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Monday, April 2, 2018


When I was planning the birthday celebrations of Master Mati, I immediately asked the BP Family if they were free the first weekend of the month. Everything was good and confirmed but lo and behold, we suddenly had a family staycation at F1 HOTEL MANILA with the Kain Tulog Gang that I thought was perfect for Master Mati's birthday celebrations. so we had to reschedule.

It was no problem for the gang (bless their kind hearts) and it was agreed that there could be a joint celebration for another celebrant that month. I realized later on that the Yub will be out of the country. And to put it off another week would be sooooo far off from my big guy's birthday.

No worries of course. What's important here is that Master Mati's wish gets fulfilled and have fun in our birthday getogether. Great thing too that we have a BP Family who will always be there for us to share and give joy in the events that are dear to our hearts.

Check out his birthday celebration with the BP Family!!!!  

The agreed venue for that Saturday was MANN HANN in Estancia Mall!

It was a full packed Saturday night in MANN HANN but the maitre d' was very gracious in putting down our names in advance. 

Just to be sure though, Team Q's was there early.

It's always a relief to be able to get a LOOOOOOONG table in a packed room!

ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Team Qs!

Bunsoy Andrei and Jelo!

Tiana (who was also celebrating her birthday) and Dani!

Master Mati and Johans!

Team Campo!

Team Navarro (minus Jojie)

And me!!! All alone.....

Time to order!

Team Virrey was also with us but I forgot to take a picture. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


MANN HANN Hakaw (P145.00)!

MANN HANN Siomai (P135.00)!!

MANN HANN Wanton Noodles (P250.00).

Hot... and flavorful! Perfect during cold nights (kung ayaw ka yakapin ng asawa mo che!)

MANN HANN Broccoli and Shiitake (P285.00)!

I think I'll get this next time...

MANN HANN Cereal Chicken (P340.00)!

Andrei's order. There's a bit of kick in it pero masarap pa din.

MANN HANN Lutong Lechon Macao (P355.00)!

MANN HANN Beef with Brocolli! My staple in EVERY Chinese resto I go to ! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

MANN HANN Fried Noodles with Seafood (P365.00)!

MANN HANN Yang Chow Fried Rice (P365.00)!

Small order is P195.00!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with our BP Family... side A...

Side B!

My plate! My MANN HANN plate!

Nom... Nom..

Andrei please eat.

BURP! And we're done!

My MANN HANN bill!

Syempre while the kiddies played, the girlies made chika!

Uuuuuy! Baby Soleil finds me pretty!

Ayan! Kinuha tuloy kita.

Later on, we gathered the kids to sing a birthday song for the celebrants.


Happy Birthday to you....

Make your wish and blow kids!!!

Happy Birthday Tiana!

Happy Birthday Master Mati!

Afterwards, we had coffee in Cafe Mary Grace.

My cup!

We also checked out this mirror room.

Family picture!

Yes. Eric suddenly became a chubby little Jelo. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

It was a great night and my Master Mati had a lot of fun.

Thank you ladies for being Master Mati's loving titas!

I am always thankful to have a group where EVERYBODY is really friends and could spend special moments like these together.

And if you have friends who share the same mental disorder as you, every getogether is PRICELESS!!!

Love you everyone!

Happy Birthday Mati and Tiana!!!!!

Basement 1, Estancia Mall, 
Oranbo, Pasig City
02 6312941




  1. Well almost absolutely Mannhann is a good Chinese resto. A notch higher than NorthPark that is. And definitely better than the over rated PF Chang’s which is nowhere to be found by the way (good thing I guess). And so. Just noticed you almost have a good rating or almost good ratings at almost all the food adventures I’ve seen you’ve been so far. Don’t you post your worst terrible nightmarish food experience ever? Hehe that’s just a thought. Don’t mind me. Hehehe Cheerio! 😉

    1. (In a British accent) Well hello Speedster!!! How are you??? It's been ages!!! It's so lovely to hear from you!!!!!!

      (Back to my regular accent) Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Yup! We love the food at MANN HANN. I think it's the first restaurant where I had the salted fish fried rice and oyster cake as a kid that's why it'll always have a special place in my senti foodie heart. He he he he he he!!!!

      You noticed??? Ha ha ha ha ha! Siguro for me what's important is the whole experience and my attitude in my posts (and in life as well) is to look for something that I'll appreciate and be thankful for. Tapos when my family and I together, ay naku kahit na carinderia, I'll have fun. Also I believe that taste is subjective -- what may not be good to me may be good to you. Tapos sometimes restaurants have their bad days so I don't really want to judge. I'm not here to tell people not to go to a restaurant kasi I'm just sharing my experiences. I respect also that I'm not a food critic. I just eat what I like. So I sometimes I find enjoyment in steak with hot sauce (que horror). Ha ha ha ha! So I feel I'm not that dependable on the subject. If you notice though sometimes if I'm not that fond of the dish, I don't say anything compared to the others where I rave over it. As in presyo lang ilalagay ko. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!! Siguro if it's something that really annoyed me (like the servers in Del Bergamasco Lucena City), I'll mention it but in the nicest way possible. Because I always give them the benefit of the doubt that they have other better days. He he he he he he he! Normally if I really didn't like the food at a restaurant, I won't write about it. But if I still had a good experience with my mates, it's going here on the blog. He he he! It's okay! I appreciate the suggestion. Maybe soon pag nagmemenopause na ako which is in a year's time... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Kidding! Toodles!!!!

    2. Hahaha you’re really funny in a nice way. Anyways I thought all those restos give you a good discount behind the scenes kaya good reviews. Hehehe just kidding dear. That’s a good attitude I may say. Positive vibes every moment. It’s sort of your food diary. That’s cool. Keep it up Jazzy 👍🏼

    3. Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Well I WAS hoping I chance upon a reader who's a President of a country pala tapos he/she will treat the Yub and me to all of the restaurants that we fancy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

      Yes! Positive and happy vibes rule! There's always something to be thankful for.


      If you have IG, do follow us at ericjaz foodies... he he he he thanks!!!!!!


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