April 20, 2018


My college friends and I had a getogether sometime last year because our favorite FOB was in town (tee hee).... 

We would usually have one place in mind when we meet up (helloooo TGIFRIDAYS), but since we were not feeling like going al fresco that night, we went for the next available... 


Good thing we arrived early so there were available tables for us.

"Hoy! At bakit ngayon ka lang???" My friend seems to be saying. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!


We were the early birds!!!!!!


Mareng Perlie...


Tito Ralph, and Mark!

Prince Phillip and Queen Elizabeth!!!!!

(Guess what series I'm watching now??? -- Jaz)

Ordering up!!!!!!!

First up is a plate of WILD WEST ROADHOUSE Pork Chop (P295.00)!

In fairness, the pork chop was thick and juicy...

(That's what she said... he he he he... ew)

I got the WILD WEST ROADHOUSE Boneless Barbecue Chicken (P390.00)!

This is CRAZY good! The sweet and tangy sauce were so malinamnam and perfect with the java rice.

Since the others already ate and were in the mood to drink, we got some WILD WEST ROADHOUSE Calamares (P345.00)!

I suddenly missed my Master Mati because if I was with him, he'd be ordering this with rice.

In the mood for more cholesterol, we ordered the Crispy Pork Bacon (P255.00)!

It was like fried super thin liempo strips. So good!!!! Hay! Where's the garlic rice when you need some?

Somebody from our group suddenly craved to be healthy and got a plate of Caesar's Salad (P185.00)

To match their drinks, my friends got some WILD WEST ROADHOUSE Santa Fe Nachos (P375.00)!

Crunchy and loaded with cheese and toppings. Buti na lang I was too full to get some. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! This would have been a disaster to my coca cola body.


For dessert, we just shared a plate of Choco Brownie Mousse (P195.00).

Fudgy with gooey marshmallow. It was just okay. I can't finish one whole order though.

ERICJAZ FOODIES with my Assumption friends!

Our guest of horror (tee hee) mareng Carrots was late but it's okay. We still love little old lovable her.

And as per our tradition.....

We sang to her a birthday song even if it's not her birthday. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Ever since she got married and settled in Bacolod, we would always do this whenever she's in Manila. He he he he he! It's always a lot of laughs and mareng Carrots is always game. Yup! She's cool that way.

Yun lang she has this vibe that makes us all hyper and noisy! Ha ha ha ha ha ah! We were laughing and joking so hard that the group behind us asked to be transferred! Hala! So sorry!!!!!

The birthday dessert of Vanilla Ice cream topped with caramel was pretty yum too!

Uuuuuy! Yub and Carrots! Ha h aha ha ha ha h ah!

I always tease the Yub with Carrots because he finds her pretty. My kumare naman is very funny when she makes jokes on how she likes her "Yub" din. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Good times with my tusok tusok friends! We are actually lacking 5 more gals (BGP Marian, BB Aning, Marie, Agot, Heidi).  But it's okay, pinagusapan naman namin sila. 

KIDDING.... ng kaunti. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Seriously though, it's always a blast with my college buds and I would really love to see more of them. It never fails though -- we plan tapos on the actual day, we all get lazy na. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Senior problems!

STILL... love you ladies! It's always fun!

B1, Bonifacio High Street, 7th Avenue, 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
02 2469069 ext:278



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