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Thursday, April 19, 2018


I'm sure you know by now how THE YAPPY BUNCH should always have ramen in our system; it's almost like a body necessity that when we don't slurp on piping hot soup and noodles, we'll become weak and useless.

Yes. Ramen is somehow like life support but in a delicious way. He he he he he he! And since we had a deep need for it one night, we asked my Mom and Kuya to join us!!!! 

For that night, we were craving for hot bowls of ramen in IPPUDO!!!!!

The lines in IPPUDO were not as long as before, so we were able to get a table pronto!


Kuya Jon and Master Mati!

Little drummer Andrei and the Yubskers!

Me and Mommy!

YAHOO! Food is here!

Ever since he had ICHIRAN, the bunsoy Andrei is now confident that he'll be able to finish 1 bowl of ramen all by himself. So in IPPUDO, we got him the IPPUDO Shiromaru Motoaji (P385.00)!

He requested that all veggies will be on the side.

Go Andrei!!!

The Yub, Mommy, and Kuya Jon also ordered the same bowl from IPPUDO!

( I shared na lang with Mommy because she said she can't finish a full bowl by herself and I was trying to diet. He he he he he!)

So rich and malinamnam at every spoonful of the very hot soup!

The noodles were perfectly firm too!

As for Master Mati, we each ordered the IPPUDO Karaka Men (P400.00)!

It's not so spicy as I wanted but it's got a lot of kick. The garlic infused broth make it more appetizing too!

Master Mati got Andrei's veggies and put it in his bowl.

Besides ramen, we also ordered these other delicious dishes from IPPUDO!

IPPUDO Okonomiyaki (P270.00)!

This was mighty good!!!!! 

The classic Japanese Octopus balls but served on a flat sizzling skillet, topped with chasyu, Okonomiyaki sauce, and Japanese mayo. Sweet, smoky, and creamy in every bite!

This was wiped out in no time.

Of course, when having Ramen, though shalt not forget to have some Gyoza (P210.00) on the side.

These two just go so well together!

We saw sushi on the menu and we just had to have it!!!!

Spicy Tuna Roll!

Chunks of Tuna mixed with spicy Japanese oils and mayo. The cold bites of sushi went so well with the flavorful hot slurps of the ramen!

When we had dinner in IPPUDO, they also had this Salmon Sushi that was torched and topped with fish eggs.

The Salmon was moist and fatty. But even if it was so rich, we were still able to enjoy it with our hearty ramen!

I hope they never remove this from their menu.

Gyoza and Sushi are a good match for Ramen but for me, my favorite is the Fried Chicken Bun (P125.00)!

Remember how Asado Siopao works so well with Chinese noodles? This is how I feel with the Fried Chicken Bun and Ramen! He he he he he he he! Enjoy it in rotation!

ERICJAZ FOODIES with the little lords, Kuya Jon, and Mommy in IPPUDO!

Go Andrei! Slurp it will all your might!

Yay Andrei!

If you have a picky little eater like my bunsoy, you would understand why I'm so happy. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Check out how I pimped my noodles!


My bill!!!!!

When we have Ramen cravings, IPPUDO always fit our needs perfectly. It's great too that besides their delicious bowls of noodles, they have many more items in the menu that deserve to be part of our "life support system".




Third Floor, Mega Fashion Hall, 
SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City
02 4701837




  1. Ippudo din kami pag nagcrave ng Ichiran haha!

    1. Hiya Erika!!! For us it's the closest! He he he he he! Sarap! Ayan crave tuloy ako. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!


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